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  1. I was just thinking about the situation my sister and her husband in Manchester find themselves in. My brother in law, just turned 60, has Alzheimer's Disease and has been living FT at a care home for the last year. They each, individually, have an Advocate that is there for them. The Advocates are completely separate from the care home/NHS/Social Services, but give Sue and her husband a voice ( especially my sister) when it seems everyone else in "the system" is up against them. Perhaps vocational schools/parent groups of students, could set up their own independent advocacy service; as a kind of go-between, between parents and students who may have a grievance and the school themselves. I hear a lot on here about how wonderful some Vocational School's house parents are. Yet others seem to be not very good or effective at all. Maybe some are like this because they too are "part of the system?" An independent Advocate, coming from neither the school nor the family might make any complaints or issues more transparent and easier to deal with.
  2. Thanks for your help Jan. ( Hoped someone would step in and sort out my mess. I'm such a goof ) !
  3. The bottom line of what you said is of course true, glowlight. But isn't this part of the problem? That if someone isn't happy at a place for whatever reason they can always leave. If it's a top vocational school there will probably be a thousand more than happy to replace them. But then what at the institution will ever change?
  4. Can you tell us which country she will be performing in?
  5. This is great news to hear about your daughter, balletbean. Congratulations to her.
  6. A belated Happy Birthday @balletbean. Hope the audition went well too x
  7. Hello. If she is looking to become a dance teacher, then don't bother with any Associates at all. They will be unnecessary and a waste of money. I should imagine a good number of years of solid classical ballet training, coupled with training in modern dance, tap etc, should more than suffice. Then when she is older, if she still wants to, she can apply to do teacher training.
  8. Hope you don't mind me telling Jan about your OBE Primrose. I know the Balletcoforum community would have wanted to know. Many congratulations from me. x
  9. RIP to one of the all time greats. ( Was she a Prima Ballerina or Prima Ballerina Assoluta) ?
  10. I'm very sad to hear this news. RIP Katherine.
  11. RIP. Saw her at the Palace Theatre Manchester on the RB's opening night opposite Merle Park. ( Ken McMillan was siting just a few rows away from us as we had complimentary Stalls seats). It was a wonderful production. So happy that I saw it.
  12. I've been having issues with my local Credit Union. Normally they are great. However just today I took all my savings out of my account , bar £50 and transferred it all to my bank account. Not been able to log in to my credit union account for weeks on end. Someone told me last week an IT technician would phone me on Tuesday just gone, to help find out what the problem was. I waited in all day. The phone never rang. Nor the next day. In a few weeks my son will hopefully ( finally) be going to university at the age of 23. We have to pay £2,000 upfront which is half the first year of tuition fees ourselves . Once his Uni give us the word, they will expect the payment asap i'd imagine. Have tried transferring money to my bank account from them in the past; just small amounts. It has taken nearly a week sometimes. I understand a lot of their staff are working from home at the moment, but I need them to be super efficient with my money right now, as my son's place at uni might depend on us getting that money to them when they ask for it. They were falling well short, and I think I did the right thing in moving my savings.
  13. Can anyone provide a link to the news story? Or any link at all? Thanks.
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