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Found 5 results

  1. I am creating an on-line nutrition course for dancers. Would there be interest in this, and what would you like this course to include? I come from a dance science and medicine background and worked as a journalist and dance critic. I aim to make the science behind all the nutritional advice easy to understand and to apply to your everyday food choices. It's not quantity, but quality of calories that matters. Eating should be a pleasure, not a torment.
  2. Wondered if anyone might be able to recommend a good dietician? My DD is 13 and her body very mature for her age. She is not an ectomorph but has a more athletic body shape. We could do with some advice on how best to support her dancing with the right diet for her body shape. We're based in SW London. Any suggestions would be most appreciated! Thanks so much!
  3. From today's links, in case you haven't spotted it: http://www.birminghampost.net/life-leisure-birmingham-guide/birmingham-culture/theatre-in-birmingham/2013/01/11/how-elite-ballet-dancers-refuel-their-bodies-between-performances-65233-32566699/2/
  4. It's been a rather big problem for the past three years or so to actually get some good and healthy food in me regularly. Because of several reasons my family struggles with money and as a dance student I feel like my performance could improve by a diet that provides me with all the nutritients that I need. My Mum doesn't cook and I'm always busy with school and dance. Setting time aside to putter around in the kitchen is difficult and stressful most of the time. (I admit that I am also a tiny bit lazy and can't get a move on. The teenager does shine through...) I've seen plenty of people preparing food 'in bulk' that they divide into smaller portions that they can reheat over the course of the week, though. So with the proper motivation and tips that might be an option? But mainly, I wanted to ask you for tips and advice. Maybe you are in a similar situation and have found ways to work around this problem or alternatives that have worked for you to replace the unhealthier ingredients in meals. Maybe you have even found tasty replacements for a meal altogether? To put things in perspective, right now our kitchen is stocked mostly with bread and white rice, formula for mashed potatos, processed and frozen foods. There is powdered soup and in the fridge we have cheese, pudding and some smoothies. There's some fruit every now and then, except for apples that are always there. (And we have candy/sweets. Which I end up eating when I'm sick of all the other options - of course, not a very good choice.) Now, I'm not saying that everything needs to be a hundred percent organic or anything. Not even that I don't want anything that's just a little unhealthy around the flat. We all need to splurge sometimes. I'd just like to be able to have some food around that I can use to prepare/cook something more with so that I can have more of a variety or something that is better for me than chocolate and crisps when I want to snack a little. (Does that make sense? I feel like I can't find teh proper expression.) Mum thinks she's doing me a favour, even when I tell her I'd rather skip the pizzas or the candy for a while she tells me I have to eat *something*. In that aspect, she's right but then again, we can't afford to just go wild in the fruit and veggie aisle and she won't risk any experiments with groceries that we might end up throwing out. And I desperately need help in getting information about some foods and ingredients that are kind of 'universal', in a sense and that can be used for many meals instead of just in combination with that one thing or other. And honestly, before I danced this was mostly fine because I didn't eat as much, just like she still does. (A coffee in the morning, a few more while at work and then some bread or pudding when she gets home in the evening. I can't do that when I want to dance. And it's not very good, either.) I have continuously gained weight since starting classes because my body needs more food but all I can give it leaves me hungry again an hour later. And despite what I told myself in the beginning, not all of that is new muscle mass. Mum tells me to just watch what I eat and simply eat less, but it's difficult when you don't have many options (especially when you want a warm meal!). Even with the chance of sounding whiny or even ungrateful (I promise I am neither of both intentionally) I thought I could reach out here and ask for all the help you can give me.
  5. The reason I have raised this topic, firstly I know so little about it and secondly my diet for weight loss seem to have got somewhat stuck. But in saying that, a friend came over last weekend for a Salsa party and stayed overnight, so the following day we had Sunday lunch at a local pub, this weekend was a wedding, but I didn’t over eat but I know my weight will have gained a pound or so. Although my diet consists mainly of fish and chicken, I do tend to eat a lot of fruit particularly bananas and drink quite a lot of Orange Juice (not from concentrate) . Banana and orange juice I guess have high sugar content. As for supplements I take multi-vitamins, Fish oil, Co-enzyme Q10, glucosamine sulphate and occasionally calcium, as many ladies at my time of life do and this predated my starting ballet. However each time I go to the gym, I see at reception they have large jars of supplements on sale under the brand name GoPro, amongst these supplement compounds is WHEY and Creatine. There are several others too. I have also noticed that supermarkets like Sainsbury’s also stock these under a different brand name. The obvious question is, are these supplements beneficial to adult ballet dancers, as the last thing I want to develop is large unsightly muscles. I’m not looking for quick fixes, but to those things which are genuinely beneficial and will preserve my ability to dance for years to come.
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