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  1. Rather belatedly wanted to put some words here about the pleasure and sustenance the 2nd BRB Nutrcacker online perfomance gave me (with Samara Downs and Tyrone Singleton as the sugar plum fairy and the prince). It's hard for many of us I expect, we would be going to see BRB's late winter/early spring tour at this time normally. This time last year, I was watching Downs for the first time as Odette/Odile at the Lowry, Salford, a remarkable performance which I remember with great pleasure. I am so grateful to be able to see Downs for the first time as the Sugar Plum Fairy, gratitude mixed with sadness that it cannot be in a theatre. I am so intrigued by this remarkable dancer's progress to Principal and seeing what she makes of the classic roles. And to see the other dancers I love and have watched many times before; Tyrone Singleton, Lachlan Monaghan, Yijing Zhang to name a few, and new performances I had not seen before like Laura Day as Clara. The company and it's heavily restricted performance setting does indeed still provide something of the old magic. I pray, with reasonable hope, that their work can return to live theatre settings within this year. And my heart goes out to all in the company suffering such dreadful restrictions and uncertainty.
  2. Thanks Janet for notifying us of this interview. In this dreadful time for ballet, it is fantastic to have Acosta in this country providing inspiration and leadership. (And so grateful to all other directors of ballet companies for their service to the cultural life of this country).
  3. Thank you Janet. Worth watching alone for the glorious rose silk shirt and baroque furnishings! Will watch this again more closely and other interviews from the Dance Europe YouTube channel.
  4. Just got an email about this, and it's on the BRB website https://www.brb.org.uk/whats-on/event/the-nutcracker-at-the-rep-online CASTING Clara Laura Day The Sugar Plum Fairy Samara Downs The Prince Tyrone Singleton Drosselmeyer Rory Mackay This is a different cast to the one we saw in December 2020. Thank you BRB for making this possible.
  5. That pretty much captures what I feel. And that glorious first moment when the curtain goes up and Mrs Stahlbaum in her xmas red dress putting final decorations on the tree is really iconic for me and was preserved in this this BRB 'covid' version. I actually didn't miss the waltz of the flowers too much, except that meant also that the wonderful Rose Fairy didn't appear. I remember seeing Celine Gittens for the first time in this role and being instantly astonished by her. In the RB version I do like the soldier and vivandiere doll section.
  6. Thank you Jan, I was looking through my previous programs to check but couldn't find any photos of the winds.
  7. Was there the new addition of male snowflakes in this production? I seem to remember an all female ensemble in the performances I'd seen at the Hippodrome. I noticed a few differences some have mentioned, particularly the curtailment of the codas in the grand Pas de Deux. But I most admit most other abridgements barely registered, so delighted and entranced was I by seeing BRB perform this classic. I would love to see another cast, particularly Samara Downs as the SPF, whom I last saw as Odette/Odile in March, just before you know what ...
  8. She certainly was, I watched Ballet Hoo on Facebook for first time last week.
  9. This was so much more than a Nutcracker performance for me. It symbolised something so hopeful after this year which has been so dreadful in many ways. To see the BRB dancers I have come to know well - over the years of seeing them dance around the country - dance this spectacular work of the ballet canon, and hear Tchaikovsky's marvellous score played by the superb RB sinfonia, was truly joyous. And to know that this is happening NOW - just made it seem certain that some things can never be destroyed. Emotional.
  10. I'm in. It is so wonderful that BRB are doing this. I've loved them for many years and miss seeing them perform live terribly. 10 minutes to go! 5 min to go! ... 1 min ! ... Working so far ... ooh there's a live chat option.
  11. Just caught this, another sublime offering from ENB's recent generous programme of broadcasting. As with the recent 3-4 streamings of ENB performances recorded in the north of England, I was at this performance live. I remember it was the first time I had the privilege to see Dronina dance live after she joined ENB. As with the other recordings, the filming is beautiful and it was a wonderful experience to see this ballet again. How lucky we were (especially in the 'provinces') to be treated to this exquisite Bournonville style dancing by such beautiful performers. As with the previous MacMillan ballets which were shown, ENB has brought such splendid jewels across the breadth of the ballet canon to people all round the UK. I distinctly remember the impression Jane Haworth's Madge made when I saw it live, and this was again a particular highlight. And the close ups of the filming really emphasised the delicacy and skill in the dancing style, which I probably appreciated more than when I was in theatre.
  12. I just caught the streaming of Manon with Cojocaru and Caley at the Manchester Opera House from Oct 2018 yesterday before it expired. I think I saw it noted that it was from 17th October (the opening night) and if so, I was at this performance too. I remember the profound impression this performance made on me and it was only confirmed by viewing this broadcast. After watching it, as when I originally saw it live, I was transported and (despite the tragedy of the story) uplifted and transported in that way that ballet, at its best, affects me. That special feeling is the core of for my passion for ballet. I felt so moved and inspired by the entire work, the steps, the music, the theatre, but particularly Cojocaru and Caley, both of whom I found incandescent in their lead roles. ENB have, more than any other company, revealed to me the genius of MacMillan with recent performances of Song of the Earth and Manon in Northern England, and I feel more gratitude than ever for their work and existence.
  13. This was fabulous. I managed to see the recording before it expired today. I was at this performance live in 2017 in Manchester. With the recent streaming (Swan Lake, Song of the Earth, Manon) of ENB performances in the north of England it's an been an unbelievable, never-imagined chance to see performances again that I was actually at. I almost didn't want to watch them worrying if it would spoil the memory, but the quality has been ever better than I remembered. This time, the thing that stood out was Caley's presence and grace.
  14. Treasured memories now of being at live ballet, and socialising and meeting ballet forum members at performances, Janet and Don Q Fan. I look forward to the day we can do so again. In the meantime, trying to look at the silver lining, I wonder if this Swan Lake recording would ever have been broadcast in other circumstances? The upcoming ENB scheduled streaming Song of Earth and Manon in Manchester are an astonishing surprise to me too - I was also at these performances as I suspect some others were - I don't think I met anyone at those performances though.
  15. Fabulous surprise to see this performance from 2018, Liverpool Empire, streamed. I was at this performance (as were a handful of other BalletcoForum members) and had no idea it was being recorded. Unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to the timing/availability of the streaming and only watched a little of it before it disappeared. But it brought back the feeling I hand at the time of being so thrilled to see Jurgita Dronina dance in my local theatre. And I must say the close-ups from the streaming that I saw allowed me to appreciate the wonderful expressiveness of her dancing, particularly the arms/hands as Jeanette mentions.
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