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  1. Is this recent experience? I have only heard positives about all aspects of life there!
  2. If you are thinking of applying to Elmhurst for full time training, their associate programme might give you more of an idea of the school’s ethos and possibly some valuable audition preparation.
  3. They definitely come up bigger than the ISTD ones. DD was in an ISTD leo size 2 when she had the RBS leo size 1. There is also a size 0 for the tinies. We tied bows (little ones) onto bobby pins, and gave them a blast of hairspray to keep the bow fastened.
  4. My DD started Year 6 in a size 1, and ended in a 2. They are baggy around the crotch if too big, so better snug! Also, hand wash them every time, as letters drop off if they go in the machine! We had to replace one that only had bits of ‘Royal Ballet School’ printed on the back by Christmas! I think they were trying to resolve the problem, so may be better now.
  5. The start of a very exciting time! I miss our JA days. Plaits are across the head. (Easiest to do to high plaits with bands top and bottom and then pin in place. Bun net over the top, pin again and add bows) Everyone at our centre had the tracksuit, but it is not officially compulsory. Full sole leather ballet shoes with a single elastic. Enjoy!
  6. We initially accepted a place, and then decided that boarding was something we could cope with so then withdrew our acceptance. RBS were absolutely lovely about it, and our place was offered to someone on the waiting list. Don’t uncross any fingers yet! Hoping that similar happens for someone this year.
  7. As far as I know, all eligible students at White Lodge and Elmhurst are offered MDS, regardless of which year they join. At Tring and Hammond the funding is much more limited, especially for years other than 7. These are the only dance schools with MDS funding, but other schools (YDA and Moorland for example) have their own scholarships for some students. Once you get to 6th form, MDS is replaced by DaDA or student loans at a lot of schools.
  8. You might find that your DD’s teacher can request feedback from the Elmhurst associates audition. This would give you a bit more of an indication. If there are other schemes locally, such as MIDAS, Ballet Boost or Tring CBA, you might be able to apply for a mid-year audition. Tring definitely hold auditions in November. Good luck!
  9. But if it’s a duet, group or anything other than a solo, the DC would be letting others down. We missed an audition one year due to a clash with an AED duet. It’s disappointing, but the right thing to do. Other opportunities came later, and we have never regretted the missed audition, and the friendship was, and is, worth far more!
  10. When awarding qualifying marks, the festival adjudicators don’t have knowledge of which school a dancer attends. Some schools have an exceptional track record at qualifying festivals, but this is likely to be linked to the choreographer’s ability to produce winning dances and the quality of training received. The dancers’ own expectations will almost certainly be higher in these schools, which may well add to their performance. Some schools attend a much higher number of qualifying festivals, which will also increase their presence at the finals. By the time you reach regional finals, the balance of schools represented is the result of success at earlier festivals, rather than any bias. Our experience of regional finals has only ever been positive. DD felt very lucky to be there, and loved the chance to compete at a higher level.
  11. The odds aren’t great, mathematically speaking, but there were 8 new JAs in the Year 6 class, plus new students in the Year 4/5 class, and that is just one of the eight (nine now?) centres. Some of the DC will make it against the odds. The new JAs from our centre that were admitted into Year 6 were the higher proportion of those invited to WL finals. You just never know what will happen! Fingers crossed for everyone waiting on results.
  12. JAs keep their place through until the end of Year 6, except in unusual circumstances. Everyone has to reaudition for Year 7 places, whether MA or WL, and places from then on are subject to annual assessments.
  13. If the current Y13 is short of men, for example, this might be about forming a sensible company for the graduate tour.
  14. I’ve used miscellar wipes very successfully... definitely try somewhere less visible first though!
  15. I think the 88-90% might refer to the percentage of WL students that were previously JAs, rather than the proportion of JAs that go onto WL or MAs. There are tiny numbers of places at Year 7 compared to the figures for Year 6.
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