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  1. Got our letter it’s a no for us ☹️
  2. Our post has been today and no letter! Hopefully Monday
  3. Hi yes she really enjoyed it too. She auditioned last year for year 7 but didn’t get to the finals but wanted to try again. Good luck to your dd, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for results.
  4. My daughter just finished the 11.15 audition for a year 8 place. Was anyone else there today?
  5. Hi EmDancer, oh that's good, We are the 14th January. My daughter tried last year for year 7 but is was a no. Her teacher thinks it would be good for her to try again. I wonder how many spaces there are for year 8 and how many are auditioning.
  6. Is anyone applying for a year 8 place for September 2020?
  7. We got an email on Friday offering a place from the waiting list, for inter foundation assoiciates
  8. Has anyone on the reserve list for associates heard anything?
  9. Also waiting for Mids for Manchester, currently refreshing every 10 seconds 😄
  10. Hi all, i'm new here. Also waiting for these results! Seems forever!
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