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Found 16 results

  1. My child will still be 15 in September 2021 when hopes to start college. He will have finished his GCSEs equivalent in Scotland and is entitled to leave school in the summer as Birthday is 21 Sep. DADAs say you need to be 16, but he wont be 16 until 2 weeks after college starts. Is this 16 rule recognising the English system and does anybody know if there is a way round this as Scottish system is different. Its calendar year per intake and not August to August like Englsnd. Help!!!
  2. Bad news for EU students planning to start 3rd level education in UK September 2021. It has now been announced that they will no longer be eligible for Home fees or student finance. This does not include Ireland, as they have separate agreement. My daughter has both Irish and Spanish nationality, but has resided in Spain her whole life. She should be entitled to home fee status, but I am not sure about either student loans or DADA, due to residency. I am desperate for a bit of clarity!
  3. Hi all. I understand that DADA funding is based on previous tax year records, for September 2021 entry, would be based on April 20/21 tax return. Is this correct? My question is, if you are tax resident in another European country whose tax year runs from January to December (in my case, Spain), do you use the 2020 tax year (Jan to Dec) or do you provide monthly records for April to April. I know there are some Irish mums on the forum and that Ireland also have January to December tax year, maybe you can help. I do realise this question might be theoretical as with Brexit this may not be an option for us, but until there has been an announcement regarding DADAs and student loans for EU students for September 2021 entry, I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. Hi, can anyone offer advice about options for obtaining funding /part funding towards fees/accomodation ) for full time ballet school vocational training in London. Information about applying for student loans also. Thanks.
  5. Hi, quick question on DaDa's. I understand how they are allocated etc but if a school has say 40 places, how many will be offered a DaDa? Appreciate there are no exact answers but is it roughly 10%, 25%, 50%? Thanks
  6. Just out of curiosity, if any of our dc had a dada for Upper school then nothing happened career wise would they be entitled to financial assistance to retrain at a college in a completely different subject such as doing a btec?
  7. Can anyone tell me what the fees, excluding boarding and before all the extras such as exam fees, are for Elmhurst 6th form please? Can't seem to find the information on the website. I'm assuming its not just as straightforward as deducting a day place from a boarding place? Although the figures I have for that are from last year.
  8. Hello can anyone please explain how dada contributions are worked out? We we have been asked to provide only our p60s as evidence which puts our total pay in one bracket but quite close to the next one up. However I read something about employer pension contributions. If I add both of ours together this actually moves us up 2 brackets which makes quite a big difference in terms of affordability for us. We dont have any any other income apart from child benefit. I know we would lose this if she does a level 6 course but we have a younger child as well. Do we need to include this? Thank you
  9. Hello, I have some questions related to studying dance at age 16-18 if anyone can help please. I have quite a few questions but I hope it's ok to put them in one post? Background information - my daughter is currently in year 10 and we are trying to get all the information together to apply next year ready for a year 12 start the year after. Her main love is ballet but she is not at a level to go to vocational ballet school so we are looking at a more general dance course but definitely one that includes ballet. We live in the North so have mainly been looking at Manchester and surrounding areas so far but would consider others. As far as I can see we have 3 options: 1) Study extended btech dance / performing arts. The benefits that I can see for this option are that it is free and it would count as A level standard if she wants to then go on to university. We are lucky to have 2 colleges reasonably local (one specifically a dance college and one on a general college campus) that have very good reputations locally. The downside is that I'm not sure if they're respected within the dance industry. I'm not sure if this is because the training is at a lower standard or if they are considered an easy option? - I was wondering if anyone has any comments about this type of training? 2) Apply to a college that offers the chance for DADA funding / level 6 training eg Northern ballet in Manchester Unfortunately we are not in a position to self fund but we can afford the parental contributions if she did secure funding (which I know is a big if). We have looked into a few of these places and she feels they would be a good option. My questions for this option are: Can you use the level 6 qualification instead of A Levels to apply for uni if you wanted to go on to do a full degree course? If you accept DADA funding can you still apply for university student loans for fees and cost of living at a later date? Is it realistic to top up to a degree in 1 year assuming it was in the same subject or in reality is it a case of starting a degree course from scratch? 3) Study dance or performing arts at a private college (for example Phil Winstons theatre works) This is ideal in some ways as it is studied over 3 days a week so the student can work and contribute to their own fees. In order to accept students from age 16 then I understand they must be classed as further education but they don't seem to offer an actual qualification. I understand that these places are about being 'industry ready' but what if that doesn't work out. Can you use these courses towards any further study? Am I right in thinking that this type of training is usually entirely self funded? Any opinions / advice would be appreciated. Especially if there are any other things we can look into or if you think we have misunderstood anything. Thank you
  10. I thought you might all like the latest government info on DADA awards. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dance-and-drama-awards-income-scales/aaaaa
  11. I'm wanting to find out more information about the MDS award. Is it a case that if your DD is good enough/gets a place and you fall into the category to be eligible for a MDS award - you get it? I can't believe that it's that easy. I'm sorry if this has been discussed before - I have done a quick search which now means that I know the difference between MDS and DADA so thanks for that. I'm looking at Elmhurst and Hammond potentially in three years time. Thanks
  12. Can anyone advise me on where I might be able to get funding for my daughter as she has been accepted on to a 3 year ballet course.
  13. Please can someone explain this to me? I have been on the website, looked at past threads but I am struggling with something that is probably so basic! On the income scales on the official website, is the amount shown under "student contribution to fees" the figure the student pays to the school? Is this termly or annually? So, just choosing a completely made up school fee as an example, the school charges £9,000 per term and the pupil pays for example £1275 depending on family income. Dada pays the rest to th school? Is this the student's entire contribution to tuition and boarding? Obviously I understand there are loads of extras too so I am just thinking fees at the moment. Or am I misunderstanding this completely? So what does the second column mean-Dada maintenance rates? We are a non boarding or vocational school family so it's all a mystery. Feeling confused....and hoping someone can explain it to me. Thank you.
  14. Hello all ive made a right boo boo ok DD has funding finals which is great, the news we wanted as we can't afford to send her without funding. what I did not realise is that they took an annual bonus into the equation which means our joint income is a few thousand over the thresh hold now my dear wife is more than happy to reduce her hours to put us back under the limit but she has enquired this morning and they will not let her reduce her hours til next financial year. ( April ) what on earth am I going to do now ??: would they take into consideration that our income will fall under the £90.000 in April 2016 ? if they need P60's our 2014 / 2015 our income is under if they need P60's our 2015 /2016 will be few thousand over HELP !! Any advice would be appreciated
  15. Can anyone explain Da Da funding? Looking at the sliding scale if we earn nearly £70k then the student has to contribute £3k. Does this mean if the fees are £9k for the year then the student pays £3k? Can anyone recommend support for funding?
  16. I have been offered a DADA for Millennium Performing Arts school, and will be starting in September. This is amazing as my parents only have to pay a small percentage (and even that is going to be a stretch). The problem is we are on the financial cusp of getting the DADA but no maintenance grant. My family cannot possibly afford maintenance fees, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get funded. I cannot apply for a student loan because of the type of course, and a bank loan will only last me two years and has to be paid back within a set amount of time plus interest, which I'll also never be able to afford, even with a job. Any ideas? I'm a bit desperate!
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