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  1. I too was at yesterday's matinee and while being totally absorbed in the terrific dancing of the soloists and principals it is interesting to pick out some of the more unsung but still technically excellent dance actors in the RB. I too noticed Teo Dubreuil who is one of my favourites and I hope is soon promoted. It was great to see Joseph Sissons too as a beggar (always a favourite and can't wait for his Lensky) though I was slightly disappointed not to see him as one of the 'three gents' in the second act. Francisco Serrano was a beggar again following on from his excellent beggar in Don Q. Another great character I'd like to see promoted. Enrico Montes was a great gent and always manages to bring a great sense of character to whatever role he inhabits. Everywhere you look in whatever ballet you watch the RB have such a great breadth and depth of talent in every department at the moment. As for the principals.... words almost fail me. Francesca Hayward (I nearly wrote Francesca Manon!) was absolutely terrific. Is there nothing she can't do? For me she is definately one of the great dance/actresses of her generation and I'm so pleased I saw her Manon again. Her dancing expressed every emotion and did those beautifully expressive eyes. Possibly even better than last time. Alexander Campbell is a great partner and a beautifully romantic De Grieux. Coralles and Magri made hugely impressive and charismatic debuts. Indeed Magri reminded me a bit of Laura Morera when she made her entrance. Another Manon I've never seen but going to rectify that this Wednesday. Had a great day out with a friend who'd never seen Manon and never been to the ROH before. She immediately became a huge convert to both and it was so refreshing and heartwarming to see both the beautiful building and outstanding performance through the eyes of someone who'd never seen either before.
  2. Disappointing the timescale is so limited. I'm in London on the 23rd to see Morera/Bonelli Manon and I might have been interested but the timescale at 5.30 pm to 8pm is really too tight and would be very rushed.
  3. http://www.roh.org.uk/seasons/2019-20 Try this RHowarth. I find it invaluable. If it still works. Sometime the ROH send me these links after I've asked for them and they work at the time, then when I try them at a later date they stop working and you get 'This page cannot be displayed' or something similar. So now when I get something really useful like this I save it to my task bar so hopefully it will function until next summer.
  4. ... To return to Manon. I was at the ROH matinee last Saturday and it was like returning home after a long absence. I sank down in my seat, kicked off my shoes (metaphorically I hasten to add!) and settled down to enjoy the perfect performance I've come to expect from the Royal Ballet. Vadim was on fire and gave the most passionate yet nuanced performance I've seen him give as De Grieux. While Sarah Lamb isn't my favourite RB dancer I thought she was excellent as Manon, all her personal dilemmas clearly etched on her face and in her movements. The way she held herself so stiffly in the second act as if she was trying to blank out the way she was being passed around as if she was a commodity not a person was heartbreaking. I thought Ryio, Itzibar and finally Gary as an extremely loathsome gaoler (hardly typecasting!) excellent also. The only person I didn't think was quite as good as usual was Christopher Saunders as M. GM. I'm not sure why as he's usually my favourite GM. Perhaps I'm used to seeing him in close up at the cinema broadcasts. He was still very good but perhaps not quite as good as I remembered. Anyway it was a wonderful performance enhanced by seeing many of the cast at the stage door afterwards being their usual friendly and pleasant selves. Now I can't wait to see Hayward/Campbell and Morera /Bonelli.
  5. I did suggest it to Kevin O'Hare in my letter to him. Although I had a polite acknowledgement of my letter he didn't address any of the points I raised including this one. I suppose this sort of performance takes a lot of organising and quite a lot of what they're doing is in the current rep. So it may not be thought suitable to do it in a gala type performance in London. Having said that some is new and would be great to see.
  6. I'm afraid my opinion of Hallberg's dancing is closer to Nevsky's than Kevin O'Hare's. That said I've only seen him 'live' twice; once at the Fonteyn Gala doing the Romeo and Juliet pas de deux with Osipova. The other occasion was the Act One of Giselle where Ball took over splendidly in the second act after Hallberg's injury. So neither occasion was particularly ideal. However at one point I was really concerned about his partnering in Romeo. Some lifts look strained or off balance and I found myself thinking if he is like this for a relatively short pas de deux how will he stand the pace for a full length ballet, especially Manon with the very physical pas de deux right at the end of a strenuous three act ballet? Still, on the plus side it's helped my bank balance a bit as I wasn't remotely tempted to see him in Manon though I wouldn't have minded seeing Osipova, and if she'd had Shklyarov as a partner you couldn't have kept me away!
  7. I have personally found myself underwelmed with most of Matthew Bourne's productions I have seen (not very many as I tend to avoid them). The exception was the triple bill of his earlier works that I saw in Blackpool last year which I thought was very inventive and which I enjoyed far more than his full length works. However, I was considering going to see the Red Shoes at the Lowry, partly to see Adam Cooper and partly because of the music score as the Red Shoes score is my husband's favourite music score. The casting link above doesn't refer to specific performances. Is Adam dancing the role of Boris Lermontov in every performance?
  8. I have a spare ticket for this performance, it is K48 in the amphi, end seat with a single armrest and uninterrupted view of stage. it is priced at £27 as I think I got it as part of an amphi package but I will accept £20.
  9. Apologies if this has already been mentioned but the above lecture was livestreamed from Gresham College on Tuesday and is still available. https://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and-events/diaghilevs-beginnings This is part of a lecture series on the Ballet Russes. The others are :- Tuesday 29th October 6pm. The Ballet Russes: courting the exotic Tuesday 21st January 2020 6pm. The Rite of Spring: a failure and a triumph. Tuesday 18th February 2020 6pm. The Ballet Russes: playing with the past. Tuesday 7th April 2020 6pm. The Ballet Russes: turning French Tuesday 12th may 2020 6pm. Diaghilev and Prokofiev: return to emotion There are many years of lectures available on the site covering a wide range of interests.
  10. Delighted with the confirmation of a Christmas day broadcast. However, I don't know if a tv broadcast in itself will generate a 'huge new audience'. I would have thought those disinclined to watch ballet won't bother with it unless it has well targeted advance publicity showing it is somehow 'different' to a traditional ballet. Surely showing it in a variety of mainstream cinema outlets like Cats would generate a wider audience and interest in ballet.
  11. Is it only being shown at Curzon cinemas? The nearest to me is Knutsford and that's an hours drive away not something I want to do late at night in December. I can't see it being shown either by Vue or Odeon cinemas anywhere which are our local cinemas. If it is being shown at such a few cinemas hopefully that means it will be on TV over Christmas which will be wonderful. Does this mean Francesca will be on at the cinema three times in December as I assume she'll be Clara in the Nutcracker repeat? This must surely be a world record for a ballet dancer. Also the Royal ballet will be on at the cinema two nights in a row with the repeat Nutcracker screening on the 17th December.
  12. Can anyone give any indication of the prices for Onegin, especially the cheaper stalls circle, please? If they were compared with autumn prices are they more comparable to Manon, Sleeping Beauty etc? Many thanks.
  13. Looks like yet another RB event not publicised on the ROH own website. When will they learn that not everyone is a slave to social media? Some people manage perfectly well without Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. What's wrong with publicising ROH events on their own website. I have the News page saved as a Favourite but for all the news it contains these days I may as well not bother.
  14. When you see a season like this you realise how far the Bolshoi have fallen repertory wise since then I was referring to the repertory they bring to London not what they do at home. The 2006/7 rep. they did here was so varied and interesting; so many 'new to us' ballets to see and they still sold out. It just seems a great contrast to what they've brought here in the last 2 or 3 visits where there have been very few 'new to us' ballets despite having quite a few in their repertory.
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