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  1. I’ve used miscellar wipes very successfully... definitely try somewhere less visible first though!
  2. I think the 88-90% might refer to the percentage of WL students that were previously JAs, rather than the proportion of JAs that go onto WL or MAs. There are tiny numbers of places at Year 7 compared to the figures for Year 6.
  3. On the other hand, my Year 7 DD is having the time of her life at vocational school. She is surrounded by like-minded people, children and adults, is being taught by world-class teachers and has an enrichment programme that makes her excited to wake up every morning. She may or may not grow up to dance for a living, but there is not a shadow of a doubt that right now it is the right place for her to be. The academics are at least as good as they are at the state comprehensive that she would have gone to, and in most subjects, better. The sacrifices mentioned earlier are all true, but DD is in the right school for her.
  4. Good news! You are covered for dance uniform, everyone on MDS gets the same allowance. It’s just low-income families that get help with the formal uniform. The formal uniform will run to about £100, although you should be able to pick up the pink t-shirt second hand. The skirt and blazer only changed this year though, so no second hand ones to be had yet. The big expense is the dance uniform, which they wear all day, every day, but we managed a full kit on the allowance and still have a (tiny) bit left 😄
  5. Don’t forget the dance uniform allowance that comes with MDS. It covers you for pretty much everything you need for Year 7, as they don’t get through many pointe shoes.
  6. Y13 form tutor here. When mentioning extra curricular activities, it is important to talk about them in terms of the transferable skills learnt. Such as resilience, time management, teamwork commitment etc. Dance ticks these boxes brilliantly. This goes down well everywhere, RG included. Good luck with applications, everyone!
  7. I gather that there was no reserve pool last year, as they re-opened the audition process in early May and held an additional ‘finals’ of sorts. I think students would have been told if they were in a reserve pool, so a straight ‘no’ would be unlikely to yield a place, although I might be wrong. I think the additional round had already been advertised by this time last year, though. A lot can happen in a year, though, and it is definitely worth trying again for Year 8.
  8. HBBM my heart goes out to you. This is what we live in fear of as vocational parents, and we have so little control over it. Has your DD gone back to school today? It must be so, so hard for both of you. She did so well to get a place, so must have a huge amount of talent. If her confidence was through the floor when she auditioned for other schools, that will have really affected how she came across. Has WL given an indication of why she has been assessed out? If it is physio-related, that might make things more complicated for classical ballet, but dance is so much broader than just ballet. Regarding not returning for the summer term, it might require a doctors certificate (if anxiety?) as I think the MDS Ts and Cs might be problematic otherwise. Thinking of you both. SD
  9. The vocational schools have their induction days next month, so there is likely to be a bit of movement on the MA waiting list after that as people feel sure enough to give up their plan B! Fingers crossed for everyone on SWL.
  10. Congratulations! It’s a lovely lovely school! I think you will have an induction day (plus maybe a sleepover for the DC?) in the next month or so, and it’s a great chance for children to meet, and parents too.
  11. Hello, I’m sure someone will be on with more precise timings, but JA1 is around 11am to 1pm, unless the time has changed. You will get an information pack in about June, I think, with all the dates, timings etc. Miss Cooper is a fantastic teacher, and a really lovely one too!
  12. The finance office at DD’s school were really helpful at looking at a similar family already on MDS (anonymously of course) and giving us a very accurate idea. We then divided the annual contribution by twelve and started putting the monthly sum away from May onwards so that by the time our first bill arrived, the money was ready to go. It gave us a chance to see if finances worked on a month-by-month basis before letting her state secondary school place go. Good luck everyone. Fingers crossed for all the maths to work for you.
  13. Old-style Elmhurst formal jacket and tartan skirt size C3 (jacket may be a C2 but has fit my 153cm DD with lots of room for growth... will confirm with DD). Suitable for a Year 8, 9 or 10. Please note: current and new Year 7s are in a different formal uniform. £30 + postage
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