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  1. Unforgettable as Nureyev’s Juliet, especially her breakdown mourning Tybalt at the end of Act 2. Also, very fond memories of her as Giselle and her last performance as La Sylphide - she had a beautifully rounded shape which was very beautiful in Romantic works. Wasn’t quite so keen on her Aurora or Odette / Odile, but she remains in memory very much favourite, and, if I may so write (and a moderator will remove if I may not), I also thought her extraordinarily beautiful to behold.
  2. I loved Ann Jenner and Rosalyn Written, and Deborah Bull has been one of my favourite female dancers ever. We are now seeing more of Romany Pajdak and I absolutely agree that she is much under-rated artist. I’m not sure how many wider opportunities her relatively late promotion will afford, but I am very pleased it has happened.
  3. Very happy memories of Sandra Magdwick as Aurora with Michael O'Hare at the ROH. A lovely dancer to recall :-)
  4. An absolute delight. I had an anxious moment when presenting my ticket (I had treated myself to Grand Tier) to find I had somehow booked a ticket for Thursday (when I will be en route to Vienna) but even with only ten minutes to go the Box Office staff sorted me out with a ticket even better than the one I had booked. That was at the end of the front row. This was dead centre: I’m guessing an unallocated house seat. So, perhaps I was in the right mood to enjoy anyway, but I don’t think there was anything that didn’t please apart from possibly a rather rushed setting up of the disguise plan at the end of Act One and a similarly rushed finale. It’s a very compact piece, Act One around 40 minutes and Act Two barely fifty. As others have commented, the design is terrific and the score scintillatingly good. It was good to see the dancers earring their human face and evidently having a ball.
  5. I can’t see the current RB managing this, but had a crazy thought back then (which was impossible) that one could just imagine David Wall as Spartacus opposite Anthony Dowell / Wayne Eagling as Crassus. Casting would have dictated Antoinette Sibley / Merle Park as Phrygia with Lynn Seymour as Aegina, but I’d have put that the other way round...
  6. But why, o why is Morera not dancing Tatiana with Bonelli when it may well have been the last chance to see them together in this. And Clarke as Gremin? And where is Campbell 😞
  7. And Campbell’s jump-in Des Grieux was truly wonderful. This could be a magical pairing and it’s certainly my first choice although I will also see Osipova and Hallberg. I understand the concerns re his partnering after the accident at the Fonteyn Gala but I think he’s a most beautiful dancer and that his lyrical, extended style will suit this Dowell role. I also enjoy his stage partnership with Osipova ... Mind you, I’ve never forgotten Sibley as Manon with Dowell and find her Bedroom Pas de Deux with Wall (on YouTube) almost definitive, late as it is in both their careers.
  8. I’m also surprised, even if it seems disrespectful to admit that. I was also surprised to see him cast as Lescaut in the Morera / Bonelli cast, as I can’t envisage that working generation-gap wise at all ...
  9. Just back from the cinema. Early start tomorrow, so will write at more considered length on train (and need to formulate thoughts on Fonteyn Gala), but I enjoyed Matthew Ball more in that than anything else I have seen him do. A really moving performance. Yasmine Naghdi is exceptionally lovely, but I had sympathy with the poster who felt she had become too classical in some ways for this role. The cinema really enables you to catch things you might not otherwise do, and I thought Romany Pajdak's epaulement absolutely gorgeous. You could also how much Mica Bradbury was relishing the moment.
  10. It was before R & J and I was very surprised to see it. Nevertheless, a lovely evening 🙂
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