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  1. Not late at all Jan, thank you so much for posting! Great to see the video, it looks brilliant!
  2. Thank you so much for sharing your boys experiences, it sounds fantastic! We are a long way from Birmingham but would definitely be prepared to travel as it just seems like too fabulous an opportunity to not try out! Good luck to everybody who’s DDs and DSs decide to audition!
  3. I've received an email back saying that eventbrite is definitely the official channel to apply through, so about to apply for my DS. Anybody who did this last year that could provide any insight into what it was like? Sounds like an absolutely incredible opportunity!
  4. My DS would love to try out for this but I'm a bit wary with it being the 2018 form and no details anywhere else online from what I can see. Has anybody else found anything? EDIT: I've emailed them, so will report back!
  5. Thank you so much to everybody for your experiences. Lots to think about!
  6. Ahhh, huge congratulations to your DS too! It's so difficult isn't it. On one hand you absolutely don't want to burn them out and damage their love for it by letting them do too much, but at the same time when they are given such fantastic opportunities to enhance their training, you don't want to decline them for your DS because you want to see them achieve their dreams! Such a difficult decision to make. It might all be for nought for us anyway as Elmhurst classes might clash with RBS, and like you we've already accepted RBS JA's (of course!) but it feels like a bit of a quandry and thought there'd be some others here who must have gone through the same thing! x
  7. Good morning everybody, Just looking for some advice really. My DS has been offered a place with both Elmhurst and RBS, in Sunderland and Newcastle respectively. Although the RBS time has been confirmed, Elmhurst have advised they are adjusting their timetable so cannot yet give a time. I was wondering, how common is it for children to do both programmes? Is that acceptable/generally advised/advised against? He was originally dead set that if offered both he would jump at the RBS place but now he has been offered Elmhurst he is making noises about the possibility of attending both. I feel like this would porbably be too much, but aside from that, just wondered if anybody had any experiences of doing two associate programmes, how the different schools were about it, how your DD/DS found it? Thank you!
  8. Awww Tiny that’s fantastic congratulations to your DD!
  9. Sunderland results are out, it’s a yes for my DS ❤️ he’s already been offered an RBS place so we will be unlikely to accept it I think as timing would be too difficult. good luck to all waiting!
  10. Good luck to everybody who auditioned in sunderland today! x
  11. Congratulations on all the yes results and sorry for the not yets ❤️ does anybody happen to know the timings for Newcastle JAs? Trying to work out clashes!
  12. Hi again Tiny! We have but still haven’t received any information but with it being 9 days away I hope we find out soon!
  13. Good luck to everybody today! Still on Cloud 9 following our Newcastle yes...not sure it has properly sunk in yet!
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