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  1. Awww Tiny that’s fantastic congratulations to your DD!
  2. Sunderland results are out, it’s a yes for my DS ❤️ he’s already been offered an RBS place so we will be unlikely to accept it I think as timing would be too difficult. good luck to all waiting!
  3. Good luck to everybody who auditioned in sunderland today! x
  4. Congratulations on all the yes results and sorry for the not yets ❤️ does anybody happen to know the timings for Newcastle JAs? Trying to work out clashes!
  5. Hi again Tiny! We have but still haven’t received any information but with it being 9 days away I hope we find out soon!
  6. Good luck to everybody today! Still on Cloud 9 following our Newcastle yes...not sure it has properly sunk in yet!
  7. Good luck to everybody waiting for results today! ❤️🤞
  8. Sorry I have been so quiet I’m actually out with a friend all day! Congratulations to the yes and commiserations to the not gets. Thank you so much everyone he will be over the moon!
  9. Newcastle results are out it’s a yes for my DS!!!
  10. It's different for every centre Emma, just depends how many apply I think. Newcastle is a small centre with just one mixed class for all of Y4,5,and 6 but I know nothing about the other centres, hope somebody else can advise a bit more for you. In terms of total candidates somebody (sorry, can't remember who it was!) kindly posted a link a few pages up that shows the stats for the total amount of applicants, and to the JA scheme I think there was about 1300 children last year? x
  11. Just as an aside and as a matter of interest do we know how many groups there were auditioning at Newcastle? I thought 3 but perhaps only 2?
  12. Haha I will be here at 9.01am, reporting for refreshing duty! 🙋‍♀️ @TinyNEDancer that sounds like a plan! I am totally in! 😂 (Assuming my phone hasn't combusted from all the refreshing, of course!)
  13. Surely it has got to be tomorrow! 🤞
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