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  1. This is a (rather long i'll admit) quote from the small University College in Belfast my son hopes to be attending in September to study Liberal Arts with History. " Education is a creative and inspired activity through which we can fully realise our human attributes and help build a world in which all people come to share and experience their common humanity. If, in practice, education is reduced to preparing individuals to compete in the labour market, it leaves people and communities completely ill-prepared for many of the major components of a well-balanced and fulfilling life, such as relationships, parenthood, vocation, community-building, self-expression and recreation. Education must not only prepare students for the world of work but for life in and for the community". Taken from the prospectus of St. Mary's University College Belfast.
  2. Many congratulations to your son, Harwel. I hope he will have a long and successful career. The very best of luck to you too. You will be missed x
  3. RIP. A great star has left us.
  4. "Feeling" the music and showing facial expression, particularly in Ballet, is much more desireable than a silly grin, trust me !!
  5. Just heard that the comedian Freddie Starr has been found dead in his home. RIP.
  6. I DO remember the parent of one DD on this Forum a few years back who said her daughter was assessed out of WL because she couldn't wear Freeds. The school thought she found pointe work difficult. But she didn't. She was accepted into another Vocational school, was allowed to wear different pointe shoes more suitable to her feet and I *think* went on to become a professional ballet dancer. Don't think i'm going mad, i'm sure I read this on here.
  7. I think sometimes people dislike Ballet because they say they don't understand what is happening on stage. I know some people who feel the same about watching a full length Shakespeare play. I've told some people, as far as Ballet is concerned, that it's not the be all and end all to be able to follow the story or understand Mime. To just enjoy it for the beautiful shapes/patterns of the dancer's bodies, and perhaps accompanied by beautiful costumes and music.
  8. Sorry to hear about your accident, Pups_mum.x
  9. Hello again !! Glad to see you have joined us. Hope after you have received help about your A Level, that you stick around on here. It really is a great website.
  10. Like others, I am so sorry to hear about WL assessing out. Never been in a similar situation, and auditioning for vocational school before the age of 16 was something I never even gave a thought to. But to have got there and then to have to leave; as others have said, especially if no clear reason has been given. Well I just can't imagine how upsetting for you all as a family this must be. Hopefully something more positive is just around the corner.
  11. Wasn't there something similar that used to happen to Eastern European gymnasts a few years ago?
  12. Hello. Can I just add, that if your DD's are going to be occasionally coming home for the odd weekend, it might be a good idea to factor in the cost of coaches or trains to London and also to wherever in Essex Performers is. If they feel like coming home for a few days but are unable to afford it because of distance this might be an issue. Don't know if parents would drive there to collect them. I used to get the National Express coach from London ( I was at Urdang) home to Manchester and then back to London that way occasionally. But I wouldn't have been able to afford it that often.
  13. Hello. I've just been on your website and noticed you are in the States. The vast majority of people who use this Forum are based in the UK.
  14. I'm guessing most of you on here already know of him. It's not his real name. Can't remember what his real name is now. His You Tube account in his real name was suspended as he had uploaded too many videos a few years ago. I look in on his videos every so often and they are absolute gems. Anyone and everyone famous in the Ballet world, captured on film. My absolute favourites are his films of Pavlova. Aside from Ballet he has uploaded footage of La Goulue ; real name Louise Webber, dancing in later years. Also footage of Claude Monet, filmed painting at home and Edgar Degas walking down the street. His videos, even the tiny snippets that only last a few seconds, are just glorious. Thank goodness we have someone like him to allow us all to see these remarkable pieces of history. I would urge you to check out his wealth of videos for yourself. ( I'm not related to him or being paid to promote his channel or anything, BTW.. Just an avid fan) !!
  15. Many congratulations to you. As others have said, just go for it !!
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