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  1. For anyone on SWL I emailed RBS yesterday to find out if there had been any movement on the waiting list and they said all JA centres are full as everyone has accepted their places, the only way a place would be come available is if someone withdraws. Also they are not upping their intake with the easing of COVID restrictions .
  2. i have a tracksuit age 11-13 for sale if you're not sorted
  3. I'm selling a Northern Ballet Associates tracksuit age 12-13, black with the pink logo, very good condition. £15. Also selling a Northern Ballet CAT tracksuit, jacket and 2 pairs of bottoms, jacket small adult, 1 pair of bottom age 11-13 the other pair small adult. Very good condition as hardly worn £25 for all or can split.
  4. Got our dates through today for Junior Online Associates, we are red group 9-10.15am.
  5. Thank you!! Not as yet but I’m going to book her on today if there’s still places. Also wondering whether to do the vocals class? Do most do it do you know?
  6. Thats fab! My DD has done lots of things over the years and i've never seen her this enthuasiastic. Good luck to your DD aswell
  7. Did anyones DC attend the auditions yesterday? My dd did and said it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
  8. Forms for Summer School arrived in my junk mail this morning.
  9. Yes definitely. We did it last year and my dd is not that interested when it’s on zoom but we’ll probably still sign up. It’s a great programme just depends on the child I suppose.
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