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  1. We rang to find out where our daughter was on the wait list and the school were very helpful, so if people are waiting, it might be worth a call. We’ve accepted a place elsewhere now and are happy with that decision, but Tring were helpful in our getting there.
  2. Thanks very much for the info!
  3. I’m seeking advice please: my daughter has been put on the waiting list for an MDS at Tring for year 7 ballet and been offered a place at another reputable school. We are thrilled with her outcome and know that she’s been very lucky. Our preference is for Tring, it’s a bit of a gut instinct thing and I wondered if anyone had any experience of having been moved from waiting list to actually getting an MDS at Tring or knew how many waiting list places were offered? Are we being at all realistic to hope that a place might become available? Or is this just a stock response to those who’ve auditioned for a scholarship? TIA.
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