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  1. Italy 350 million Euros to the arts. This country zero. Hundreds of millions to failed COVID projects though without competitive tendering. These companies run by relatives of ministers though. Don’t hold your breath over arts support
  2. A performance that I was lucky enough to see. He must surely dance Oberon the next time BRB perform The Dream. Sadly I don’t think Melissa will ever dance Titania with the Royal Ballet. She was incredibly moving in Belfast. Then again BRB could invite her up to Birmingham
  3. Interesting to see the reviews today. One reviewer didn’t even mention Hayward and Corrales
  4. I hadn’t realised until today that Emma Lacona had appeared in Arthur Pita’s The Wind in the role of Little Sadie. A talent to watch?
  5. Probably right Anne. Age and ticking regular attender probably finished my contribution
  6. I was about 15% through the survey, when it suddenly said thank you for completing the survey
  7. I remember Between Shadows very well. Whispers from audience members leaving The Clore “Who the hell is Lauren Cuthbertson” It didn’t take us long to find that out. I had heard a couple of years ago that Cathy would be presenting a new ballet for the Royal and immediately thought about casting. As soon as we heard about the subject of the ballet, it was pretty obvious to me who would be cast in the main role.
  8. Had my refunds for all ROH bookings. BRB tickets sorted. A bit complicated picking options for BRB refunds
  9. I saw that performance and was not aware of the situation. I do remember the mime dialogue between courtier and the Queen thinking at the time he must be a local actor
  10. The great Virginia Johnson who I saw as Giselle with the Royal Ballet in the early 1990s
  11. Received refund from Vue Cinema Bristol today. Didn’t have to ask
  12. First cancellations at ROH. Studio Live next Tuesday and International Draft Works on Thursday. School has also delayed Solos Evening next Thursday Edited to add Studio Live would have been Draft Works rehearsal
  13. Sarah was the first. Other notables Laura Morera, Lauren Cuthbertson, Francesca Hayward and much later Julia Roscoe. I posted a long list of dancers who went on to join the Royal Companies at the time of the premier of the present production. It was quite a list
  14. Totally agree, Janet, Miki’s arms and back were absolutely beautiful. I felt that this was very much her own take on the role of Odette. Am there again tomorrow to see her second performance. She has now done all the big classics to great acclaim. Seems only a short time ago that she was wowing us with that flea in Penguin Cafe. superlatives for Lachlan as well
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