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  1. First cancellations at ROH. Studio Live next Tuesday and International Draft Works on Thursday. School has also delayed Solos Evening next Thursday Edited to add Studio Live would have been Draft Works rehearsal
  2. Sarah was the first. Other notables Laura Morera, Lauren Cuthbertson, Francesca Hayward and much later Julia Roscoe. I posted a long list of dancers who went on to join the Royal Companies at the time of the premier of the present production. It was quite a list
  3. Totally agree, Janet, Miki’s arms and back were absolutely beautiful. I felt that this was very much her own take on the role of Odette. Am there again tomorrow to see her second performance. She has now done all the big classics to great acclaim. Seems only a short time ago that she was wowing us with that flea in Penguin Cafe. superlatives for Lachlan as well
  4. In the early nineties, I remember seeing three nuns in full wimple mode taking their seats towards the front of the orchestra stalls
  5. I think that is the minimum number. Not all programmes are sellouts to the various levels of supporters
  6. Always remember him being brought in as a late replacement to partner Guillem in Dowell‘s Swan Lake in the adagio she was extending her leg towards her usual six o’clock position when suddenly it stopped at about ten to six. Legris had cleverly positioned his hand slightly forward so her thigh could not hide his head. He’d obviously had previous with her at POB
  7. Tickets for Cinderella go on sale tomorrow 6th February!!
  8. Probably a smart move while the success of last weeks Swan Lake is still fresh in peoples minds
  9. Not too far away. Have just see tonight’s performance. You should be in for a treat
  10. Not sure about that but didn’t Antony Dowell attend her mother’s school
  11. The cast I am looking forward to seeing is Mizutani and Monaghan. Miki missed the last run because of injury. Many of us BRB watchers think she is the next Japanese BRB dancer to join that wonderful list of Yoshida, Sakuma and Hirata
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