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  1. Ladies, may I ask what full-time schools your girls are looking at for 16+ training? My dd is also vaganova trained and would really prefer to keep this up.
  2. thanks for your feedback FlexyNexy, its very useful to a newbie I hope things have improved since then... time will tell
  3. Oh thats great, thank you for the input, I feel a little more relieved now!
  4. Oh my, was it because of the large class size?
  5. Length of the feet is something we have also sighed deeply at... my daughter has insanely narrow feet and is street size 2.5. Not only has she height to contend with, she also finds it extremely difficult to get pointe shoes in her size and box width (x) as they have to be ordered in for her and sometimes it can take 6-8 weeks! Don't even get me started on street shoes lol 🙄
  6. Congratulations ArucariaBallerina on your offers. Thanks for posting regarding heights, it's encouraging to hear there still might be growing left to do
  7. Thans Balletmummy18. DD will wait until next year and audition again, she'll still be 16 and with another year of training between now and then hopefully she'll be in a better position... I hope!
  8. Hi there and thanks for asking. DD auditioned for one UK school and was offered a place but has decided to train for a another year before auditioning again. She will still be 16 in September 2020 so its all good. Her height however, has remained the same and I'm not expecting that she'll grow any more... whatever will be will be I guess so we'll just ride the wave and see where it takes us.
  9. My dd changed to Block eurostretch a few months ago and she also finds them quite painful to wear around her big toe also (the top joint of the toe, not the top of the toe) . She was used to wearing Gaynor Minden which I believe is a very different shoe in the way they are made. She had no problem at all in the Gaynors but going back to a "regular" shoe really is proving difficult. She is wearing Bloch toe pads and also using lambswool but found no ease of pain. Balletgremlin have you changed from another brand shoe?
  10. We are looking into upper schools for 2020. My dd was RAD trained and then moved to a Russian styled school. She prefers the Russian style by far and would like to apply for an upper school that teaches in that style. I'm not finding many in UK so far so wondered if there were more.
  11. But from what I've read neither are full-time upper schools though - very happy to be corrected if I'm wrong...
  12. I have researched Russian style ballet full-time upper schools in UK and have found - are there any more out there? London Russian Ballet School Bristol Russian Ballet School Kings International Ballet Academy What sort of style do the other more popular names teach i.e. ENBS, Royal, Elmhurst, Tring, Royal Conservatoire, Central School of Ballet, Northern Ballet? Europe: I have mostly looked at Germany where the majority seem to be Russian style. The main four being John Cranko, School of the Hamburg Ballet, State Ballet School of Berlin and Mannheim. What other German option are out there that you have come across? Next, what about other European schools favour Russian style?
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