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    Room 101

    Am I allowed to mention the B word on here? Bananas. Or rather, banana skins. There seems to have been a spate of them on the tube recently. I don't know whether this is some new "game" being played out on social media, but I am fed up with finding them either on seats or on the air vents at the back of the seats.
  2. The problem is, Richard, that by "constantly" saying she doesn't want to be asked about it, she is, in fact, making people more aware of it. I put the word "constantly" in quotes, because I haven't read the article, and I don't know whether she used that phrase specifically for the Vogue article, or whether Vogue was quoting her original remarks elsewhere. If so, it is a great pity that someone deemed it necessary to do so. I can't remember, but were remarks constantly being made about Carlos Acosta's skin colour when he was principal? I haven't seen any articles referring to him as the first black director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, and I would be startled if I did. And talking of ethnicity, nobody ever comments on the fact that there is a large percentage of Japanese dancers in the RB. Not sure what the official term for their ethnic group is, but it certainly isn't Caucasian., which I assume is what is meant when people are referred to as white. I am not sure if it is Meghan Markle herself, or the press, but there is a constant reference to her ethnicity, which is why the publicity for the Vogue issue seemed to suggest that the chosen women were themselves mixed race. I don't know about anyone else, but I am starting to find this continual mentioning of the fact mildly irritating. If it hadn't been mentioned at all, I probably wouldn't even have noticed. Maybe that makes me a complete idiot, I don't know, but looking at pictures of her, if someone had said she was Hispanic or came from southern Spain I would have accepted it without question. In fact, she looks quite similar in skin tone to various female cousins of mine, who are olive skinned Welsh women with remarkable abilities to tan at the merest peep of sun. (in the days when women went for the conker brown suntan.) On the subject of surnames, is it possible that the independent Ms Markle didn't actually change hers when she married? 🙂 Not sure if it is compulsory for royalty, but every other lady in the country can keep their own name if they choose to do so.
  3. I had seen other headlines about this, and got completely the wrong impression. From the publicity, I thought all the women featured were non white or mixed race, which is obviously not the case. Personally, the photo of Francesca is not to my taste. If the idea was to show off her muscles, she could have done that equally well in ballet gear. Not quite sure what the flapping coat and bovver boots are supposed to portray, apart from the fact that she is young and trendy? Or that ballet dancers have a playful side? Whatever it is, it didn't work for me. Makes her look like a little girl who has raided her parents' wardrobe!
  4. Well done to all the graduates. One thing I noticed when looking at the photos. With the exception of the chap in the wonderful pink suit, who is towering over Darcey, many of the other boys don't look all that tall. I realise they are still young, but I think some of them have quite a bit of growing to do!
  5. I adored Cats, and I must have seen the stage show about 6 times over the years with various casts. However, I don't think I will enjoy seeing it as a film. I really like a good musical, but as far as I am concerned, in order for it to work on screen there has to be a certain amount of dialogue. Lloyd Webber's creations are a sort of pop opera ( for want of a better description.), and I think that kind of medium is best left to the stage. I don't think the fact that Hayward is playing the white cat is sufficient to lure me to the cinema. And I agree about Jennifer Hudson. Memories is actually a poignant song, with just one moment where the singer gives it all she's got in a sort of howl of anguish. It brought tears to the eyes on stage. This seems to have been given the usual X factor power ballad treatment, where the singer lets rip at every possible opportunity. Not only that, but she sounds off key to me.
  6. I am pleased to see David Yudes has been promoted.
  7. Got no problem with a festival of young choreographers' work annually, in the Linbury. Might be fun. But sadly, the past doesn't take care of itself, it needs to be nurtured and cared for, otherwise the original intent is lost and people start to wonder why these choreographers were ever considered to be great.
  8. It seems that Symphonic Variations is on just about everyone's list. Including mine. Not sure if Kevin O'Hare reads anything on here, but if he does please take note! I could watch that on every single triple bill and still never get enough of it. While the whole of La Bayadere might be impossible each year, I would be very happy to see the Kingdom of the Shades as often as they would care to do it. Personally, I love Monotones 1 & 2 as well.
  9. That is shocking. 😲 The view from the Piazza bar ain't that great!
  10. Speaking personally, I wasn't bandying blame around. I am certain it wasn't Sambe's fault, and I feel a bit sorry for him that an announcement like this has been slightly tainted.
  11. Why was Sambe told so much earlier than everyone else? And more to the point, why was he then giving interviews to the press about it? Surely he would also have been asked to keep quiet about it until the official announcement?
  12. But I wouldn't call the Amphitheatre restaurant a lovely place! At least, not now it has been redesigned in such a bland way. The terrace has a nice view, but you can get the same view from the bar opposite and a better selection of drinks at a cheaper price. Or you could the last time I was there, which admittedly was some time ago.
  13. Are the prices the same as the main Amphitheatre Bar, does anybody know? I have waded through the various options, but although I can find prices for the food, there is no drinks menu. I am assuming they must be more expensive, otherwise why bother to make it "exclusive". I can't see the point of this area at all. Surely the main customer base is going to be all those people surging out of the amphitheatre during the intervals of the performances? I find the whole idea of having a restaurant in an opera house that is open to anybody absurd. Why would anybody who doesn't have a ticket choose to eat there, when the menu isn't particularly exciting and rather expensive. There is so much competition in the surrounding areas, I just don't see why anyone would choose it in the first place.
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