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  1. It is 'favouritism' on such a large scale and I was chatting to my sister yesterday and she said that its looking like DN will be leaving soon as it has got worse recently. This only came out after a conversation the other day as it is narly time to go back after Christmas and DN said that she isn't enjoying it as much. I think that it would be interesting to hear the conversation when my sister tells them why she isn't coming back
  2. Its a full time vocational one
  3. Thank you all for your interesting comments I realise though I made a huge error reading back on this now she is 16 and not 6 😳 Obviously the stage school kids have an advantage over the other ones at the school and they seem to be the ‘ class favourites’ but at 16 I’ve told her that it’s up to her if she stays or not. My sister is wanting to mention it to the teacher but I managed to talk her out of that! So glad that my DD quit dance last year as she took her GCSE’s I don’t miss being a dance mum at all and she’s happy in what she’s doing ( non dance related)
  4. I was recently trying to help my sister who has a 6 year DD who dances with a situation that she is aware of at her studio. Some of the students there are lucky enough to be studying at stage schools but when it’s exam time they are always entered for exams after hardly being at classes but managing to get higher marks than everybody else? if they are at stage school should they still be allowed to take regular dance exams at all?
  5. At my DD old dance school the vocational graded classes were invite only which created such a 'them and us' among the girls who although not necessarily the better dancers were teachers favourites and started before everybody else. These same girls got to go en pointe before everybody else too and some of them were only 10 years old at the time. I am aware how this makes me sound but when my DD decided she wanted to quit that school and start another local one I was so relieved
  6. beaglemum

    Grade 5 exam

    It’s obvious that she did well with scores like that if they are marked out of 100.
  7. The reason I sound so surprised is that my DD is grade 6 doing 5 hours of ballet ( plus others) a week and has been told she isn’t exam ready as she needs to have been doing that grade for a year minimum. She also does foundation, tap, modern, lyrical and stretch too
  8. No tips but only taking from June until now to be exam ready?
  9. Thank you all for your replies and also sarahw for that very interesting link. She has been doing ballet since the age of 3 and does 2 classes a week. I am still very cautious so I will have a chat with her teacher next week and see what she says. Luckily DD, although very excited about it, is a bit concerned too bless her
  10. Hi I wondered if I could get some advice here please. At my DD dance school a few girls have been told they are ready for pointe shoes (mine included) but they are only 11 and 12 years old. After a lot of googling I've come to the conclusion that this is a bit early as their feet aren't properly developed yet. It is a very reputable local school and I am wondering what, if any, long term damage this could cause as I am a bit nervous about giving my DD the go ahead to do it ( she is only just 12) Am I being an over protective parent or should I let her do it?
  11. Thank you for all your replies I really appreciate you all taking the time to comment. She is now taking her Grade 2 exam in July and will be starting the pre inter class in April after the Easter break, She is one of 3 out of her class that are doing the pre inter class but so far the only one doing her exam ( that may be a whole other thread topic lol) thanks again
  12. Thank you all for replying: taxi4ballet she is 11 and will be taking her grade 2 exam before the summer holidays, both her current classes are Grade 2. Her school likes to keep them on a particular grade for anything between 18 months to 2 years before doing exams. She is the only one from her class who has been invited to do this class, which seeing from the answers it sounds like a good introduction to the vocational grades. Dance*is*life I trust that her teachers have made the right desicions, If she doesn't like it for any reasons then we can always withdraw her. A lot of girls who have done this class previously have been Grade 2 who are close to taking their exams. I will let you all know how she gets on
  13. Thank you, thequays Ive been reading through the messages and I think I might be here for a while. Its very interesting
  14. Hi; Am new on here and just wanted a bit of advice. My DD has been asked to join the Pre-Intermediate Foundation ballet class at her dance studio and I just wondered if any of you had any experience of what it involves. She is just over a year into Grade 2 RAD attends 2x45 min classes of ballet. 45 mins Tap and 45mins Modern a week. Thank you
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