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  1. My favourites are :- 1. Merry Widow with Nunez. Teatro Colon. 2. Manon with Muntagirov. Japanese Ballet and of course his RB Dance of the Blessed Spirits. 3. La Sylphide. ENB. 4. RBME .Stuttgart Ballet 5. Rosalinde. Estonia Ballet 6. San Francisco Ballet gala. 7. Pennefather Films. The Sun is God. (I don't know if this is a lockdown film but I saw it in lockdown and thought it terrific.) 8. Ballo Della Regina. Royal Danish Ballet. 9. La Bayadere with Osipova/Lantratov. Perm Ballet. 10. Scotch Symphony. American Ballet School.
  2. Thanks oncnp. I'll just have to be patient. It's not as if they're going to sell out!
  3. Does anyone know when the tickets for the streamed Sarasota programme will go on sale or about how much they will cost? Sounds a great programme with some really different items in there.
  4. Thanks to Janite's SkyArts link I can say they are showing Northern Ballet's Puss in Boots on CBeebies Saturday 15 August at 9.30am and also Australian ballet's Coppelia Sunday 16th August at 10am. Coupled with the Australian Ballet Merry Widow mentioned above (which is the new version shown at the cinema last autumn) they are showing some ballet at last. Long may it continue!
  5. Apparently ballet Arizona are having problems with uploading La Sylphide. They only have 48.31 minutes and it ends abruptly. There is a note to say they are trying to fix it, hopefully by today, but it's still saying 48.31 minutes. I assume as long as it says 48.31 minutes it is still waiting to be fixed and when it's fixed it will say it lasts approximately an hour.
  6. Just watched the Jacob's Pillow Danish gala again as it still seems to be here. Didn't really think there was anything untoward with James' shirt in la Sylphide. I was wondering if I was going to be distracted but wasn't really. I enjoyed the piece as I did all the Bournonville though could have done without the Giselle pas de deux. I know it fitted stylistically but would have preferred more Bournonville. This sort of concert always makes me nostalgic for the visit by them I attended at the Peacock theatre a few years ago which was terrific. I wish Danish Ballet would visit us more often especially to do Bournonville as we see so little Bournonville now. I think Hubbe did update A Folk Tale and it was streamed earlier this year and is still there. People I know who have seen both versions say they prefer the earlier, more traditional version. I'm going to donate both to Jacob's Pillow and Danish Ballet as Jacob's Pillow offered to share the donations with Danish Ballet but Hubbe refused and said they could keep all of them which I think was very generous of him.
  7. Sorry Alison my husband's been working on the computer most of the time and my previous post was sent on my phone. I don't know how to do links from my phone but as he's just left the computer I'll give it a go. It's an Anna Marie Holmes version; never a favourite with me but it's very well recorded; very clear. if you haven't already seen it do try and see Merry Widow. It's a strong contender for my lockdown performance of the year! Merry Widow I've tried to put the general link to all videos up as well but it said the link couldn't be embedded because there is no video attached. However, if you do a YouTube search of Teatro Colon you'll find them easily enough. Also a link to the Jacob's Pillow Danish Gala which is wonderful but apparently only available until 7pm tonight UK time so just a couple of hours unless it's extended.
  8. Carlos Acosta did dance Spartacus in London in the fabulous Bolshoi season at the London Coliseum in 2006 or 2007. That was also the season we saw Osipova /Vasiliev debut in Don Q together. Those were the days!
  9. Just to say that Teatro Colon still have several ballets available on Youtube including Swan lake, Sleeping Beauty, Merry Widow (with Nunez), Le Corsaire, Romeo and Juliet and Coppelia. All are full length and great quality pictures.
  10. Janite, a while ago I think you gave a link to Sky Arts advanced programming. Could you give it again, please as I saved it as a favourite but later I couldn't get it to work. At the moment I can only get programming a week in advance and though it's not currently a problem it would be great to know a bit more in advance if we ever get round to going on holiday again. Also, is the Merry Widow they're showing the 1993 version with Steven Heathcote as the young Count or the more recent version that was shown at the cinema about 18 months ago when he was playing the older gentleman? I think I marginally prefer the older version though until seeing Marianella my overall favourite was the Canadian Karen Kain version. However, Marianella was stunning and made it her own. Would love to see her do it with Vadim though it was great to see her with the person I assume is her current partner. It seemed to be his last performance and got many flowers and much applause so was obviously wonderful to see her with him for that special performance. Also I see SkyArts is going to launch on Freeview in September. Good news for those who don't have subscription TV. No news of ballet or opera but we can but hope. Sky Arts director Philip Edgar-Jones said: “There’s never been a stronger need or demand for the arts, nor a more important time to champion and celebrate creativity. “That’s why we’re throwing open the doors to make Sky Arts a free channel. During lockdown we’ve seen audiences to the channel increase by 50% and our weekly live paint-along show, Portrait Artist Of The Week, reached 4.6 million people with over 20,000 portraits painted.” “As a free to air channel I hope that Sky Arts can help arts organisations and cultural institutions of all shapes and sizes across the UK, providing them with a platform to create and showcase their work to a broad audience.” As part of this commitment, Sky Arts will launch a series of bursaries worth £30,000 ($39,000) each, pairing leading figures from the arts world with diverse and emerging new artists on a mentoring initiative. Although the channel is moving out from behind the paywall, Sky Arts On Demand’s library of 2,000 hours of content will remain exclusive to Sky and NOW TV customers.
  11. Me too! I thought Marianella terrific. The role could have been made for her. if only she could do it at the ROH with Vadim!
  12. I'm afraid so. I was just quoting the Radio Times and forgot it could be open to misinterpretation. As I remember it the 1999 reopening gala was a terrific compilation of ballets the RB had become famous for, and really enjoyable to watch. I seem to remember the opera contribution as being a rather disappointing concert version of something that not even Placido Domingo could really make enjoyable (for me at least) though I have to confess as to not liking opera that much anyway.
  13. BBC4 are repeating the ROH reopening concert this Sunday the 26th July at 11.20pm. It follows a broadcast of the 2020 ROH production of Fidelio through unfortunately not with Jonas Kaufmann.
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