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  1. Love the 'hoppy, hoppy bit' Janet. A great technical term. Sounds like one of mine! Clement Crisp, eat your heart out.
  2. Wow, that's some wait Jeanette. At least you've got it at last. It's deceptively simple, yet totally brilliant. You've inspired me to watch it again! Terrific performances by everyone but I found Alexander Campbell especially memorable.
  3. Yes, I was so disappointed when I first read BBC4 wasn't going to be commissioning new work but were just relying on repeats. It's one of only 3 channels I hope might show something worth watching when I plough through the Radio Times (the other two being BBC2 and SkyArts). It wouldn't be so bad if I thought it was going to delve far back in it's archive and show early ballets and documentaries such as Fonteyn's Magic of Dance, from the 1950s and 60s when ballet and culture didn't seem to be endangered species for cultural minorities. However, I suspect it will just be rehashing stuff from the
  4. You and me both, Fonty. Raymonda is the only ballet that attracts me at all and even then it is just for the novelty of the restaging (and hopefully a brief return of Alina!) as it's never a ballet that's had great appeal to me. Something lively and colourful like Corsaire would have been more to my taste as I seem to have been frustrated with my number one choice of Fille at the ROH. I'm hoping for a 'pending' Manchester visit as at least then I won't have the expense of a London trip for something that may ultimately disappoint.
  5. Just in case any programme planners read our offerings I would like to put in a plea for several of the Ashton triple to be programmed concurrently. One of our favourite recent ballet experiences was for Terry and myself to see 3 consecutive performances of the Firebird triple in summer 2019 (including Month in Country and Symphony in C). We saw Vadim twice in Month in the Country and once in Symphony in C and it was heaven. Fabulous performances by everyone. When you live a distance away as we do it's expensive to keep travelling backwards and forwards on top of the hotel bills. It's great if
  6. Fabulous. That's me sorted then!!!!!!!! What a terrific triple though I suppose if I wanted to be really picky I could have wished for Les Rendezvous rather than Rhapsody as (despite what Kevin says) it's not that long since we saw Rhapsody with Two Pigeons. I love it but as it's available on dvd already I'd have liked something not available (I'm being optimistic here and assuming there will be a dvd as the only recording I know of Month in the Country features Dowell. It's wonderful of course but I would love one with Vadim. He was so terrific when we saw him.) You can keep your Wheeldon and
  7. Hear, hear Bridem! A great way of expressing the effect Ashton choreography has on so many of us. I felt I had to say this as the computer would only allow me to 'like' your performance once instead of the (minimum) 5 'likes' I would have otherwise given your comment.
  8. My first choice would definitely have been Fille but as its already been taken several times perhaps I could slightly cheat and go for an Ashton mixed bill (still only one programme!) that would include Vadim dancing Month in the Country, but also possibly some Ashton not already mentioned such as Patiners, Facade or Birthday Offering. The whole programme being filmed for cinema broadcast with hopefully a dvd or TV slot to follow.
  9. SkyArts are also showing Northern Ballet's Casanova at 6.30am Sun 28th March. Also Billy Elliott at 9pm on the same day.
  10. Thanks Dawnstar for saying what I thought but couldn't quite bring myself to say! We obviously think along similar lines. I'm dying to get back to the ROH but wouldn't risk a 200 mile train journey and an overnight stay to see Within the Golden Hour. Frankly, I'm not sure if I'd walk down the road to see it having seen it at the cinema and the livestream. Twice is more than enough. I can see why they're doing it as dancers won't need as much rehearsal time. Though regarding the train a friend told me someone she knew got the train from Blackpool to London and was the only person on it! I do li
  11. Sadly the plan for a theatre museum in Blackpool partly funded by the V and A fell by the wayside and I don't know of another. It is terrible that the country of Shakespeare, and such a vibrant theatrical tradition, cares so little for this vital artform that a proper theatrical museum can't be funded. I used to go to the Theatre Museum when it was in Covent Garden and for some reason I never really liked it. I think it was the building that seemed to go almost underground. I loved the displays and costumes but just wished it was elsewhere in covent garden. It would be a tragedy if all those a
  12. Just a short 2 minute clip but interesting to see Dowell, as Nijinsky thoroughly upstaging Nureyev's Valentino. Not something that probably happened often!
  13. Swan Lake would be a great opener for the public, especially with the debuts I never got to see. From a selfish point of view I might prefer something else as I don't think I will be travelling 200 miles to London and staying overnight before autumn at the earliest. Also, Kevin may prefer to start with a mixed bill or a series of concerts that would be cheaper to stage, given the theatre will be less than half full. Also they wouldn't need massed corps de ballet rehearsals which may still be tricky. I think Swan Lake will return in autumn, hopefully with something cheerful like Fille or Coppel
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