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  1. vmmom

    RB SS Payment

    Invoice received too. My DD is attending WL Week 2
  2. vmmom

    RB SS Payment

    Same for us, No mail. The bill must be arrive with the other documents by regular mail.
  3. A flop it's a failure, a heavy one. When you are sure to win and you didn't. This is an English word who is very used in Italy, especially in the show business.
  4. I saw a little talented ballerina doing a flop on stage competition after using this device for a week. She was encouraged by her teacher IMO is only a good method to ruin feet.
  5. Living the Dream thanks! It's a good hint.
  6. Hello! Do you have any info about the Hamburg Ballet School. My daughter attended the final audition. It's seem to be a very nice place where study ballet, very nice boarding school, well supervised. My question is how many of those with a diploma from the Hamburg Ballet School got a place in good companies? ????
  7. Anno, pretty shure we did one picture on a different leg.
  8. Hi everyone, my two cents on trasportation to and from WL. It's not easy. No buses lines to the school. The Park is preatty big so it's not suitable to reach WL by bike. A taxi from Richmond Station to the school door was 25£ one way. But... the good thing is the school provides a bus from Richmond for the non residents students (at least last year...). My DD will be in week two , she's 13.
  9. POB charges for summer application and no, they don't deduct from the final bill
  10. Mine was sent 4.13 pm Central European Time. A friend of mine, who is in the Waitlist, received her mail one hour later. Three years ago my daughter was waitlisted and called after the acceptance deadline so... finger crossed everyone!
  11. Last year was 1600something applications but the deadline was in December. This year everyting is shifted ahead. Good luck to all of us !!
  12. Hello! I'm updating my DD Curriculum Vitae but I'm unable to remember all the teachers in the past RB SS. Can anyone help me? She was WL Week 2 Green. Thanks!
  13. My daughter know they offer some place in red male group. They offer scholarship to an Italian girl but only for the next SI.
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