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  1. With hindsight and due to an unhappy experience, we very much wish our DD had taken her Tring offer rather than ENBS. But it was not unhappy in any way due to living arrangements or capability to live in London independently. My DD would definitely have stayed in vocational school had she been completing A’levels as well, but she is very academic. Doing both is not for everyone but would have been better for her. It’s personal choice. The days at ENBS are very full, any academics would have to be completed independently (online maybe?) in the evenings or at weekends, there were a cou
  2. My DD lived very successfully in Queen Alexandra House and travelled to ENBS by bus (which is free). The students mainly travelled together or in small groups but by DD became very adept and confident travelling around London by bus or tube quickly. QAH is a little shabby but comfortable and the staff there are excellent and caring. Breakfast could have done with being earlier as it doesn’t start until 7.30am so the ballet girls were always waiting at the door for it to start and generally grabbed toast on the run. There was only one day a week when they struggled to get back for dinner
  3. Thanks Anna. I’m sorry about your daughters experiences too. However, although our DD’s ballet journeys have ended, the good memories are there to treasure and are providing solid life experiences and foundations for their lives going forward. I still have my love of ballet, I tend to lurk in the ‘performances seen’ and ‘ballet news’ sections theses days 😃
  4. Gosh I’ve posted twice in one week when I’ve not posted for around three years!
  5. No all the bad experiences talked about are not from the same school. Its a minefield out there and as has been said, not all pupils have bad experiences. Indeed my DD would not describe the entire time at the particular school she attended as bad, she would have definitely seen out her time there if not injured, despite the poor pastoral care. To be perfectly frank, I’m not sure my DD had the mental strength to be a vocational student, she was non vocational until Upper School. It’s a culture shock when you’re a (young for your year) 16 year old who suddenly doesn’t have
  6. Taxi has said almost exactly what happened to myself and my DD, this was definitely the wrong choice for us. My DD accepted the top offer she had but really should have taken the offer she was more comfortable with. She suffered an injury that the school, while not being totally neglectful of, were very slow to treat and made her feel she was an annoying burden on them. The total lack of pastoral care at the school was unbelievable! She was so mentally drained and damaged that one weekend she just packed her bag and came home for good. She was subsequently offered a place at her ‘comforta
  7. Hi sorry I’ve only just seen this as not on here much anymore. I don’t have any of the uniform left now, also I believe the uniform changed after my DD left so it wouldn’t have been suitable any more.
  8. My daughter had two hamsters, one called Darcey Rustle and the other Carlos Ahamster🤣
  9. I used to sit in Harris & Hoole ......... with Crystaltips!! Haha 😉
  10. Very sad news, my condolences to his family and friends.
  11. 5 pairs Russian Pointe shoes. Brava Drawstring 40 W3 V2 FM Brand new, 2 pairs in their boxes, 2 pairs in original bag of which one pair has a ring of darning around the edge of the tip. One pair with elastic and ribbons seen on and my daughters name on, but not worn. £20 a pair or £90 for all 5.
  12. Congratulations to your daughter on gaining places on both schemes. Definitely worth doing both if you can manage it in my opinion. Your daughter will gain so much, but completely different things from each programme. Also MA place at year 7 is not guaranteed so will be good to still have Tring CBA place to carry on with as I believe Tring do not (generally) assess out of the CBA. Although there are assessments at the end of each year.
  13. There are a few sellers similar to this that advertise tutus made by established tutu makers in the UK and worldwide. The tutu you receive is a poorly copied version of the tutu pictured when you order and also for a very cheap price. I’m not saying this is definitely one of these sites but be very cautious. You get what you pay for and these look very cheap to me. There are some very good honest tutu makers in the UK, you would be better off ordering from one of them. You’ll also get a much better fit if it’s made to measure and you have fittings in person.
  14. Some of the boys lived in Holland House when my daughter was at ENBS.
  15. I have some I’d be happy to send you if you’d like to pm me your address?
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