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  1. If you click on the volume dodad on the task bar, it might show volume controls for two output devices, hdmi and pc speakers. Mute PC speaker and unmute hdmi. Alternatively, right click the dodad and check playback devices
  2. Queen of Hammer horror films and many a boys fantasy has sadly passed away aged 88 https://metro.co.uk/2021/01/04/barbara-shelley-dead-horror-film-icon-dies-aged-88-13844336/
  3. Both BBC Genome and imdb show only 27th Dec 1980 for Wayne Sleep on Record Breakers. Of course, there are known to be errors/omissions in both databases. I was surprised to learn from imdb that Wayne Sleep was in The Goodies. I'll have to dig out the VHS tapes, and see if I still have that episode.
  4. Ballerina able to achieve professional-standard arabesque after hip replacement - Express and Star
  5. It is split into two sections on Vimeo, both with different video formats. I think they have done this to make it difficult to pirate - joining different format files together is hard. Very enjoyable program - I wish I had been there to see it live.
  6. I have found Brad Appleton's Stretching FAQ to be helpful in improving flexibility.
  7. "I bloody love going up north to watch the Halle Orchestra play Opera North at 3pm on a Saturday. Especially now there's a lot less violins on the terraces." This and many others at https://www.thepoke.co.uk/2020/11/12/tory-mp-north-likes-football-south-likes-ballet-opera-is-to-southerners/
  8. I'm from further south than most (Australia 🙃) and I'm not a football fan (any code) but I do love ballet. I used to enjoy a kick around when I was a teenager but I've never thought watching a bunch of blokes running around a muddy field kicking a ball as enjoyment. There is, of course, room for fans of both.
  9. It is available on DVD; one for the future assuming I ever get through the ever growing pile of DVDs. Roll on retirement! https://belairclassiques.com/film/pas-dieux-soir-fete-ballet-nice-mediterranee?lang=en
  10. I've never seen one in the UK (although there might be retailers). There is this beauty in the US, but they don't ship to the UK. https://www.hammacher.com/product/dance-of-sugarplum-fairy-music-box Do you have any friends there? Alternatively, there are some on ebay who ship to the UK
  11. I don't know, but the BBC seems to transmit everything in 16:9, so if you watch, for instance Dads Army, the actors are all short and fat. (OK so some of them were short and fat, but that isn't the point.) Taking Pictures TV, my channel of choice, get it right, altering the ratio to how the film or TV series was made. Surely it isn't that difficult to get it right. Added bonus! Talking Pictures don't squeeze or talk over the credits. Added, added bonus! Their station ident graphic is very unobtrusive.
  12. So you've got the trench coat, the trilby and the Ladybird Book of Codes and Cyphers. What more do you need to be a spy? Fancy a lipstick gun? A poison tip umbrella? A handbag with a hidden camera? Make a note in your diary (in lemon juice of course!) for February 13th, 2021. For Sale: The Entire Spycraft Collection of New York's KGB Museum Order your auction catalogue at https://www.juliensauctions.com/about-auction?id=353
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