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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, can anyone offer advice about options for obtaining funding /part funding towards fees/accomodation ) for full time ballet school vocational training in London. Information about applying for student loans also. Thanks.
  2. Diva05

    MDS funding

    Could someone please advise how MDS is allocated at the top ballet schools if the student gains their place after year 7? My understanding so far is that there is very limited availability of funds if that is the case. Thank you in advance.
  3. I can see that some people have already received news that their child has been awarded an MDS for Hammond. I haven't heard anything yet and I'm now concerned. Has anyone else not heard?
  4. I’ve been trying to find out this information from all the schools but none of them will give me a straight answer so I’m hoping someone on here has been in the same position! If you have two dc at different schools both with mds is there some sort of deduction so that you don’t pay the equivalent of two full mds contributions? If they were both at the same school I’ve been told there is a reduction but no one seemed to be able to tell me what would happen if they were at different schools. At the moment the query is redundant because we’re waiting on reserve list places but would still be nice to know.
  5. I'm wanting to find out more information about the MDS award. Is it a case that if your DD is good enough/gets a place and you fall into the category to be eligible for a MDS award - you get it? I can't believe that it's that easy. I'm sorry if this has been discussed before - I have done a quick search which now means that I know the difference between MDS and DADA so thanks for that. I'm looking at Elmhurst and Hammond potentially in three years time. Thanks
  6. ​"The Music and Dance scheme, which provides grants to talented young artists who could not otherwise afford to attend world-class institutions like the Royal Ballet School, will receive an additional £29 million a year until 2018". www.gov.uk/government/news/thousands-of-children-to-benefit-from-music-and-arts-investment
  7. Hi all, I've searched on here to no avail so hopefully not repeating an already asked question. Does Hammond only offer funding help for yrs 4 - 6? and then you either have to leave or win the lottery to stay on for final years? Hammond Preparatory School School Fees, including school lunches and use of the Dance, Drama and Music Facilities £2,625 per term. Performing Arts Scholarships are available for years 4,5 and 6. Lower School (11- 16 years) Education £3,625 per term Education and Drama Training £4,275 per term Education and Music Training £4,275 per term Education and Dance Training £5,915 per term
  8. Busymum

    MDS query

    I am after some advice re MDS. Friend's DD is auditioning for vocational school this year and would need an MDS. She is separated from her husband and needs to know if they take the husband's income into account or is it just the income of the house the child lives in? She fears her exDH won't help pay the fees.
  9. I was wondering if any of you knowledge filled wonderful people out there could give me some information regarding mds funding. I have one dd who has an mds for her cat scheme and my youngest dd will receive an mds in September for vocational school. I have heard that there may be a discount if you have more than one dc with an mds. Please could someone enlighten me.
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