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  1. Hello everybody it’s been a long time since my last post, over a year and I have to say it’s not been the greatest. I just had a read of the audition results thread and had a little smile to myself about how excited everybody is about the start of their journey. I can still remember the thrill of receiving offers and the excitement of the journey. Unfortunately ours did not end so well. Half way through DDs final year at Vocational school she began to struggle with the stress of the dancers life, eating less and less and other disrtructive behaviour. In the end we had to pull her out and
  2. Hmm she wants to be careful, it was my understanding that students were not allowed to discuss individual awards with other? Please correct me if I'm wrong. DRSC
  3. I was presuming it is an administration fee since a large number of dancers plus directors need a lot of organisation plus cost of venues etc?
  4. Okay I am confused Did you have to apply in 2015 for audition in 2017? On the website you cannot get the application form, only the terms and conditions? Or is it because it will not open on an iPad? It seems a bit daft to have to apply last year for audition next year? #tiredafteralongandbusyday!
  5. Thank you! No no DADAs at Tring (his preffered choice) they are looking at their budget as we speak but I think they are going to find the fees with support from the rest of the family. If only we were all in such a position!
  6. I am sorry to highjack balletco but I just wanted some people who would share in my excitement that my drama student has been accepted to the acting course at both The Hammond and Tring Park, I'm so proud!
  7. Hi Sam, we also live abroad and my DD auditioned at Tring Park for year 11and was offered a place. Unfortunately because living abroad she did not qualify for MDS she could not take it up, she applied a year later because she did qualify for DADAs and was again offered a place, so it is possible. Hope this helps DRSC
  8. Don't talk to me about student finance it is a nightmare! We applied on 1st April 2014, we got the approval on Tuesday this week after making a complaint! Just be warned they don't always put correspondance on the students account so you don't find there's problem until you call them after the alloted 6 weeks have passed without any news. We could have bought several pairs of pointe shoes with the money we have spent on phone calls and DHLing documents to the UK! We thought we would never get there. We are going to apply for next year at the weekend just in case. So be warned especially
  9. Hi Swanprincess, the fees for ballet west are 9000 but you can get student finance for 6000. Accomodation is 450 a month (including all utilities) but again you can get some maintenance to offset this. At Ballet West you will also need money for food etc. since you will be responsible for this yourself, the school does not provide any meals. Any physio etc. is extra (usually25 pounds a consultation) but hopefully this might not be necessary and maybe you can take out insurance to cover this. Hope this helps and I would definitely give it a go, its a lovely school. Dramascientist
  10. And I think that every one of us wishes the same for our children. It is a nightmare financially but in the cold dark mornings when I get up for work this is why I do it, so my talented children will have the chances I didn't.
  11. Oh dear afab, sorry to hear your news but I heard that its very difficult to audition and so much competition.
  12. Muminaspin I would say that 16 is very young to give up on the dream. My niece has been at vocational college sine she was 21, she finishes this year having qualifications in teaching. I know of plenty of girls/boys who have gone to performance art colleges after A'levels. There are lots of university courses and this could also lead anywhere such as teaching, small performance groups etc. I had a friend at dancing school who auditioned for a small company and got the job without even going to vocational school. She travelled around the World performing and even though this was not the Ro
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