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  1. I’m sure that is the way forward. I thought Ashton’s Act 4 was truly beautiful, although I’ll stand up for LS’s Act 3 Pas de Trois and Spanish Dance (especially for Tierney Heap). One shouldn’t speculate, but does anybody else think we are now unlikely to see Lauren Cuthbertson return to the role of Odette / Odile? Did she ever dance it after those wonderful debut performances with Rupert Pennefather?
  2. Interesting. Back in my singing days, I can remember a director telling me the trouble she had raising any stage spark from a Figaro and Susanna who were a couple, and later seeing a sensationally full-on Coronation of Poppea where both leads liked each other very much, were very happily married elsewhere and, as a result, were able to go as far as the action needed without any personal compromise at all. It was, indeed, dynamite.
  3. Many thanks for as typically informed and illuminating response. I always really enjoy reading your thoughts.
  4. It was an interview in The Stage. Does she therefore not have her sights on La bayadère or Don Quixote?
  5. I absolutely agree. Sometimes, I think there’s a quasi fake glamour to the the “tragedy” of Jacqueline Du Pré’s situation, and I thought this really brought home the sheer misery of the crippled musician and the silenced instrument.
  6. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. From here we come, to here we return. Look at the expanse of our lives... Just my own thoughts ... And I agree that Campbell was marvellous this evening (and I know he’s one of my favourite dancers).
  7. I doubt anybody will be surprised that much as I admire Bonelli, and I thought him looking wonderfully re-junvenated with Kaneko on the Beauty broadcast, I had hoped that after his superb Des Grieux this might have been a window of opportunity for Alexander Campbell ...
  8. I must agree with all the plaudits for Zenaida Yanowsky and Wayne Sleep: that was a real Insights Evening. I’ve been watching Swan Lake for nearly 42 years and I was still learning. Streets ahead of the “And 1 and 2, and squeeze” we saw with the Beauty variations.
  9. “I too enjoyed David Donnelly’s performance at the matinee of 18th January. I thought he had wonderful musicality, he was able to project the emotions up to the amphitheatre and had beautiful technique. However, this was all spoilt for me unfortunately by his noisy landings. Such a shame and a schoolboy error for me. He had great plié and good feet but he didn’t use either on his jumps/landings.” I’ve had a ludicrously busy week and although I’ve formulated thoughts on the Onegin matinee and the ENB Saturday night Gala I’ve not yet committed in writing, but I have to agree with Allegro re the noisy landings. It was particularly noticeable next to Thiago Soares who doesn’t now in technical terms have the younger dancer’s pliancy but was much more disciplined in such matters. And, I’ll try to write at more length, I thought Mendizabal was wonderful.
  10. Gosh that was lovely. She was absolutely superb: I was hoping for a promotion to principal epilogue. Kudos also to Bonelli who danced out of his skin, elegant and charismatic
  11. And Bravo Bonelli, who is at his most lyrical and involved. And, am I allowed to write this, Christina Arestis is just ravishing to look at ....
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