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  1. @FLOSS I would certainly lap up an evening of standard gala fodder, so I must be one of the deprived. In fact, I would probably be overjoyed to see the Sugar Plum Fairy solo, and that shows exactly how deprived I have become. By the way, did anyone else smile at the BBC announcement that the first post lock down performance featuring dance premiere by Wayne McGregor will be aired on Radio 3? My first thought was that perhaps they will broadcast it in the same way that they broadcast live tennis matches on the radio. Maybe Mr McGregor himself will provide the commentary? 🙂
  2. I said the same thing when I was watching it. I hate it when those types of comments are made.
  3. Nureyev was such a masculine figure on stage, oozing sex appeal. And nobody, but nobody, could work a cloak the way he could. 😉
  4. Neither did I, Richard. The impression I got was that the programme was saying that ballet dancing is a tough career, dancers are likely to get injured, and it is a slow process to recover completely. I thought the emphasis was on the athleticism and fitness required, rather than age. The programme did say, directly or indirectly, that the older you get the more difficult it is to bounce back from injury, but there is nothing particularly novel or offensive about that idea, is there? I can understand that McRae might find it a very sensitive issue. It must be so frustrating to come back from one injury, only to go down with another. But personally, I didn't get the impression he was being portrayed as a washed up has-been! Quite the opposite IMO.
  5. Well, I really enjoyed it, and more to the point, I watched it with people who knew very little about ballet beyond "tutus and point shoes" aspect, and they found it really enjoyable as well. It wasn't meant to be an in depth analysis of the male ballet dancer, just a broad sweep of various aspects of their daily lives throughout their career, and I thought it made for a very entertaining programme. . I thought the little snippets that showed the dancers laughing and joking with one another showed that these were just normal blokes who happen to dance. How often do we hear dancers speaking, let alone talking in a casual way with one another? I even thought the bit about the jock strap was perfectly in keeping with the tone. There are lots and lots of people who have had very little to do with ballet, and who must be slightly curious about such a garment, and what it is like to wear one. I've never actually seen one myself, for that matter. You would expect a programme about female dancers to dwell on point shoes at some point, so why not a standard piece of male ballet dancers' attire?
  6. Did anyone watch Men at the Barre on BBC4 last night? I can't find a discussion thread about it.
  7. Fonty

    Misplaced ear worms

    This song popped in to my head a couple of days ago for some unknown reason. 😉 Now I just can't get it out of my head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9XcuN5hZwk
  8. No idea who made it @Geoff it just came up as a choice after I played the ROH link.
  9. Well I got that email as well. The header "Celebrating Margot Fonteyn" is rather disappointing. In the Ondine clip you get all of 10 seconds of her dancing, followed by short clips of other people dancing roles created for her. Not really what I would call a celebration. However, the following clips appeared on Youtube afterwards. in part 1, the music in Giselle can't actually have been played that quickly can it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFLpekDC7KE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuIOQfe3Rj4
  10. Is it just the Cellist they will be doing? No chance of Dances at a Gathering as well, I suppose? Delighted that Fille will be shown. A small crumb of comfort, I suppose. Edited to add, I know Fille is actually a very large slice of delight, but I still yearn for a bit more from the classical rep.
  11. I agree that the homepage shows two items being streamed. But when you click on the Dance option on the menu, it would have been good to have something other than the list for the entire season, with "Cancelled" written beside it. And I feel rather short changed as far as ballet is concerned. Anastasia would not have been my first choice, given all the options the ROH must surely have at its disposal?
  12. I haven't tried for yeast yet. But I have a flour update. The good news is that my local Tesco has masses of plain flour. Shelves full of it. The bad news is that it is in 16kg bags. No wonder the shelves were full. If the average consumption is 1.5kg every 3 months, that is nearly 3 years worth.
  13. @trog Surely you are not suggesting that all these people who have booked an online slot have taken all the yeast? I was hoping someone who works in the industry might come up with a logical explanation! The only one I can think of is that, like flour, the majority goes to trade, and they simply do not have enough small pots to meet the demand for the domestic market. Or something along those lines? Or does that sound ridiculous?
  14. I just thought I would say that I still haven't seen any yeast anywhere. Not since we went in to lock down in March. Anybody any idea why that should be?
  15. A lot of traditional sweets seem to stopped being produced. We seem to be being steered towards much more sickly sweet stuff. I suspect there will come a time when we won't be able to buy Smarties any more. We will have to have M & Ms.
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