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  1. We are SWL at birmingham and haven't heard anything. Has your pupil heard now?
  2. Sorry to hear it was a no. My daughter is year 6 going for a year 7 place
  3. My DC enjoyed the audition and the seeing the school. She was told results should be out this week, but with no idea of how many they will be taking its another case of wait and see.
  4. Has anyone heard of any movement of the Birmingham RBS Mids short waiting list please? I assume there is a lot of waiting for funding before giving up places Thank you
  5. Short waiting list place for Birmingham for my daughter X
  6. My eyes are hurting from looking at the screen too long....refresh...refresh. Not long till everyone finishes for a long weekend!!
  7. I only know one girl offered Elmhurst and she had no other offer and will accept X
  8. Pointyourtoes please can I ask what year for?
  9. Back to another day of checking the forum and refreshing emails! Huge well done to the yeses, keep going to the no's. Good luck to those still waiting ????????
  10. Still nothing for Birmingham Mids, the only yeses seem to be from WL finalists I am not holding my breath
  11. Do we know which day to expect mid associate emails/letters? I know they are due out this week!
  12. At the audition we were told before Easter so should be in the next two weeks hopefully
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