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  1. I wish that someone have recorded the missing sections as I always wanted to see that production and it would be interesting to see the contrasts between the Messel production and the Ashton/Wright one.
  2. Will Mayerling be repeated again, do you know? Would love to watch it again.
  3. I was there too, stayed for most of the applause too. Lots of flowers.
  4. Hi Sebastian May I ask you something, what recordings were they. Were they of different productions. Did you see the Ashton/Wright production of 1968?
  5. Hi Please post the background and your review - it sounds a very interesting production and one that I always wanted to see. Am I right in thinking that there are a few differences between this production and previous productions? Also, has it been filmed before in any of its previous incarnations - I seem to remember that Queen Margerethe herself designed a very well received production?
  6. Hi everybody. Just wanted to make sure that everybody on here is OK and managing alright. Hope that this will be over soon and things can get back to normality. In the meantime, take all necessary precautions and stay safe as you can. CHazell2
  7. There is still that kind of snobbery around I am afraid. Especially when it comes to TV and politics - but that is a hot potato and so I won't pursue it now.
  8. That broadcast was the first Rosenkavalier I ever saw on DVD. I still remember listening to the final Trio and thinking how beautiful it was.
  9. It was 1994 actually, and it was the occasion of Angela Gheorghiu's debut in La Traviata or the performance following that
  10. Thank you FLOSS for that informative reply - I had no idea that Ratmansky had used the Justament notebooks, if he has - then it would be wonderful and interesting to see. I remember seeing a streamed PNB video called Giselle Revisited in which various bits of mime were demonstrated and I have to say that everything was clear and the story became much more coherent. So it is a combination of the notations and the Justament source. Sounds like this is something to see.
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