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  1. @elfinwas that for this year entry or a couple of years ago, seems mad not to take a fee with remission and give the MDS to someone else.
  2. I would say that sometimes those with MDS' might still find a fee remission better if they are high earners. MDS is still means tested, so if a high earner has MDS they may ask to hand it back in return for a fee remission. This happened previously, so 🤞 for everyone. X
  3. Does anybody know the highest fee remission being given out this year?
  4. Thank you for your kind wishes. First time, in what feels like years, that there were no tears over the phone. She had a girl stand up for her today. I had an amazing chat with head of boarding and had lots of reassuring plans going forward. 🤞 For the last few days. I really appreciate the support from everyone as just having a sounding board from people who understand. I have sympathetic friends, but they can never truly know how it feels. ♥ X
  5. Thank you. Everyone is putting such good points of view and advice forward. Bit of a strange night this evening with very upset DD and different boarding staff from the rest of the year. She has been given a personal room tonight to escape 3 girls texting her from one room all at the same time. Conversation with head of academics, boarding and pastoral care will happen tomorrow to try and make head way on preparations for next year. Keep your 🤞 for me. X
  6. Thank you everyone it sounds silly that I hadn't thought to esculate it. I think it's more a case of clashes, tiredness and clicks than bullying. I do agree with Sarahw that there is huge variations in matrons abilities, effort and thoughtfulness in handling the problems. I am just hoping that she has something positive in her last week or she might be too fearful to return as she feels desperately lonely at the moment. A good summer break will help I am sure. Thank you again.
  7. Hi, I have been a follower of many topics over the years and never really involved myself. I feel I get a lot from just ready areas relevant to me. I have now come to a point where I feel I need advice. It is coming to the end of the academic year and my DD has had her ups and downs with boarding, but is currently facing friendship issues. I particularly find this hard because there is nothing a parent can do to help. They spend so much time together in boarding that having a friend/friends is so important. I worry about the mental health issues surrounding being away from home and
  8. Can I please have a photo of blue pineapple hoody, wear koi leotard, pull on skirt and fleece all in one
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