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    Ballet (watching, rather than dancing!) - I'm the mum of a male ex-professional ballet dancer who trained at RBS and later graduated from Elmhurst in 2012 (now a personal trainer), and my daughter was a JA (many years ago now) and used to dance locally fairly competitively, but now at vet school and playing rugby! Youngest son now graduated and working (not dance related!) And my dogs (showing and agility)

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  1. Hope someone can help me.... We're going to Cuba with a free days in Havana in mid-February. Feel like it's like a dose of ballet whole I'm there. Any advice gratefully received. My Spanish isn't up to much 😉
  2. Lovely message Sim. I miss being part of the moderating team but am happy to see the forum thriving - about 15 years since I first joined the original one and had so much support over the years! I know how hard you all work to keep it going - it's much appreciated by so many people. Still can't believe John's gone - thinking of all his family and friends x
  3. JulieW

    New Year

    I don't wish to put a "downer" on things, but new full-time vocational parents, be prepared for homesickness. No matter how excited they are about going, and whether they have been away from home before, it can hit like a brick. My son (now 26) was so homesick it was awful (he was known as one of the worst they'd had for years at the time). The staff at WL were fantastic - his house-parents and the nurse got him (and us) through it. He was really bad until well into the second term of year 7, but it continued after every return to school until into year 9. He loved it there and loved doing ballet, but just really missed home. He did however go on to help other children with their homesickness, and became head boy at Elmhurst sixth form where he continued to support the youngsters. Very proud of him. Good luck with the year ahead. Make the most of every moment and every opportunity but be prepared for both ups and downs on the way. Even with benefit of hindsight we'd do it all again in a heartbeat and miss it all now!
  4. JulieW

