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  1. Congratulations to everyone with a yes from Elmhurst! I am a Y7 boy mum so if anybody wants to ask any questions from a boy perspective more than happy to answer!
  2. I have just returned my DS’s MDS offer so will keep my fingers tightly crossed another DC from here receives wonderful news today! 🤞🏻
  3. My DS has been offered an MDS place for Y7 today so definitely still movement happening.
  4. My DS’s letter says he will be starting at Level 2, he will be going into Y7, is anybody else’s child the same? x
  5. The email we got for CAT today says that associates results can be expected by end of May at the latest x
  6. My DS is 4.45 also and he’s number 9 I think! What’s everybody doing about the numbers for their leotards, have I read it wrong or do we have to make our own? x
  7. My DS has a place at Hammond but we are unsure yet if he will be taking it as we are trying to work out the best option for him, but he absolutely loved the school and the staff!
  8. Sorry I should have been clearer, I have to fill out an initial request for the appointment and they’ll get back to me to do it but there’ll be a charge x
  9. Yes, I’ve been told I have to book an online consultation and then there may be a charge as it’s out with what the NHS would cover. I’m assuming it’ll be cheaper doing that than booking a complete private GP appointment but not sure! x
  10. Congratulations to all the years and waitlists! ❤️ And well done to the not yets, you’ve done amazing getting to finals! x
  11. By email, it was a yes, he’s really pleased after just hitting the wait list for WL x
  12. I think even if they accept offers from other schools they remain on the waitlist, unless they specifically ask to decline their place on the waitlist, I believe? I could be wrong x
  13. I know of a young man who was offered a place at Royal from the Y7 wait list last year (This year, my DS is crossing his fingers and praying the same happens for him! 😂)!x
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