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  1. Not sure about that but didn’t Antony Dowell attend her mother’s school
  2. The cast I am looking forward to seeing is Mizutani and Monaghan. Miki missed the last run because of injury. Many of us BRB watchers think she is the next Japanese BRB dancer to join that wonderful list of Yoshida, Sakuma and Hirata
  3. I have a spare ticket for tonight’s performance. D8 SCS. £10. PM me if interested
  4. Great company performance. Choe, Acri, Gasparini and Storm-Jensen in the main dancing roles made this a wonderful end to the Royal Ballet year. Choe, deadly funny in the 2nd act, Acri matching very illustrious dancers in the 3rd act. Gasparini as Aurora, magnificent. Storm-Jensen in absolute control as Prayer.
  5. BRB Giselle. All the Giselles were superb, but if I had to single out one for special praise it would be Miki Mizutani
  6. Totally agree, I use all three entrances and always find them very courteous
  7. She was the answer to an Xmas University Challenge question a couple of nights ago!
  8. I have a spare ticket for Saturday matinee at 1:30pm. SCS D9 £11 Message me if interested
  9. I would advise against it. The guests on his show are there to show off his ego. I remember Dennis Hopper being on his show many years ago and he could not get a word in at all, More recently a British star in another field altogether gave as good as she got from him. Most of that was edited out
  10. I was at the opening last night. An in front of curtain announcement informed us that Momoko Hirata was ill and would be replaced by Miki Mizutani as The Sugar Plum Fairy. Some replacement. She is dancing superbly at the moment. Anyone lucky enough to see her Giselle recently will know what I mean.
  11. And the prologue fairies were all First Soloists. Stix-Brunell, Magri, Calvert, O’Sullivan and Choe.
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