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  1. DD lucky enough to have two weeks at the RBS summer Intensive this year. One of the questions is whether you want them to be ‘observed’ for full-time education. It then goes on to say this doesn’t replace an audition class but gives no further info (and I got the same answer when I asked directly). Could anyone shed any light on how this works (we hadn’t previously applied via video as financial situation was different). Thank you
  2. Thank you for your really useful responses. All makes sense to to rational adult, but feels like the ultimate ballet démotivation to my poor daughter. She needs to ask why...I know.
  3. Probably a question for the ballet teachers on this great forum. My daughter is baffled and refuses to ask her teacher, but after a year of doing double pirouettes or more en pointe, she’s been asked to do only one. She’s confused, frustrated etc. Anyone have an insight into why this might happen? Thank you (in the meantime we are still telling her to just ask...!)
  4. Thank you very much for your replies. It’s very helpful to hear that it is quite normal to just have to work it out yourself and get permission. My daughter is at Rosella Hightower and we thought that the complete silence about intensives may have been particular to the school/the French system. Thank you
  5. I’m curious to know what support is given to children already at vocational schools to apply for summer intensives. Are the schools supportive, do they recommend which ones to go for, do they help with the photos/auditions? Or is it very much the case that now you are here we prefer you to work with us? thank you
  6. Hello, would anyone have any recent feedback and insight into the PNSD in Cannes? I’m particularly looking for insights into their full time training (quality of dance, how past students do, pastoral etc) and not the summer intensives. thank you
  7. Hello, im very new to this and have some questions which I hope you may be able to help with.. I’m wondering which are the best summer and indeed Easter intensives that are non selective, and the best selective? For my 11 dd. Also has anyone any experience of Rosella Hightower in Cannes, both their intensives and full-time training? thank you
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