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  1. Hi everyone. School has gone back today with everything online- I don’t think there is anyone at school to answer any calls- but you would definitely get hold of someone in the finance team if you e mail. So sorry that you are all waiting, it’s obviously made this situation so much harder with the way things are. Wishing you all so much luck x this was us, this time last year, so I do get it x
  2. Don’t lose hope- last year MDS were definitely awarded to years 7,8 and 9 xx
  3. No problem at all @Dancemum1, I really feel for you all, and remember all the feelings from last years journey. No one can actually prepare you for how emotional or stressful it really is! Last year we had to fill out lots of forms, including the financial forms at the point of registering at the school- and paying for the MDS recall audition (if memory serves me correctly). So all our financial info was known at the point of bursary discussions. Hope that helps- they may be doing things differently as it’s all new staff since this time last year. Stay safe everyone xx
  4. Hello, we went through this last easter so hopefully I can share our experience and it might help. Yes, @Dancemum1 you are right- it was certainly the case last year that as MDS awards were ‘handed back’ due to multiple offers, new MDS offers were made to people on the reserve list. Almost all the MDS awards that were available last year (and it was a small number last year) were handed out by the end of the time frame. The discussion ‘opens’ for bursaries after the 2 weeks, (the 17th in this case) and depending on parents incomes, info you will have already given on the forms, funding offers will be made. It’s a real rollercoaster, but hang in there, the school were really helpful when you start to have those conversations. Wishing you all so much luck xx
  5. Hi everyone, sending you all lots of positive thoughts, I remember this waiting process and it’s so hard. Just letting you know (to help with the anxious wait) that school is crazy busy today setting up online learning, Y11 exams, and all the other stuff the school closure today is bringing. Only sharing as we are getting lots of e mails at the moment re arrangements, so it may be the case that MDS e mails come after that- hope that helps in some way xxx and good luck to everyone! My daughter is in Y7 and loves the school, she is devastated that she might miss the rest of the dancing year xx
  6. Hello, we went through this last year, so I completely understand how you are all feeling and wish you all so much luck. It’s a very emotional process. MDS recall letter was pretty quick to be fair, a couple of days after the audition. But there have been a lot of changes in staff and process since our audition last year. However, the office staff do work when the kids are not in. Hope that helps abs good luck everyone xx
  7. Hi, this is all really helpful. I got some quotes this week, which were working out quite cheap compared with the quotes you have shared. £13 and £18 per month with AXA. Now starting to think that I may be missing something...
  8. Hello, just looking for some advice and shared experience on the topic of insurance for dance pupils. My DD will be going into year 7 in September, and we have been advised that we should have health insurance. The school do have a policy available and this includes so many sessions with the physio, if needed. I am trying to decide what to do, she will be a day pupil, so do we need it? As we will obviously be able to quickly source medical help if needed. I am in the process of making my own enquiries for cover for her, but just wondered if any dance mums and dads had been in the same position and what you did. I want to do the right thing, so would welcome any advice, experience or thoughts. Thank you x
  9. Thanks everyone, may leave the scarf for now xx
  10. Hello, is anybody selling a school scarf?
  11. Hello, @PenguinBoysMum there were 52 children on ‘the list’ 31 were a combination of years 7 & 8. I think 24 year 7 and the rest Y8. It does appear that the number of MDS this year is lower, just as @Picturesinthefirelight said. As an absolute guesstimate, I thought 6 awards?? So, the children that have been lucky to get them, have done incredibly well. They should be so so proud to have achieved the awards and congratulations to all. As a dance community, it so nice to see the success stories. As a parent who has a child on reserve list, I wish there had been more to go round this year. But I know that I am not the only one in this situation. Can I just say a huge well done to all the little dancers that met the standard for vocational training and were offered places, but for reasons relating to funding won’t get there this year. They danced their hearts out and have done amazing well. Our little dancers have done us proud ❤️. And for the parents out there that have well and truly been ‘through it’ these past few weeks, it’s been lovely to chat to you all online and to support each other. So thank you to this forum for that opportunity.
  12. Congratulations to your dd and you @For the love of Grace xx
  13. My friend whose DD is in Year 7 with an MDS said that the royal ballet fees calculator is very accurate. They used it before hand to predict and then said that it was a realistic match to what they contribute now. You can opt for day pupil or boarding. Hope that helps.
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