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Starting Vocational School


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Dear parents of children starting vocational school. Please be excited, your children are about to experience a wonderful exciting adventure. Like in any school there will be highs and lows, that is normal. They will receive an excellent academic education, due to low class numbers. 
The things that you will be hearing in the news and more to come, remember there will be no place for these people to hide and get away with.  The training environment will be so much healthier and more inline with normal schools in regard to safeguarding. Our elite dancers, athletes, gymnasts etc will be looked after and protected, now all this is coming out. 

So please be happy, excited and skint, your children are about to follow their dreams. My daughter has gone through vocational school from aged 11 to 19, she is now a professional dancer, and is absolutely loving her hard earned and worked for career. 

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Lovely upbeat post Tulip - thank you! And congrats to your DD achieving her ambitions (& to you & your family for seeing all your years of support & sacrifices rewarded by her achievements & hopefully long & happy career/s!)


Also, I do hope all students, parents, friends & employees will feel empowered to stand up, speak up & shout out & seek redress where necessary when they witness any wrong doing or unhealthy actions within any educational establishments anywhere in the world! 

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