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  1. SkyArts and SkyArts HD is showing Australian Ballet's Coppelia. No details of date filmed. Thurs 28 Jan 7-9 am. Stars Ako Kondo and Andrew Killian.
  2. Sat 23rd Jan 9.30pm-11.35pm BBC2 The White Crow. Great film about the defection of Rudolph Nureyev. Stars Ralph Fiennes and Oleg Ivenko.
  3. Wow thanks oncnp. I haven't seen it, despite trawling YouTube every now and again for possible new clips of Vadim. Just confirmed my opinion he would be terrific. His portes de bras are to die for and he manages to look elegant and graceful even in that rather hideous pink 'onesie'. Definitely on my wish list and a wonderful, unexpected treat to see it. Thanks again.
  4. According to the link given it is 5am. I've set a reminder but don't know if I'll be around at that time, especially as our computer is in the room where the dogs sleep!
  5. Some great suggestions of ballets I'd almost forgotten about. Heard the music for Spectre de la Rose on the radio and immediately began to visualise Vadim in the male role! Ballets like this and those by Massine and Ninette de Valois (apart from her Coppelia) don't seem to be performed much. I've never seen Train Bleu live and it looks really fun. It would be great to see more unusual ballets but probably asking a lot just at the start of things. Not even sure if the dancers are currently allowed back in the ROH given the number of London infections. They may be confined to their homes for pra
  6. I normally start this thread on New Years Day and we have a pleasant few months wondering what the upcoming season will bring and what we personally would like to feature in it, before the new season itself is released, usually sometime in April. This year it didn't seem appropriate, and obviously the season itself (at least autumn) may well be in doubt and any possible announcement will be way past April. However, I've been thinking about it and I thought why not. This year has been depressing enough already and just the tiniest possibility that something better may be on the horizon, somethi
  7. Hear, hear, Sim. You expressed my thoughts and feelings far better than I could have done, myself. Many thanks to you and to all the moderators. We wouldn't have a website without all your hard work and dedication. Lets hope 2021 will see us all keep happy and healthy and return to the theatre at some point. Like you say, we'll appreciate it all the more and will never take it for granted again.
  8. I quite enjoyed the ENB version though not as much as BRB or RB versions. I watched it with my husband and thought the drawing/slightly animated introduction was a good idea to explain the plot and the settings. However, I realised fairly early on I'm not a fan of Wayne Eagling's choreography (in this version anyway). I suppose I'm spoiled by the Peter Wright versions but thought this an ideal Christmas to experience some different Nutcrackers and compare them with the ones I'm familiar with. After two minutes of actual dancing I was missing the Peter Wright choreography. However, I thought do
  9. But it says you're allowed to leave home for work if you have to and I thought that's what they would be doing, whether they're dancers, orchestra or backstage workers. It may not be possible to have even the few ROH supporters they had for the last lockdown streaming (though I hope they can manage a few). Even if it's just Kevin O'Hare and Christopher Saunders it will be better than the dead silence they had for the POB Bayadere. Fingers crossed it will go ahead, though if it doesn't I'll donate my payment to their fund.
  10. They are showing a National Theatre Twelfth Night on Monday 21 Dec at 9pm with Tamsin Greig. Also, Monday 28th Dec the NT Jane Eyre at 9pm. haven't spotted anything else much apart from some repeated musicals. Not too great really from our only named Arts channel, especially considering the NT cinema output if they want to go down the line of broadcasting them. Just had a reply from London Live who are broadcasting the Ballet Shoes ballet and they confirm it is only available to Londoners; outside London you can't access the channel numbers given, and it's not available online.
  11. Checking out the ballet on the online tv guide Janite very helpfully sent me and I came across Ballet Shoes: The ballet. It is on Dec 29th 7.15am-9am on London Live. Not living in London I've never heard of this channel and I don't know if this is a channel other areas can get with smart tvs or not. it is an adaptation of the classic Noel Streatfield story by London Children's Ballet. it says it's Freeview Channel 8, Sky 117, Virgin 159 and BT 8 so maybe possibilities for other areas..
  12. I haven't seen all of this production yet but found certain elements slightly strange. At the start and end there seemed to be audience noises and there were two twenty minute intervals that were timed on the recording as if there was an audience, yet bows and curtain calls were taken in complete silence. You'd think they could at least have done what the RB did and have a few socially distancing dancers /stage crew in the audience. Also the small girls and non dancers onstage were all wearing face masks. Not the dancers of course but it still looked a bit odd. Having said that I d
  13. What a fabulous review Balletfanp. I could almost imagine myself there (I wish!) I do so agree with what you say about Vadim and Marianela. We are so privileged to have two such great artists choosing to live and work in London we should never take them for granted. Your attempt to get back to your seat made me laugh. I could just see me doing exactly the same. why have they done away with the bell? Is it to stop people going back to their seats all at once. Would your performance be the last one before tier three? What a shame after all the dancers and ROH staff hard work to make
  14. 870 according to Mark Monahan (assuming he got that right of course)
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