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  1. Just saw this advertised on social media, and thought it might be of interest. Ages 13-16, so not as young as some of the children waiting for Mids results, but sounds very good. http://www.enbschool.org.uk/news.php?ref=announcing-our-new-associate-programme
  2. Hello, please could I see photos of the waltz and sunflower styles?
  3. I only need the contemporary leotard. I’ll DM you xx
  4. Do you have the contemporary leotard, or just ballet? xx
  5. Are these the new-style Dans-ez leotards?
  6. DD loved doing the summer school just before starting Year 7. It gave her a chance to get her bearings around the school and get used to some of the routines (meals in the Bistro and doing her own hair!) while it was still low-pressure.
  7. Elmhurst haven’t charged an application fee for summer school in the past. I can’t say 100% that there isn’t a fee this year, but they are very good at responding to emails. Good luck with your application!
  8. There isn’t a set number, they only include children that already meet the requirements and they would happily take into White Lodge if a place becomes available. They aren’t trying to balance genders or fill a quota, so there is no way of knowing how many are on the list unless this information is shared with you by RBS. We were surprised and confused, and DD’s lovely JA teacher explained the process to us in detail.
  9. We requested to be removed, as we didn’t want the uncertainty, otherwise the waitlist runs until the Easter of the following academic year even for candidates that are training at other vocational schools. If the waitlist were to be exhausted, they would probably aim to recruit in the following audition cycle, but if a MA showed particular promise I guess they might take someone in via that route.
  10. The waiting list for RBS is very small, normally around five children, maybe less. I think there are a lot more children on the waiting list for funding at Tring and Hammond, as admissions there are quite different, but presume Elmhurst is similar to RBS as the funding situation is similar. On the RBS waiting list, they are children that have met all the criteria for WL and will be given a Mids place to continue their training with RBS so that if a place becomes available before the Easter holidays of Year 7 they will slot into the year group. Places do become available off the waiting list pr
  11. Even without assessing out, there is a lot of movement each year at all the big vocational 11-16 schools. It’s a huge commitment to dance, specifically ballet in some of the schools, and for some children this comes with a realisation that it isn’t what they want. Boarding doesn’t suit everyone. People move to other countries. Long term injuries sadly do happen. It is always worth trying. Schools will also often increase the intake for an exceptionally talented child even if no one leaves to ‘make space’.
  12. To take only this year’s intake of one school, and only one gender within the Year 7 class as a sample, is hardly a representation of the children accessing vocational training. To claim that they all come from the south while discounting any reference to previous year groups ‘because we are talking about this year’s intake’ is absurd. Looking at such a tiny sample can only observe coincidences. Several posters have pointed out that this is not a pattern over time. When talking about students accessing huge amounts of training and having a massive online presence, you have to also
  13. Shouldn’t this be Sambé? I’m absolutely on board with Francesca Hayward for Tita, less so with Sambé for Pedro, but only because I like Marcelino so much, and Pedro is fundamentally not a likeable character. This is the most excited I have been about a new ballet. Like Water for Chocolate is stunning, and so rich emotionally. Wheeldon’s flair for the quirky will lend itself really well to the magical realism. I cannot wait!
  14. MDS parent contributions would be calculated on the same sliding scale regardless of which MDS school is attended. In order to pay nothing at all towards fees the household income needs to be very low. There is a good fees calculator on the RBS and Elmhurst websites. A family with full fees covered would also possibly get a contribution towards formal uniform and travel expenses, and may have been on free school meals at a regular school. How much is covered by the MDS funding varies a bit from school to school, but can include a dancewear bursary, healthcare costs and music tuition.
  15. Even in the schools that don’t assess out, there is still a lot of movement. We have seen lots of coming and going in DDs school. Sometimes circumstances change, not all children are suited to boarding, some decide the focus is not in line with their ambitions (ie too much ballet and wanting more ‘other dance’). Every year has seen new students join the school, despite not assessing out. Always apply, if that is what you and your DC want, and see what happens. It is definitely worth a try!
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