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  1. And the prologue fairies were all First Soloists. Stix-Brunell, Magri, Calvert, O’Sullivan and Choe.
  2. Couldn’t agree more. Superb performances by the whole company.
  3. Easy trip. I regularly travel along the Cross Country trains Routes from Bristol to Plymouth and to Birmingham and Manchester(Salford for Janet McNulty) to see BRB
  4. I saw it last night and really enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing it again tonight. Some quite challenging choreography in the first piece Cross Currents with Ball, Hayward and Magri. Will be interesting to see the second night cast of Sissens, Padjak and Roscoe
  5. Yuhui listed on tonight’s cast sheet. So not a last minute injury to Yasmine
  6. Hi Northstar, interestingly Nao Sakuma coached Celine and Brandon in this production. There is a nice photograph of them on Facebook
  7. Totally agree with Janet above. I was lucky enough to see all the performances. All the casts were superb. I have to mention Miki Mizutani as Giselle. A first soloist whose Giselle was so achingly sad and last night Celine Gittens and Brandon Lawrence were extraordinary. It was one of those nights where everything just comes together. I really believe that Celine Gittens touched greatness last night.
  8. Bit ironic that the RB Triple Bill with Bintley's Tombeaux clashes with the BRB Triple Bill
  9. It’s the Paul Hamlyn Christmas Treat. An annual event.
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