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  1. Hoping that someone more experienced can shed some light. The ENBS application form has a question ( number 11) which says please circle the appropriate answer why you have chosen to apply to ENBS - school prestige, link with ENB, teaching staff, London Location, graduate employment then the same format for what are you looking forward to as a student of ENBS ? Classical technique, conditioning for profession, relationship/ contact with ENB do these questions form part of the decision to audition / make an offer? It does say circle the appropriate answer ( singular) so does that mean you shouldn't circle more than one? I may be overthinking it but I can see reasons not to circle a couple of them but surely no-one has just one reason for applying, surely it's the whole picture! For example, I wouldn't particularly circle the one about location because I think a keen dancer would go wherever if she felt the training was right. And I can see how circling the one about teaching staff could go either way, obviously staff are always subject to change an so shouldn't be your main reason for choosing a school, yet, it is the staff ( dance staff particularly, who can make a school and of course you want to be somewhere with an impressive faculty. I'm tying myself in knots with this one! HELP! 😟
  2. Your "juniors" appear to be of senior age... What are the grade requirements?
  3. Emma Northmore (Ballet Boost) is running one at the end of August too.
  4. Admin, sorry! I just realised there is a thread on Tring 2017... but I can't delete/ move this
  5. Has anyone had any details regarding the funding audition next week for lower School? Before I ring and check I'm not missing something Thanks C
  6. I was just wondering as someone said they put 'from' the 1st, rather than 'on' or 'by' the 1st... Maybe I'm reading too much into this 3rd & 4th for girls final so I wondered if they would look at the girls there again, and then maybe offer SS to some of the ones they weren't taking to WL
  7. what are people's thoughts on whether results will be out before MAs results / WL finals?
  8. Does anyone know how long the funding audition is for yr7 entry? and what's involved compared to the original audition?
  9. I second what Cablegirl says - same with our JA class
  10. I don't know of any yr7 London results yet. I have a feeling I read Bath were out but I might be dreaming that.
  11. Fantastic news for all the yes replies, and sorry for the not yets... We are still waiting for that scary email.
  12. Am I right in thinking all the initial auditions are done for WL now? Does anyone know how many they saw? DD was at audition yesterday and there seemed to be a fairly equal split of JA leotards, and (presumably) JAs, but that might have just been our group. I was in a bit of a daze (too early for me) - think they said we will hear by email in 2 - 3 weeks. does that sound right to people hearing last year? Good luck to all the DC, they all looked beautiful in our group. Admin: I didn't see a post for WL auditions for this year so please merge if I missed it.
  13. Just seen this on Facebook via a friend of a friend Thought it might be worth sharing... Kings Performing Arts: http://www.kings-pa.uk/
  14. Has anyone heard from NYB re auditions before we give them a call? Pretty sure they said they would send info on by the 8th Jan?
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