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Found 9 results

  1. Does anyone know the best type of insurance to cover if you can’t attend summer school in case of illness or injuries?
  2. Please could you share recommendations for upper school health insurance? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, just looking for some advice and shared experience on the topic of insurance for dance pupils. My DD will be going into year 7 in September, and we have been advised that we should have health insurance. The school do have a policy available and this includes so many sessions with the physio, if needed. I am trying to decide what to do, she will be a day pupil, so do we need it? As we will obviously be able to quickly source medical help if needed. I am in the process of making my own enquiries for cover for her, but just wondered if any dance mums and dads had been in the same position and what you did. I want to do the right thing, so would welcome any advice, experience or thoughts. Thank you x
  4. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend UK based private health insurance for a 16 year old EU dancer in vocational training in the UK? Thanks!
  5. Hi DD had a private policy through school for Lower School. The Upper School she is going to doesn't offer a policy. Has anyone arranged a policy independently at all? The main issue is that the excess was £100 with school policy. The smallest excess I am looking at currently is £250 which covers a lot of physio sessions which is the main thing we are likely to use it for...... Any input gratefully received. Thanks
  6. Hi does anyone have experience of health insurance schemes that are suitable for dance students in full time training? I am thinking in particular of being able to quickly access specialist physiotherapy services. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Hi Hoping someone could help whose DC has traveled to the states to do any summer intensives. DD has been offered a place at a summer intensive in America this summer which is great, but it does ask you to confirm you have health insurance. As we don't have that here does anyone know what can be done to ensure suitable cover is in place for the summer school? Thanks in advance.
  8. Just wondered if anyone can suggest any insurance brokers or companies with regard to cover for dd participating in a European ballet summer school. I have tried to search previous threads, but I could only find one suggested broker, P J Hayman, so any other suggestions would be helpful. Dd will be travelling from the UK. Thank you.
  9. I am looking to set up a private health insurance plan for my DD. The premiums are widely variable. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding those which are particularly good at providing comprehensive cover important to young dancers ...ie musculoskeletal cover- scans physiotherapy etc, ... or any cautionary tales?
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