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  1. The trailer looks splendid and it looks as though it deals with Rudolf's defection and time in Paris.
  2. I can't understand it and being gay myself - I find myself upset and to be honest - angry with Mr Polunin. I used to have a lot of time for him - I felt sorry for him and willing to see his point of view - I believe in live and let live and I wished him well. I wonder why he has become so intolerant? But there is no room for hating people for no reason in my book - and there is quite enough of that about these days.
  3. Merry Christmas to you all on here, and thanks for all the discussion that we have had on here. Sorry if I have been quiet recently but I have been so busy.
  4. Why did it cause a scandal? It sounds rather intriguing. Was it not particularly not well researched or something? My French is a bit rusty
  5. I would love to see the Mariinsky again, hope that they will bring a Fokine triple bill as I always wanted to see Les Sylphides or Chopinana live on stage.
  6. I always wanted to see the Bright Stream so I will try and go to that. Otherwise I am afraid that I don't really care for the Bolshoi versions of Swan Lake and La Bayadere. I wish that they had decided to do Onegin as well though as I love the ballet
  7. In addition to what Floss have said. I too, would love to see Enigma Variations and Façade back in rep - as I always wanted to see them. Unfortunately I think that Mr O'Hare is in an impossible position, in this current financial climate - it makes sense to have the big money-spinners in rep rather than ballets that perhaps that not many people are interested in. Sign of the times unfortunately. Perhaps Ashton will (like fashion) come back into style. Certainly the Royal Ballet is in a much stronger position technically and there are still people about who remember how to dance Ashton. I know the Two Pigeons was a success but that may not be so for the other Ashton Ballets
  8. I hope that everybody is Ok and that Livia hasn't put you off. I greatly enjoy our debates and I learn such a lot from all of you.
  9. Just out of interest, why did that production bore you Jan? - was it the design or the chorographical text? I saw that production too twice I think and I remember thinking that although the scenery and costumes were lovely - it was the wrong chorographical text - although I did enjoy the choreography for Carabosse in the Prologue.
  10. I don't think that Petipa should be set in aspic - like the Mariinsky seems to be these days - doing the same tired old productions of the classics year in and year old.
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