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  1. There is an Instagram account mentioned that is giving each business publicity. I had fun last night looking at lots of the Instagram accounts and what people were making/selling. There is an associated website. Notonthewestend.co.uk and Instagram is same name with links from each post to the seller.
  2. An Elmhurst reels ‘advert’ has appeared in my stories this morning.
  3. Could be but we’ve very intermittent public transport - train service from main towns but for most of us an 40 plus minute drive to a station. Local buses stopped a few decades ago and were only once or twice a week before that. I didn’t work in last lockdown so can’t compare but thought workplace car park seemed emptier at end of day.
  4. I have an hours drive to work leaving home at 6.40 am. The three days I’ve worked since this lockdown began the traffic has been as heavy as normal if not heavier. There are always a lot of freight trucks from Felixstowe but this is extra cars.
  5. We used to get hold of him via the Bloch shop in Covent Garden
  6. My Dd who currently works in retail had visions of groups of friends all arranging various click and collects from different shops whilst all meeting for a take away coffee
  7. The click and collect is an odd one. Surely it just encourages people out onto high streets to mix.
  8. Great news. They’ve hidden in the press release that Lazuli Sky is available to stream from this weekend. Something to look forward to.
  9. It’s so lovely you with your students for their first fitting. We had to trust the fitters and the dance teachers recommendation for a particular brand regardless of foot type. Once dd was confident she went with what she felt was best for her.
  10. Elmhurst rent out their facilities to help keep themselves in the black. I’m sure RBS/White Lodge are gaining financially from this arrangement.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/oct/20/teenagers-death-after-being-given-antipsychotic-was-potentially-avoidable Oliver’s poor treatment and death is still making headlines. His parent’s and family show such strength continuing to fight.
  12. But if you’re a self conscious 12 year old, say for example you’re one of the first in your class to reach puberty, and a number of the observing parents are watching you intently and whispering behind their hands rather than watching their own offspring how do you think the child feels?
  13. And the children are very aware they are being judged by the watching parents.
  14. Anon2

    Room 101

    Over the last few years there have been increasing amounts of huge organised cycle races that start at local public school and head towards coast, they claim to be raising money for charity. In May we normally have a sunrise cycle that attracts hundreds and at the same time a two day triathlon that also goes past in opposite direction. When I still did night shifts I had to make sure I wasn’t working otherwise no sleep was possible.
  15. Anon2

    Room 101

    And then look at you like you shouldn’t be there? 🙄
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