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Found 3 results

  1. It is all starting to feel very real now, the first audition date is through trings audition is 30th November The roller coast is just about to begin!!!!
  2. So that we can keep the pinned thread just for non-year-specific questions about Upper School auditions, please feel free to post any news and results for US auditions for Sept 2016 entry here. Thanks. :-)
  3. This may seem slightly random, but years ago on the old forum, there was a discussion about forum members only using one of the discussion boards. If I remember rightly, many people in "Doing Dance" tended only to look there, so missed a lot of performance news, reviews etc. Having just posted a link on the "Performances Seen" board, I suddenly wondered if that is still the case? I suspect there are probably some ballet parents out there who don't routinely go and watch live performances, for all sorts of reasons, but if one of these reasons is that you aren't aware of performances near you then the "Ballet News" and "Performances Seen" sections are so useful. For those of you who live in or within easy reach of London, here's the link I posted: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/9341-ballet-theatre-uk-aladdin/page-2#entry126957 Ticket prices are very cheap so hopefully that will help dispel the myth that ballet in central London is overpriced and out of financial reach. Edited to add: I know there are a good few "Doing Dance" folks who are also active posters of the other boards, so if you are one of those, feel free to ignore me! :-)
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