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  1. Seems to have become unavailable or page not found. The only thing I could find was Cinema performance listing Cuthbertson and Bracewell in Swan Lake(tasty!)
  2. Particularly happy for Gasparini and Pajdak who were superb for the whole of last year
  3. Brandon Lawrence To Principal Kit Holder To First Soloist Rory Mackay To First Soloist Valentin Olovyannikov To First Soloist Laura Day To Soloist Beatrice Parma To Soloist
  4. Don’t know much about the dancers but the artistic director is the great Altynai Asylmuratova
  5. BRB and David Bintley have given us two virtually perfect ballets since January. Hobson’s Choice and Beauty and the Beast. Both cast on suitability for the roles rather than seniority. Much loved by his dancers, he will be sorely missed. Until September that is as he will return to stage his Giselle. Can’t wait for that casting.
  6. Very valid points Ismene, but I was still very disappointed with the comments I overheard at that premier of Giselle all those years ago.
  7. Spot on. I enjoy telling the story of two critics I overheard at the premier of the Bintley/Samsova production of Giselle at the old Birmingham Hippodrome. Nothing but moans about having to travel to Birmingham to report on the event. Wonder if there will be any national critics at the Hippodrome to report on the same ballet when it opens in the autumn in Birmingham
  8. Mukhamedov in Collier’s farewell performance
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