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  1. Sorry, Capybara, I may have missed something in the thread but I was in row J yesterday afternoon and from my vantage point I could see that the Stalls Circle seemed quite well populated.
  2. Writing from the perspective of a parent, whose child attended ballet classes until 11 and a full time ballet school thereafter, and is now a professional ballet dancer, I can’t recall any parent (well connected or not) succeeding in promoting a less able child (at any age) to the disadvantage of more able pupils. Naturally, any parent will do whatever they might believe would assist but, after watching the progress of whole classes of children over a 12 year period, the better dancers always looked better than the others, they were the ones spotted by the schools, the companies an
  3. You put it perfectly - I couldn’t have put it better myself
  4. So, apart from Janet McNulty, this forum's membership must be predominantly from the South given that the MP for Rossendale and Darwen contends that Northerners prefer football to ballet https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-54908862
  5. No one has mentioned the Hofesh Schechter opening - what a super start to a great evening. And how nice to see the all Company in Elite. The pas de deux were great, particularly Carousel, but I always think that without the rest of the company, particularly the Corps, and without the general narrative of a full ballet, it’s just two dancers in search of a role.
  6. It’s very positive news at a very difficult time. These young dancers will have been hugely worried, and may still be, about what the future holds. All will have been in training for eight years and they, and the years below, at the RBS and other schools, will be very concerned about what their future holds. So, this is definitely good news.
  7. Just heard, and I hope I’m right, that the Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, has confirmed that theatres and cinemas (and I assume ballet/opera companies) are exempt from the 10pm curfew
  8. I’ve no real problem with the multiple requests. All of us on BCF are aware of the need to support the Arts and, with our interest, the RB/ROH in particular. Many of us will already have sent donations to the RB and/or other Arts venues/companies. That said, 75% of my group (3) had never previously visited the ROH and may not have appreciated the multiplicity of funding requirements and the 'taster' tour may spark an interest to both watch and support the Arts.
  9. I’d give you more ‘likes’ if I could 🙏
  10. Thanks There were no restrictions on photos and I would have done a selfie but for the fact that I was wearing a mask although some would say I look better wearing a mask ;)
  11. I don’t know if anyone else went but it was wonderful to be back in the ROH, to visit the ground floor cafe/bar, the shop and to go on the backstage tour. All the ROH staff seemed very happy to be showing us around and were all very helpful and informative. The Stalls seating has been completely removed, to enable the orchestra to perform on a socially distanced footing for the upcoming live performances to be streamed. The tour finished on stage, where the informative and very engaging David Pickering, showed us all how to bow/curtsey to the Royal Box and the i
  12. Any other Forum member intending to be there on Sunday for the 7pm tour?
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