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  1. So sorry to hear this. Sending love and prayers to his family and friends.
  2. The Easter and summer intensives are photo application for JAs, the same as everyone else. I think you do tick on the form to say that you are a JA, but I’m not sure how much difference it makes in their decision. Good luck!
  3. This depends on the centre. The Eastleigh JAs used to start the warm-up in them when DD was there. xx
  4. Hello, how does the black 0 degas leotard compare to a 14A, please?
  5. I hope the rest of summer school is a positive experience. It sounds like an eye opener. Easy enough to shrug off when it’s only a week, but the thought of DC being subjected to those sorts of mind games on a daily basis in full time training is very worrying.
  6. DD sews her own... she’s always so chuffed that she did it herself. She pins the ribbons first to keep them still, and then sews. The first pair weren’t mega neat, but she’s never had a ribbon come off.
  7. No one really looks at credits for GCSEs in the way they do with UCAS points at A Level, but grade 4 ISTD is a level 2 qualification, as is GCSE. I imagine RAD grades will be similar. Any college or other institution will be interested in extra-curricular activities as well as grades, and dance exam results show commitment and a level of seriousness, so definitely still a plus. You can use dance as a skill for GCSE PE, I believe, and obviously for GCSE dance! With three options at most schools, one of which being MFL and one a humanities subject, hopefully you can still get the EBac and include an arts subject if you wish... or even better, some schools put the needs of the child ahead of the school stats and actually give you a free(ish) choice of the three options!
  8. Going down a size in the leotard definitely helped with the gathering at the crotch in DD’s case. When you arrive for the first lesson, you realise that everyone has the same problem and it seems to matter less! I’m sure I remember that the tracksuit is an embroidered Fruit of the Loom zip-up jacket. The bottoms are very wide, but have a gathered ankle so they do get away with it. It just all seems so important, and then you arrive for the first lesson and the teaching is so lovely that anything seems far less important!
  9. I think there is a level playing field on casting day, but if a child has been awarded a scholarship they obviously stand out. My DD was only 9 when she did EYB, but was a cygnet in Swan Lake which was a really lovely role. All children are in two of the three acts. We have no experience of BRB though, but that sounds amazing!
  10. There would be scope for moving the hook and bar a bit, I think.
  11. I have the one my daughter used for Year 6. It was only worn for a total of about 30 minutes, as our teacher wasn’t especially into character! (Skirt is 58.5cm waist, 63cm long)
  12. Is this recent experience? I have only heard positives about all aspects of life there!
  13. If you are thinking of applying to Elmhurst for full time training, their associate programme might give you more of an idea of the school’s ethos and possibly some valuable audition preparation.
  14. They definitely come up bigger than the ISTD ones. DD was in an ISTD leo size 2 when she had the RBS leo size 1. There is also a size 0 for the tinies. We tied bows (little ones) onto bobby pins, and gave them a blast of hairspray to keep the bow fastened.
  15. My DD started Year 6 in a size 1, and ended in a 2. They are baggy around the crotch if too big, so better snug! Also, hand wash them every time, as letters drop off if they go in the machine! We had to replace one that only had bits of ‘Royal Ballet School’ printed on the back by Christmas! I think they were trying to resolve the problem, so may be better now.
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