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  1. There is still that kind of snobbery around I am afraid. Especially when it comes to TV and politics - but that is a hot potato and so I won't pursue it now.
  2. That broadcast was the first Rosenkavalier I ever saw on DVD. I still remember listening to the final Trio and thinking how beautiful it was.
  3. It was 1994 actually, and it was the occasion of Angela Gheorghiu's debut in La Traviata or the performance following that
  4. Thank you FLOSS for that informative reply - I had no idea that Ratmansky had used the Justament notebooks, if he has - then it would be wonderful and interesting to see. I remember seeing a streamed PNB video called Giselle Revisited in which various bits of mime were demonstrated and I have to say that everything was clear and the story became much more coherent. So it is a combination of the notations and the Justament source. Sounds like this is something to see.
  5. Gosh, wonder why - Usually Alexei Ratmansky is good at that sort of thing. Maybe it was the choice of the dancer in that particular performance?
  6. Hi Irmgard When you say that Berthe's mime is bizarre - what precisely do you mean? Did the mime not come across particularly well or did they use different gestures?
  7. Yes, it was the ENB in the Mary Skeaping production, which in my opinion is one of the best Giselle productions out there and Skeaping was herself, a musicologist who studied the original Adam score in the Paris Opera House's archives and added the Fugue back in because she said, it showed the conflict between good and evil. It does sound like Ratmansky is using the same fugue - be interesting to see how he choreographs it. I also hope that the mime is kept intact as Berthe's mime, in which she tells the legend of the Wilis is very atmospheric.
  8. Absolutely can't wait to see this. By the sounds of it, it will be one of the historical informed productions ever.
  9. There is a clip of the Rose Adagio with Darcey on Youtube. The link is
  10. The trailer looks splendid and it looks as though it deals with Rudolf's defection and time in Paris.
  11. I can't understand it and being gay myself - I find myself upset and to be honest - angry with Mr Polunin. I used to have a lot of time for him - I felt sorry for him and willing to see his point of view - I believe in live and let live and I wished him well. I wonder why he has become so intolerant? But there is no room for hating people for no reason in my book - and there is quite enough of that about these days.
  12. Merry Christmas to you all on here, and thanks for all the discussion that we have had on here. Sorry if I have been quiet recently but I have been so busy.
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