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  1. Thanks @Bluebird22 and @Milzmam that is super helpful! Will investigate all of these!
  2. Hi, I know this is quite an old thread but quite relevant and I would be grateful for advice. My DD is in Year 10, and was focused on applying for Upper schools later this year. However, last year she had an injury which set her training back and time is therefore not on her side. This, and her body maturing over this period, has made her reassess her options, and she is now strongly considering going the MT route. She loves performing and in addition to dancing is a strong singer and actress too (Grade 7 Distinction MT singing & Lamda) but going the MT route is a whole new world for us. Reading the thread, above it sounds like unlike ballet, most applications to MT colleges are at 18, so I was wondering in the interim what are the best options? I see there are some vocational schools e.g. Hammond, Tring, ArtsEd but are there MT associate programmes or similar if she were to stay at her academic school for A levels? I see lots of things like Stagecoach which aren't ability based, or holiday opportunities e.g. NYMT / BYMT, but nothing similar to the ballet school associate programmes - maybe I'm looking at the wrong places! Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!
  3. Yes it is excellent course run by Mary. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 its been cancelled.
  4. Central are doing some one day intensives in half term.
  5. A surprising yes for us too. Best of luck to those still waiting or on wait list.
  6. I haven’t heard yet either..
  7. Thanks so much everyone for all the great advice, very helpful. Definitely don’t want her having issues with food etc. It’s a relief to hear that it’s nothing to worry about!
  8. Dark chocolate a good idea. She doesn't eat excessively and does 16 hours of ballet/ pilates a week so her weight is perfectly fine for a normal girl her age, but she is very slightly on the heavy side for a dancer - just want to make sure she understands importance of being more careful with her chocolate/ice-cream as a result, without thinking she's fat, as she's not. Thanks all for your advice, really very helpful. I'm sure the books will do the trick!
  9. Thanks all, really appreciated - will definitely look into the suggested books and Renee McGregor. I think like Sparkly and Pixiewoo's its a case of getting the balance right and ensuring DD understands importance of healthy eating as a dancer. DD is not fat and I don't want her to feel she is, but she does love her chocolate... It is a difficult conversation, particularly when she sees other kids eat lots of sweets. Hopefully her reading from the recommended books will her understand importance of being careful with what she eats.
  10. Wondered if anyone might be able to recommend a good dietician? My DD is 13 and her body very mature for her age. She is not an ectomorph but has a more athletic body shape. We could do with some advice on how best to support her dancing with the right diet for her body shape. We're based in SW London. Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Thanks so much!
  11. so happy DD got yes for week 1&2 - will be her first time at YBSS - very excited!
  12. Just got results, my DD is on the wait list. Anyone know how likely spaces open up?
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