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  1. Just caught this, another sublime offering from ENB's recent generous programme of broadcasting. As with the recent 3-4 streamings of ENB performances recorded in the north of England, I was at this performance live. I remember it was the first time I had the privilege to see Dronina dance live after she joined ENB. As with the other recordings, the filming is beautiful and it was a wonderful experience to see this ballet again. How lucky we were (especially in the 'provinces') to be treated to this exquisite Bournonville style dancing by such beautiful performers. As with the pre
  2. I just caught the streaming of Manon with Cojocaru and Caley at the Manchester Opera House from Oct 2018 yesterday before it expired. I think I saw it noted that it was from 17th October (the opening night) and if so, I was at this performance too. I remember the profound impression this performance made on me and it was only confirmed by viewing this broadcast. After watching it, as when I originally saw it live, I was transported and (despite the tragedy of the story) uplifted and transported in that way that ballet, at its best, affects me. That special feeling is the core of f
  3. This was fabulous. I managed to see the recording before it expired today. I was at this performance live in 2017 in Manchester. With the recent streaming (Swan Lake, Song of the Earth, Manon) of ENB performances in the north of England it's an been an unbelievable, never-imagined chance to see performances again that I was actually at. I almost didn't want to watch them worrying if it would spoil the memory, but the quality has been ever better than I remembered. This time, the thing that stood out was Caley's presence and grace.
  4. Treasured memories now of being at live ballet, and socialising and meeting ballet forum members at performances, Janet and Don Q Fan. I look forward to the day we can do so again. In the meantime, trying to look at the silver lining, I wonder if this Swan Lake recording would ever have been broadcast in other circumstances? The upcoming ENB scheduled streaming Song of Earth and Manon in Manchester are an astonishing surprise to me too - I was also at these performances as I suspect some others were - I don't think I met anyone at those performances though.
  5. Fabulous surprise to see this performance from 2018, Liverpool Empire, streamed. I was at this performance (as were a handful of other BalletcoForum members) and had no idea it was being recorded. Unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to the timing/availability of the streaming and only watched a little of it before it disappeared. But it brought back the feeling I hand at the time of being so thrilled to see Jurgita Dronina dance in my local theatre. And I must say the close-ups from the streaming that I saw allowed me to appreciate the wonderful expressiveness of her dancing, particula
  6. Thanks so much Ballet Forum for the information about Royal Danish Ballet's streaming. I watched the Raymonda start to end, into the wee small hours yesterday. I've never seen Raymonda (not even the whole of Act III), and I really appreciated the chance to see this fabulous work of art performed by a fine company. I've luckily been able to go to the Royal Theatre 'Old Stage' in Copenhagen and watching this brought back nice memories. J'aime Crandall as Raymonda was wonderful, as were all the dancers. Act III was a masterpiece, but I actually liked the Act II Raymonda variation (wi
  7. Just heard Kevin O'Hare interviewed on Radio 3 In Tune, interview starts at about 17:21 (or 21 minutes into the program), talking about how Royal Ballet is coping in lockdown. The programme should will be available on BBC sounds (for 1 month I think). Not a lot of really new/startling info from the interview. Sounds like some dancers have returned to their home countries, but they are doing their classes together over internet including guest coaches/teachers from abroad. Mentioned was the streaming of their performances, which I'm sure is covered elsewhere on this forum and in the 'upcoming e
  8. Thanks to Ballet Forum for noting this DNB Sleeping Beauty performance It's really nice to see it commented on in this thread on the most recent BRB run of the 'same' production in the 2018. I went to 3 performances, and watching the DNB recording brought back lovely memories. I think there are some production differences, I didn't remember the 'obelisk' in the BRB performances, but looking at BRB production photos, it is there. It's probably not the right thread but I do know what Alison meant about the DNB being overblown, when I started watching I initially felt it'
  9. I also saw the POB on the website (https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/magazine/swan-lake-replay only available for rest of today I think!) with Léonore Baulac, Germain Louvet leading. Great to see some reactions/opinions to this. Of course it's absolutely exquisite, and the dancers are simply out of this world. I've recently seen Birmingham Royal Ballet's version live last month, and previous to that a punchy 'cheap and cheerful' Russian touring company in Jan (Russian State Ballet of Siberia). The POB version was the most conceptual and subtle of all of these I'd say. And actually my
  10. Thanks to Bruce for posting this,. I watched POB's Swan Lake yesterday, I was thinking of sharing some thoughts on it on the forum, but wasn't sure where to put them. I see there are some old threads from 2016 on POB Swan Lake, but I think the web replay is from 18/19 season. Or maybe starting a new thread, or looking for another appropriate existing thread, any thoughts from anyone, moderators especially, on this?. Thanks for all who are posting on the forum, and keeping discussion of life's important stuff - ballet! - at this time.
  11. Hope it's OK to post on this ~18th month-old thread because I've just seen the recording of this 2018 RB Mayerling on BBC iplayer with Steven McRae and Sarah Lamb leading, broadcast on BBC4 last week (March 2020). Just wanted to comment on how impressed I was by this beautiful, dark, troubling work of art and can't get it out of my head. I've never seen Mayerling before and am fairly new to MacMillian ballets, thanks mainly to English National Ballet's touring productions of Manon and Song of the Earth in the last ~4 years. The atmosphere and human intensity is extremely powerful.
  12. This is really great comment to read! I've never seen RB live, just cinema relays and YouTube/BBC TV recordings, but I've often felt when seeing BRB live (many many times) that it would be difficult to top them for quality.
  13. I was at Salford Quays on Saturday to see both matinee (Samara Downs and Yasuo Atsuji) and evening (Yijing Zhang and Brand and Brandon Lawrence). First thing to say the costumes and set design of this production are just amazing, and they get more impressive the more times I see it. The sheer splendour you can just gape at, never mind the dancing. It's more than just over-the-top opulence though, the design also has a darkness to it that gives a brooding tragic atmosphere and is a really perfect setting for the story. I had not seen either leads in these roles before.
  14. I'm afraid I'm one of those ! Over 4 hours of tiring, unpleasant driving conditions, and I must admit I was disappointed in the cancelled segments. And although it wasn't announced, the Far from the Madding Crowd sword pas de deux, which was in the published programme, also didn't happen. No Delia ! - sob. However,reflecting overall, there were several reasons I don't regret making the trip. Seeing Samara Downs for the first time (first for me anyway) in a major PDD of the canon was extremely interesting. I got to see the fabulous Maureya Lebowitz, one of my personal favourites, i
  15. I agree with Janet, I've had some great memories of ENB @ Liverpool and very disappointing they're not coming at all in the 20/21 season. Yes they're coming to Manchester but in the last few years they have visited BOTH Liverpool and Manchester in the same season (and further in the past there were multiple visits to both cities per year, I think). I would have attended their Nutcracker at Liverpool last November but left it late and there were very few tickets left, so that makes me even more surprised they're not returning. A complete Raymonda directed by Rojo sounds so intrigui
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