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Found 9 results

  1. Help! My DD is going away to vocational school in September (Y7). She’s been dreaming of this for so long and is excited….. but she is also really teary about leaving us and her friends and her whole life changing. It’s getting so close now and we’re not really talking about it much (which I’m not pushing) as she just gets upset each time. We are going to have to think about packing soon and I’m dreading it as it’s clearly going to be hard for her to do rather than exciting. I’ve told DD that this is perfectly normal and if I had any doubt whether we were doing the right thing I’d say so… but I really need someone to tell me this is all normal as it feels like I’m making her sad with the things we need to get organised 😢
  2. Hello, just looking for some advice and shared experience on the topic of insurance for dance pupils. My DD will be going into year 7 in September, and we have been advised that we should have health insurance. The school do have a policy available and this includes so many sessions with the physio, if needed. I am trying to decide what to do, she will be a day pupil, so do we need it? As we will obviously be able to quickly source medical help if needed. I am in the process of making my own enquiries for cover for her, but just wondered if any dance mums and dads had been in the same position and what you did. I want to do the right thing, so would welcome any advice, experience or thoughts. Thank you x
  3. Hi everybody, My heart is so full it could burst I just wanted to tell you all, who have been so helpful and supportive over the 4 years I have been dancing, that on Valentine's Day I was offered a full-time place at Moorland Ballet Academy, which was my dream ballet school (although relatively unknown by many, as an associate I can testify that the teaching is AMAZING!) However, the fees are very expensive and my family just cannot afford it all Although we have been recommended for a bursary, does anybody have any ideas about fundraising or any organisations or grants that could help? My academic and dance schools have offered to help in any way they can which is amazing. But I'm sure you knowledgeable people will have suggestions! Love and best wishes (there is always hope!) S
  4. The London Russian Ballet School is accepting applications for auditions for the vocational ballet course. Full-time training in the Professional Russian Ballet Method with outstanding teachers from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres, plus a first class academic education. Applications are open for auditions for entry onto our full-time vocational ballet course with academic education. Auditions begin at the beginning of February 2019 and will continue throughout the month. Thereafter auditions may be arranged by request with the school. To apply, please visit: http://www.londonrussianballetschool.com/applications-auditions/ Send completed form to auditions@lr-bs.com or call 02074980498 for more info. LRBS is delighted to be able to offer 2 full scholarships for boys for our full-time vocational programme in 2018. These scholarships include world-class training in the Professional Russian Ballet Method for male technique, pas de deux, character and contemporary as well as top-level academic education (A Levels or GCSEs). For more information on the course please turn to the relevant section of the website and if you wish to apply, please see the information below or call the school.
  5. I'm hoping for some words of wisdom I guess. 🙏🏼 Our DS is doing really well at vocational school, in year 8 and with a classical leaning. He has potential to do well if he continues to work hard as he always has done in the past. He loves his school, the teachers, the academic side and all his dance classes and achieves excellent feedback . He's a hard worker & conscientious. He does however struggle with boarding - the noise, lack of privacy and the odd difficult character to deal with 24/7. He is a home bird, loves the tranquility of home and being with us as a family unit. He also likes the relative freedom of being at home compared with the more structured life at boarding ......... this including more access to the bloomin PlayStation & the various addictive games available. We have explained to him numerous times that when he's at home for holidays & exeat we tend to allow him time to relax & do "what he wants' a little bit more, due to life at vocational school being so demanding , regimented & tiring. We have also explained - if he were at a 'normal' school and living at home - we would be encouraging a lot more structure to his life in general in the time he would have Outwith school. The second problem he has is stage fright. He worries a lot about performing whether it be at open evenings, parents evenings right through to annual dance shows. Once feeling well rehearsed and actually performing - he loves it & the feeling it gives him to take part & perform. The boarding & stage fright is making him think twice about continuing with his training. He is not sure if this is what he wants. He seems to have lost the fire in his belly & his heart doesn't seem to be in it at the moment. As caring parents - we want him to be happy above all else, but do we let him give up and not take advantage of the talent he has . Is this just a passing teenage phase and could he be making the biggest mistake ? We will support him whatever and he says he needs time to think about what he wants. We also think he may be feeling guilty about the financial commitment we have already made !! We know he loves dancing & has potential for the future ............ just so unsure how to advise him x
  6. Ok thought long and hard about writing this post but here goes. my dc is at a top Voc ballet school and this year has had a very tough time with the ballet teacher.. Consequently he suffers now from anxiety. The School have been fantastic in their support with the exception of the ballet teacher . However, my dc now wants to leave the school.. well this week he does. My trouble is that his opinion keeps changing from screaming at me that he wants to leave to a ' not sure'! I have suggested that he hangs on until next year ( as he has passed his assessments) when he will have a different teacher and his opinion might change. However I am also worried about his mental health too!! Has anyone else faced this dilemma? He is in yr 8.
  7. Hi, does anyone have recent (last two years or so) experience of dance within the full-time curriculum at Redroofs School of Performing Arts in Maidenhead? If pupils join at year 7 what standard are they generally? Would love to hear from anyone with first-hand experience!
  8. I've created this thread for general questions about life at Vocational School. Edited to add: this thread is intended for questions about the practical aspects of life at Vocational School, e.g. Contact with your children, boarding, food, weekend leave-outs etc. I apologise for not tagging all schools but tags are limited in number. If anyone has questions or info about life at schools not listed, please do post anyway. Please do not ask about auditions/audition procedures in this thread. Thanks, Spanner
  9. DD has put on 2 stones since she started her pre-vocational course in September I think this is a relief because a) she is eating (& cooking for herself), it is a transfer from fat to muscle At least I am assuming it is a transfer from fat to muscle as she is wearing the same size clothing and hasn't put on any inches But I was worried that she would loose a lot of weight & initially she lost inches but stayed the same weight I was very surprised & DD is chuffed as she is now heavy enough to give blood
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