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  1. Goodness the dancers work hard. I’m surprised there aren’t even more injuries. Very sorry that Cowley, who is one of favourite artists, is off but I bet Mendizabal was a fantastic Carabosse. That’s been one of my “I wish” castings too.
  2. It was always a treat when he danced Ashton's Pas de Quatre in Swan Lake. If I recall correctly, he did do some performances as Hamlet...
  3. Hi, it was Romany Pajdak. It stated Olivia Cowley on the Cast Sheet but it was definitely Ms Pajdak and her name appeared on the credits at the end.
  4. One really shouldn't speculate but this all seems very sudden and strange ...
  5. Enjoyed the cinema broadcast very much, particularly as I'd not felt well on Saturday afternoon and hadn't been as involved as I'd hoped i might have been in the performance. Of course, one will have preferences (I'd have had Hayward with Hay in Concerto for a start and felt O'Sullivan was being ever so slightly "cute to camera"), but Naghdi was sublime (and I liked Hirano in this), whilst Magri made something almost impossible look almost easy. Lovely to see the splendid Kate Shipway interviewed and receiving a well deserved bouquet after Concerto too. Enigma Variations works well on screen, with added detail. I still feel the tone of the work can seem uncertain and need to revisit my David Vaughan re Lady Mary Lygon. I preferred Avis, Arestis and Whitehead for Nimrod, and (just) Campbell, as slightly neater, to Ball as Troyte (both turning right not left I think), but Hayward was absolutely blissful as Dorabella (why not Gasparini for this in other casts? Much as I love her I just can't imagine Naghdi in this - I appreciate she's out of it now - although it's always good to see artists working against type). I loved Raymonda: the glow of the Glazunov score matched by the glory of the set. Mendizabal (now there's a character principal in the making: will we see her Carabosse this time round?) and Clarke were fantastic as the Hungarian Couple (I still think he will make Principal as a Prince but it's good to see him being tried in a wider range of things to build stage presence, rather like Ball doing Tybalt) and the female soloists much surer than on Saturday afternoon, with, for me, glamorous Ms Kaneko and dazzling Ms Stix-Brunell (who had another busy time), stand outs (although Magri had been rather stunning on Saturday afternoon: she's really growing on me as an artist and dancer with a real individuality of manner and style). For individuality, Osipova is probably unique, and I though, however charismatic, she was at her most wilful with phrasing this evening. As the other half remarked on Saturday, "there are two sorts of virtuosities: she likes to show it's difficult, Muntagirov makes it look effortless. I know which I prefer." Great to see Alfreda Thorogood, Gary Avis, Christopher Carr and Wayne Sleep in interview, but still not entirely convinced by Darcey Bussell in such scripted environments. Still a lovely evening and a pity that my local cinema in Rye was more than half empty.
  6. I did wonder if the change was because Nicol Edmonds was out (as he was of Raymonda) and the rehearsed partnership needed to be maintained (and it would have been lovely to se Fumi Kaneko dancing with Reece Clarke too, not that Beatriz Stix-Brunell wasn’t very charming in her second jump-in of the afternoon). I also agree re Mayara Magri. Gallantry prevents my naming the first three female soloists but I don’t think any of them could be said to have enjoyed a particularly good afternoon.
  7. Just read the very nice article and was about to flag it up on here! Late to the party as usual 🙂
  8. "I agree re Clarke and Kaneko - both tall and very elegant looking. Not sure if you’re aware but they’re actually a couple in real life which I think makes their partnership even more special!" That I didn't know...
  9. Sibley and Dowell were universally acknowledged, quite rightly as magical together, but I saw Sibley with Wall a couple of times (and there’s a Manon Bedroom Pas de Deux on a grainy YouTube video from the Met) and he did bring something different out of her...
  10. Hayward, Campbell; Magri, Coralles (on the strength of their Mistress, Lescaut performance); I think Fumi Kaneko, who looked gorgeous on World Ballet Day yesterday, would work well with Reece Clarke: such elegant dancers. And almost everybody seems to love Naghdi with Ball....
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