    John Mallinson

    Oh gosh - this had taken me aback - not having been on the forum recently. Such sad news and my condolences to his family and friends. As Sim says, he was a wonderful behind-the-scenes moderator and I'm pleased to have served as one with him. RIP John x
  5. Just butting in as I haven't been on the forum for a while. Ex-JA parent of a boy and a girl here. Just wanted to say the leotards have never fitted perfectly - mine were JAs about 16+ years ago lol. I'm loving reading your comments - we were pre-social media days and in fact this forum has barely any parents on it back then. You're so lucky to have so much support from eachother and those who have been before. Enjoy!
  6. Hi HBM Thanks to Annabel for pointing me in this direction - since I stopped being a moderator I don't read the posts as regularly! I can empathise completely. My son was assessed out of WL year 9 over 10 years ago and I still had to fight back tears when I was talking to someone about it recently. It's such a huge thing at the time - your whole life gets turned upsidedown and they don't just have to change school - they are leaving their 2nd home. I'm happy to chat more privately but here's my initial thoughts - you've had some excellent advice here about seeing a physio for feedback on any potential issues (like Shirley but it might also be worth speaking to the lady who runs MIDAS). A lot of time has passed and new staff in place - when we were there the school were pretty hopeless at saying why he was assessed out other than (as we knew) his lack of flexibility compared to others. Also have you spoken to RBS about doing associates? They offered my son a mids place (I was a bit cross with the director of the school at the time and wanted to walk away completely, but if my son hadn't gone to Elmhurst, he would've gone to his old dance school and MAs). We've known a couple of children to be assessed out, have some intensive 121 training and get back in again. Not something we'd've done but it might've been nice to turn them down 😉 My son stayed until the end of the year. A couple of others in his year didn't and I always felt sad that they just "disappeared". My son held his head high, worked hard and improved over the next term. He had a chance to feel he'd "finished" his time there, and had a leaving party at the end of the year. It was heartbreaking for me personally going to every "last" event (and I was on the PTA so I even helped out at the "induction" day for new students/parents - goodness knows how), the summer fair and especially the end of year ROH performance but I'm glad he stayed and I believe he's glad too. He'd've missed not doing them. Once they're back, they soon get back into everything and stop thinking about the fact they're leaving until the year draws to a close Over the years I've seen some children give up ballet altogether after being assessed out, most have carried on in some form, either other vocational schools or local schools with added associates or workshops - there's so much more available now than even in our day! For us it was always about having the opportunity to see if he could be a great dancer. He turned out to be a good dancer who went on to have a short ballet career and stopped by choice. Even if and when it turns out to be the end of the ballet dream, the experience is never wasted. That's it from me for now. Please do message me if you'd like to chat about more personal stuff. Please don't be ashamed but it's normal to be very upset x
  7. I know it's a while since my son was at WL and Elmhurst, but none of his classmates took "associate" Saturday classes. Some did summer schools but not all (we were all broke - couldn't afford it on top lol)
  8. Facebook reminded that 10 years ago today my son was offered a place at ENBS. I was more than a little excited having felt very stressed for weeks over the auditions - we heard on the day of the final audition and we were still waiting to hear from others schools at the time. He went to WL from year 7 to 9 then to Elmhurst, which is where he chose to stay for upper school in the end. He went on to work in a ballet company in Europe for 3 years before coming back to work freelance in the UK but then decided to give up dancing. We (that does include him) don't regret a minute despite some terrible lows - there were plenty of highs to keep us going. It was always about giving him the opportunity to try and see what happened with no regrets of "what if?". Out of his WL year group most have gone on to be professional dancers - well the boys at least. I'm not sure about all the girls - fewer of them are still dancing. All you can do is make the best decisions you can at the time without looking too far ahead because you just don't know what's going to happen. Some will go on to be Royal Ballet principals, most won't, but they will have amazing experiences along the way.
  9. Our experience of my son being assessed out of WL was about 10 years ago now, but I remember it like it was yesterday. He went on to a new school and a career (albeit short - his choice in the end) as a ballet dancer. I'm happy to chat online or on the phone to anyone who would like some support - just send me a pm. I'm no longer a moderator on here but have been a member since the early original forum days and have seen a lot of ups and downs for lots of people as well as our own!
  10. Vague info so as not to make too public, but here's the outline of the situation. Friend has done some drawings for her friend (for a sports-type course). Her friend has asked her to sign over copywright to the drawings. My friend would like to get some advice on a few aspects of the situation - she's happy to pay obviously but can't afford to spend a fortune! Any ideas on where she could go?
  11. Hopefully your mum, as an ex-dancer can help you out with some advice on exams, summer schools and auditions. Did she train in the UK?
  12. As a recently "retired" moderator, I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year and I hope 2019 brings you joy, and how that the moderators have a peaceful year ahead without too many issues to deal with!!
  13. Thanks so much everyone, even though some of you have made me cry! Some of us have certainly seen some bad times together, but also plenty of great times. (And Karen made me laugh with the "dancing grandparent" comment - I'll do my best 😉 ) I won't be going far - I'll still be popping in to read threads of interest and chipping in if I feel I can contribute. My eldest son's girlfriend is still a professional dancer (and BASI qualified Pilates instructor in the Wimbledon area - if anyone's interested in 121s or classes please do get in touch - she's fab!!!) and we have friends who perform in ballet companies and the West End, so I have plenty of excuses for watching regularly.
  14. Just thought I'd post on here as I know lots of people in the Doing Dance - whether in person or just "virtually". I just wanted to let you know that I have stepped down as a moderator. I became a moderator when the new balletcoforum started, having been a member of the old ballet.co forum since about 2001 I think, when my son was starting out in JAs, but as I haven't had a child in ballet education for many years now, and no longer have a performer in the family since my son changed career, I find I don't have as much to contribute these days - I was therefore mainly only coming onto the forum to help out with moderation. I've found my other interests (and work) have taken over my time so I can't give the forum the attention it needs. I hope I've been of help to some of you over the years with my experience of JAs with a boy and a girl, knowledge of White Lodge and Elmhurst, the trials and tribulations of being assessed out of WL, dealing with injuries, auditioning for schools and then companies. When I started on the original forum I was looking for information about WL and there was just one, yes one, post about the school. We didn't have Facebook...... When our audition results came in they were by letter and we rang each other up (if we'd remembered to ask fellow JA parents for their phone numbers) to find out what was going on 😂😂 My previously (seriously) dancing children are now adults in their 20s - one's a personal trainer (until he works out what else he'd like to do) and one's a vet (her new rugby coach asked her what sport she did before she took up rugby at uni - her answer was "ballet"). I will never forget the 3 biggest moments in my son's dancing life - getting the offer letter from WL, getting the "assessed out" letter from WL, and his phone call telling me he'd got a contract in a ballet company - I wouldn't change it for the world. The forum's an amazing resource - please keep it the friendly, informative place it always has been. My final pieces of advice for parents of aspiring dancers, from my own experience: You'll learn as you go along - don't try to learn everything in one go - it will all fall into place with experience Give your children opportunities to see if this ballet lark could be a future career, but many talented dancers change their minds as they grow older, or don't get a place at vocational school - it's sad when they stop but it's not the end of the world Keep talking to your children - especially the ones at full-time vocational schools - about whether they still really want it - they have to really want it to be successful, and they might still change their minds later It's a rollercoaster ride - there will be highs and lows and at some point you might step off, or you might fall off - but there is life outside the theme park! ENJOY THE RIDE WHILE IT LASTS I'll still be popping in for a read to see how you're getting on. If you ever need help, especially with issues around the assessment process, or children choosing to give up, please do send me a PM and I'll offer a listening ear with the benefit of my experience. Bye for now - maybe see you at the ROH.
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