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  1. A truly great ballerina. So lucky to have seen her take on the Royal Ballet Rep in the early 1990’s
  2. He was in the Arabian Dance on the first night. Can be seen in the Collier/Dowell video
  3. Look on the bright side. You don’t have to read it. I found it quite depressing in these depressing times. Revue in The Times is far more uplifting
  4. Standing in the stalls can be a problem at curtain calls. Prods in the back. Hisses of sit down. I gave my bravos and bravis from the front row and I think one my favourite dancers heard me. Fabulous afternoon
  5. In the ballet world usually true. Handed out like confetti to actors and opera singers though
  6. I was born in the Midlands. Maybe that’s why I like both
  7. 900 people who obviously have a deep affection for the Royal Ballet. A very moist eyed evening
  8. Interesting comments from a couple of critics in their reviews of The Wells performances. 1. After a try out in Birmingham!!! 2. Premier of Lazuli Sky. The premier was in Birmingham! Another example of the north/south divide
  9. Not about ROH, But I have just BOOKED my drink on-line for Sadlers Wells tomorrow
  10. Great news. Received email for my priority booking today. Single tickets not available for on line booking but email link provided. Sent email and The Rep contacted me within 10 minutes. Ticket s for 2 performances confirmed. Impressive.
  11. For some years now it has been iPhone and iPad for me and have no real problems with ROH site. Remember nightmare days with Microsoft and Internet Explorer
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