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  1. I think flexibility is obviously definitely something they assess, but I don’t think splits is an absolute requirement. (Though happy to be corrected!) I also think different schools will look for different things and different levels of things. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Is he an associate anywhere? I would have thought his associate teacher would have raised any areas that needed work perhaps if he is. My DS is auditioning for Lower Schools this year too and I’ve come to the conclusion that at audition he can only bring what he’s got and he can’t do any more than that! Whereas one
  2. This was the biggest kicker for me about the whole thing. My DS who was then Y5 was offered a place for Spring Intensive and I was hoping it would be a way to see if he really liked it there and felt comfortable etc so when it didn’t go ahead I feel a bit like we’ve gone into White Lodge auditions a bit blind. We didn’t reapply for Intensives this year as my thinking was if he was extremely lucky and did get a place for full time training he would have to go to Summer Intensive this year anyway, and if he didn’t get in would he even want to go to an Intensive quite so soon afterwards and be re
  3. Ahhh I haven absolutely no experience with One Drive I’m afraid! (I didn’t with YouTube either until yesterday afternoon 😂) Hope you can manage to work out a way to see, or not, depending on which you’d rather! I love to stress over stuff like this and it’s ridiculous really haha.
  4. Did you do it via YouTube? If so it’s really easy, just go to channel analytics and you can see there the views it’s had.
  5. I submitted my DS’s yesterday afternoon and it’s showing as 12 views, and I can account for some of them as checking the quality on my phone, laptop etc and then hubby was trying to cast it to the TV as the quality was a bit dodgy on the laptop so I’m wondering if that’s just us refreshing that has managed to make it up to 12 views but at first I thought Royal must have watched it already so now I’m not sure! 😂 But this will just be another thing to keep checking and obsessing over now won’t it! Good luck everyone ❤️🤞🏻🩰 It’s a long time to wait if we really are waiting till mid Feb isn’t it!
  6. I recent ordered my son one from Amazon by a brand named Zelus. It’s absolutely massive haha, it’s 5 foot I think which I didn’t realise when I bought it but it’s such good quality, the bars are actually wooden not just plastic painted to look like wood and it’s really sturdy. It was £80 but they had a 10 percent discount on it so ended up being nearer £70 and it came in three days with free shipping. It’s huge so could be a bit of a pain to store if you don’t intend to have it out all the time; but I would highly recommend it!
  7. Huge congratulations to those who have been offered places from the SWL! Hang in there to those who are still waiting! ❤️
  8. I wasn’t aware there was a report button so thank you for pointing this out. I feel that perhaps drawing attention to something like this could dissuade people from posting again if their intentions weren’t exactly honourable , whereas ignoring the post could mean that they try again. I find this forum really valuable and am exceptionally fond of it and I just don’t like the thought that there could be this sort of poster freely active, hence why I brought the issue up, but I have said my piece now so I shall leave it at that!
  9. Goodness me, I can well imagine! Yes, this is my feeling also! I think safeguarding in dancing is so important too and can definitely attract some unsavoury individuals just due to the nature of it so it’s always good to be on the look out for anything that doesn’t quite sit right!
  10. Thanks guys. I suppose my fear was that it may have been an attempt to encourage people to post photographs of their sons in the position iykwim, or people may have felt that they were being helpful by posting photographs of their sons. The OP’s posting history seems a bit questionable as well, lots of topics about whether boys can/should do things ‘for girls’ and extreme stretching/positions, and they never seem to come back and reply to the threads they start which also makes me query whether this poster is genuine or possibly getting a bit of a kick from these sorts of threads.
  11. Is it just me that feels this is a slightly unusual question by a relatively new member of the forum? I apologise if I’m off the mark but it seems a little bit inappropriate. Perhaps I am a little over sensitive/paranoid but I have seen many dodgy questions asked on dance costume selling sites and the tone of this post seems off to me.
  12. Birmingham Royal Ballet have cancelled their training events that were due to run in Sunderland this weekend. We were refunded this morning. Such a shame but obviously understandable!
  13. Fabulous! Hope he loves it! Mine is Newcastle Y5 so just a bit far 😂😂😂 But what a fantastic opportunity for London JAs x
  14. Oh wow, is this for the London JAs? What a fantastic experience for them! x
  15. It is a shame! My DS is not too upset as he has been offered spring and is a JA so already has opportunities with RBS, but I feel for those children who perhaps don’t and have received this email. Fingers crossed for us all! x
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