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  1. Hence the phrase no such thing as a free lunch
  2. Just to add to comments about Romany Padjak. 45 minutes before we saw her in scene 2, she was being battered, abused and heaven knows what else in the Clore Studio in MacMillan’s Playground as part of the Yorke Dance Project.
  3. Have just seen matinee in Northampton. Absolutely wonderful. Three in house choreographers, two of them real newbies, have created the magnificent Seasons. Peter(Petra) and the Wolf is very good as well.
  4. Sim, I have a spare ticket for this. SCS D8
  5. Thinking about your last line Dave. I think Directors may well be taking advantage as well. Have you noticed the number of tall girls that have joined the Royal Ballet recently. Then one notices that there are number of tallish young boys in the lower ranks. Maybe one way of looking at the article would be that in the long run there will be more opportunities for taller girls to dance leading roles in the future
  6. She is ill. Dancing M&A is one thing but a full length Maryinski Beauty and Royal Don Qs are very different things
  7. I have just seen the matinee performance and thought it was stunning. I don’t know the company dancers that well and the leads this afternoon were more junior but outstanding. Minju Jang (Victoria), Ayomi Miyata ( Young Beatrice) and Nina Queiros da Silva (Older Beatrice). da Silva was always in my eye and I thought the scene where she was reading her mother’s diary re the wedding night was superb. Wonderful acting.
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