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  1. So you had the same problem as me with SatNav?. Agree great afternoon
  2. Yu Kurihara from artist to soloist. Only a couple of years since we saw her as a prologue fairy in RBS performance. She debuts as Cinderella next week having already danced the lead in Lazuli Sky
  3. Maybe my posting needed a bit of context. Whilst at RB she had danced a lot of roles in The Nutcracker but never TSPF. At BRB she finally got to dance this role. In no way was she belittling the difficulty of the role. It was just rather nice to get the applause at the end.
  4. As Natasha Oughtred once said, they come on at the end of the ballet having done ******all for two hours and get all the applause
  5. I remember when she was asked why an earth would she want to move to Birmingham. More performances was her reply!
  6. Just been discussing this with a friend on my train journey home. Couldn’t agree more
  7. The great lady who introduced me and got me hooked into ballet
  8. That Festival of Ballet in Coventry was my introduction to ballet and it was Fracci who caught my attention. So beautiful.
  9. One former member of the Royal Ballet amongst those promoted
  10. Maybe the Kyle Abraham ballet will look different with Claire Calvert and Melissa Hamilton dancing the Osipova role
  11. She will be taking part in World Ballet Festival in Denmark in July.
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