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  1. One of these on its side? https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/wooden-crate-40cm-x-30cm-x-18cm/636897-1000
  2. Nice class to do in limited space. Did you see Mathias Dingman's children running around the garden? Miki Mizutani's little dog is cute too!
  3. trog

    Home studio

    What about a sheet of plywood? Bunnings have 2400 x 1200 x 21mm for $128. I use a sheet of plywood as a tap floor.
  4. The DanceXchange in Birmingham has some coming up. https://mailchi.mp/dancexchange.org.uk/2020-4821773?e=6fc76aa788 I will be doing the ballet class.
  5. Tomorrow there is an auction of some of Peter Wyngardes collection. Some fascinating things! https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/east-bristol-auctions/catalogue-id-sreas10388/
  6. I found this today https://www.britishtheatreguide.info/news/theatre-and-comedy-you-can-wat-11798
  7. Talking Pictures TV is a great source for old series and films. If you like old scifi series, such as Lost in Space and Time Tunnel (starts Thurday), The Horror Channel is your choice.
  8. Birmingham Hippodrome has closed until 28th March - currently they have The Book of Mormon. I think this means the Alexandra in Birmingham and all the other ATG theatres (Leeds, Bristol, etc) are closed too. The Town Hall and Symphony Hall are still open at the moment, but are expected to close soon. No news on the other Birmingham theatres. I have bookings for some theatres in the near future. Pinkies crossed, it wil all be over soon.
  9. Sleek Technique offer live streamed classes. I've got the DVD which is very good (although too hard for me).
  10. I work in a college and the official line is that we're open and will remain open. We are, however, ensuring that all staff and students know how to access the learning resources online. There is a feeling amongst some staff, that there will be a nationwide shutdown of schools closer to Easter, which will enable a four week closure. After Easter, there will be exams, which could be affected. Some teachers think the summer break might be cut short to allow exams to occur later. We'll just have to wait and see.
  11. Lachlan Monaghan Backstage is a small exhibition of photographs of dancers of the BRB. You can view this at the RBSA Gallery until 21st March. I went this morning and I really liked the photos. I am sorely tempted to buy one (but I'm not going to say which). http://www.rbsa.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/lachlan-monaghan-backstage/
  12. The National Art Schools (Cuba) is one of the segements in Abandoned Engineering, Yesterday (Freeview 25), on Friday 6th March, 21:00 The program was on last night, and the buildings still look fab, if sad. I didn't know that there were some students who studied there, although the ballet school was never finished and never had any students.
  13. I've found Catalina causes no end of problems on the Macs at work, especially after upgrading from Hign Sierra. We're rolling back. Have you tried GarageBand on the Mac? That's what students use at work, even though they have access to the full Adobe suite.
  14. Custom made is the way to go. It doesn't cost much more and you have a choice of whatever fabric and colours you want. I've used https://www.esmedancewear.com/content/6-special-orders in the past but there are others. Google is your friend https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=custom+made+dancewear
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