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  1. Thanks oncnp. Got it now. Promise not to mention any other dancers but was intrigued why Joseph Sissens did a brief introduction to the concert but didn't seem to be participating. Does anyone know? Tried Facebook and Instagram but couldn't see anything.
  2. Yes, I too have really enjoyed revisiting DAAG which I preferred to The Cellist. Usually I tend to get a bit bored with ballets that have a succession of similar dances (I think Elite Syncopations is a bit too long) but I loved DAAG from the first time I saw it in the cinema. Especially love both Laura Moreras and Alex Campbells performance and wished in a way they'd reprised them for the concert. Anyway, DAAG is a great ballet and I'm looking forward to seeing it a few more times yet.
  3. Thanks oncnp. I did look at her last 2 Instagram posts but didn't see anything. Haven't really grasped how it works yet!
  4. Does anyone know anything about Beatrix Stix Brunel? Just realised she wasn't in the concert (couldn't see her name, anyway) and can't see anything recent on social media (though I'm not at all expert on it!)
  5. Thanks very much for this Bluebird. Can't say I'm surprised but if it's been decided why not announce it on their own website? I did receive a reply from Alex Beard today (he's usually quite prompt at replying considering how busy he must be). He thanked me for my letter and was pleased I enjoyed the performance but he's letting Kevin reply to my queries so we'll have to see what he says about the streaming. I can't see why they wouldn't stream the programmes but if so why not say so when they're announced?
  6. Yes I agree. I didn't really think there would be any promotions this year given the financial circumstances but it would be nice to be told this and had it official. Would also be nice to know about whether or not the Nov performances are going to be streamed. The problem is, if they're paid streams most people will have seen Elite Syncopations already. I assume casting will be much the same because of the bubble situation. Still, it will be worth paying just to see everything else. I did praise the live concert very highly and say what an emotional joy it is to see the RB back on stage agai
  7. I have emailed both Alex Beard and Kevin O'Hare a week ago to ask if the Nov programmes are being streamed and also if there are going to be any RB promotions this year but haven't heard back yet.
  8. I thought I had posted this review earlier but can't see it on the Forum. Mods please remove it if I'm duplicating myself (senility setting in early, alas!) Well! What a fabulous evening! It was very well planned and fabulously executed. No one would think only a few months ago all dancers were doing classes on Zoom in their living rooms and kitchens. it was as if they've never been off stage at all and as if these last few terrible months had never existed (if only!) Seems terrible to single out individual performances out of so much excellence but for me there were a few stand out
  9. I just watched it on iplayer thanks to the tip off from here. Elite Syncopation looked fabulous and loved the few words from Marianella and Vadim, especially when she referred to him as her 'work husband' on account of them being in the same bubble.
  10. Went to see the Red Shoes at my local Vue cinema this afternoon and really enjoyed it, and the feeling of attending a performance again, albeit on the cinema screen rather than a live show. I'm not at all a fan of Matthew Bournes's productions and this is the first full length ballet of his I've enjoyed. Of course the storyline was terrific. The Red Shoes is one of my favourite films (could watch Anton Walbrook for ever though he so often play slightly creepy characters). I thought it great Matthew Bourne kept so close to the film scenario and used the score. Loved the sets and costumes and th
  11. I vividly remember when the Forum was forced was forced to close for a short time. It was a nightmare. I felt so cut off and bereft. Not living near London I am almost totally reliant on the Forum for news, information and discussion and what a boon it has always been being easily able to find out so much about so many Companies and programmes. I log on most days and it's like returning to an old friend. Even in these difficult times there is always something to read and think and comment about and it is a great way to forget about other problems (especially the virus!) Worth every penny I ca
  12. Yes, the first thing that struck me from the Guardian article is it only mentioned three 'bubble couples' whereas Alexander and Claire make 4. I'm glad Alex at least is mentioned in the list of principals as I was rather disappointed he and Claire were omitted from the previous short concerts and was really hoping to see them this time.
  13. Thanks for this Rob. It sounds great. I too long to be back in London at the ROH but goodness knows when that will be. Were you allowed to take photos of the theatre from the stage? I recently had a reply from Alex Beard to an email I sent him. In it I mentioned Open House specifically and said it would be a dream to set foot on the ROH stage but couldn't get tickets or make it to London at the moment. He said they were considering continuing the Open House tours after Open House had finished so fingers crossed they do and I might yet set foot on the ROH stage.
  14. Me too. I love Leticia Dias and Francisco in particular and hoped they might be promoted at year end but possibly not to be this year unless there are promotions announced later. I suppose now is the time they're usually announced but difficult with so little dancing done not to mention financial implications.
  15. Lucky you Richard. Let us know what it's like and who the RB dancers are. Thanks for putting up a separate thread as well. I wasn't sure but I think you're right as it is an actual performance with audience and there aren't too many of those at the moment!
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