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  1. Ours is pretty much exactly what the calculator said it would be. Bear in mind there are other expenses, like boarding activities, trips, travel at exeat weekends and formal uniform. Probably averages about £150-200 extra per term or so. When thinking about affordability, we found it helpful to take the termly amount and split it by 4, which we then started putting away from the May before DD started. There is a boarding school fee scheme that helps you spread the payment without having anything up front (I think), but I assume you would pay a surcharge for this.
  2. You are unlikely to find a piece that is the right length. DD’s ballet teacher always edits music to the required length, a this gives a lot more choice. DD’s last ballet solo (age 10) was to a beautiful piece by Einaudi. He might be a good starting point? Good luck!
  3. Thank you, but DD has said no thank you.
  4. I need to check with DD, if that’s ok? Which similar sized leos could I use as reference for the size, please? Is it like a Bloch petite?
  5. I really don’t think there is anything to feel guilty about! Lots of children give their schoolteacher(s) a card and/or present at Christmas. I receive lots each year. I don’t view them as an attempt at securing my favour, and I certainly don’t treat students any differently because of them! Students that practise and respond well to corrections will make greater progress, and the work done in private lessons would be inappropriate in a whole-class setting (ie. preparing festival solos or getting ready for auditions) as it would be to the detriment of the rest of the class. Other p
  6. Another thing to consider re. the teacher’s friend’s daughter being cast in very prominent roles... it is always possible that they know each other having danced together in their youth. In which case the teacher knows she is casting someone that will have support at home with practising. Private lessons do make a huge difference in the technique and confidence of a dancer too, so again this is completely justifiable. They will also be children that are keen, and likely to do additional practice at home as well as the private lessons. And the children that bring gifts at
  7. They also carry child sizes. A 10A will likely be a better fit. My 13 year old wears a 12A.
  8. I think the physio assessment shows potential for things like turnout and flexibility, as well as what they are currently working with. The children are scored on all areas of flexibility, including hamstrings. Has your DS’s teacher given him exercises to do?
  9. I can also comment from experience, and what we feel as a (diverse) household is that our DC is in a nurturing, progressive environment. There will always be people with different experiences, but ours has been wholly positive. Excellent training, excellent education. The claims in the article certainly ring true with our experience.
  10. It’s good to hear that your Pilates teacher has been given the all clear. I imagine they, like so many others are working out how to navigate the new restrictions whilst keeping their business afloat. My heart goes out to anyone that finds themself in this position again, especially as they really haven’t had time to recover from the impact of the last lockdown. It sounds like your little toe will benefit from this period away from class, as a toe that is extremely painful really shouldn’t be used for ongoing pointe work, and possibly other aspects of your dance regime such as demi
  11. On a normal year Mr Annear attends every in-person audition, so I would imagine he is also viewing the videos in the same way. He definitely has a very good overview of who is applying and remembers children from one year to the next.
  12. Learning to manage her time will be essential to your DD as she moves up through secondary school, and this skill will serve her well for vocational training where the pressures of academic work still have to be balanced with the demands of the artistic timetable. 24 pieces of homework is actually less than one a day (Mon-Fri) since 15th September, so the school will not consider this a lot. Lots of Year 7 students find training themselves to get homework done on time difficult, but if she is genuinely 100% focused on a task (ie no TV, no texting, etc) and it is taking longer than the allocate
  13. There are so many beautiful dancers out there. Vocational ballet training is only one way of making it, but is perhaps also the most difficult to access. Talent, anatomy, dedication and passion all need to line up. All essential, and difficult to change if not there. There are lots of ways to enjoy a career in dance though. Ballet is just one of them.
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