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  1. Not all the children in DD’s class had flat turnout. Some were quite a way off. But they all had that magical ‘something’ when they danced. I think at JAs you see more variety in the facility of the children. There is less variety by Year 7 though. I think it is always worth a try. The audition experience in itself is lovely and if you take the day as a chance to experience the Royal Ballet School, then it’s not a case of pass or fail.
  2. Definitely normal. They had a few visits throughout the year. May be the physio in to have a look. DD was set exercises to help close the gap between her potential and working turnout.
  3. I have heard of vocational schools letting the current school know that a student has auditioned, so not saying anything could be risky as they might hear from elsewhere. If you tell them yourself, it gives you the chance to clarify that they are happy where they are.
  4. Possibly too late to be any help now, but in the past we parked at Southampton Airport Parkway and took the train one stop to avoid similar problems.
  5. I think the MDS funding is tied to potential in ballet at Tring. A friend of DD’s was offered a place, but not funding, and on reflection her mum wondered if a ballet solo would have given an extra opportunity to demonstrate this, rather than the modern solo she actually went in with. I have no idea whether this is right or not, but those funded places certainly seem to be like hen’s teeth!
  6. Could it be to do with physical strength and muscle bulk? There is a big difference between different boys in Year 8, and they might want to give him time to develop more strength in order to do himself justice in his intermediate exam. I’m sure that there will be the possibility of movement between the groups if it isn’t the right decision for him. At vocational school the RAD exams are more a way of accessing the Genee and a route into teaching than anything else, so it shouldn’t hold him back in terms of his training.
  7. RAD is an excellent training system, but if it is tying you to a school that is not working for you it is well worth looking at other options. My daughter studied ISTD ballet until she started at vocational school for Year 7, and was able to transfer to RAD without any problems. ISTD has more unset work in the lower grades, which is great for audition preparation, and there is greater emphasis on understanding the French terminology. It should definitely be seen as a worthy alternative.
  8. Do the higher grades (5-8) and vocational grades appear on the timetable at your DDs’ school? I wonder if the teacher is delaying moving students up because she only caters for the lower grades... Grade 2 at age 13 is very, very low. You would expect a DC to be in grade 5+ or vocational grades (inter-foundation onwards) by then.
  9. SissonneDoublee

    New Year

    What a lovely message! It is a hectic time and a big wrench as children go back to boarding school and college. To the parents of new starters: you will manage so much better than you think you are going to. The children are starting the journey towards their dream, and it is hard to watch them go, but may you see them thrive as I have seen DD thrive; may your relationship with them grow stronger as my relationship with DD has grown stronger; and may you discover new interests and friendships to supplement the areas that quieten down when a high-maintenance Dancing child goes off to vocational school, as I have. These were my fears this time last year. It was all fine. Better than fine! Our lives have adjusted and a year on, I don’t feel the dread as I help DD pack that I felt last year. Thinking of you all xx
  10. Invoices didn’t come out until mid September the year my DD started, so after her first class. I remember worrying that maybe I had misread the email and she didn’t have a place after all!
  11. So sorry to hear this. Sending love and prayers to his family and friends.
  12. The Easter and summer intensives are photo application for JAs, the same as everyone else. I think you do tick on the form to say that you are a JA, but I’m not sure how much difference it makes in their decision. Good luck!
  13. This depends on the centre. The Eastleigh JAs used to start the warm-up in them when DD was there. xx
  14. Hello, how does the black 0 degas leotard compare to a 14A, please?
  15. I hope the rest of summer school is a positive experience. It sounds like an eye opener. Easy enough to shrug off when it’s only a week, but the thought of DC being subjected to those sorts of mind games on a daily basis in full time training is very worrying.
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