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  1. On a normal year Mr Annear attends every in-person audition, so I would imagine he is also viewing the videos in the same way. He definitely has a very good overview of who is applying and remembers children from one year to the next.
  2. Learning to manage her time will be essential to your DD as she moves up through secondary school, and this skill will serve her well for vocational training where the pressures of academic work still have to be balanced with the demands of the artistic timetable. 24 pieces of homework is actually less than one a day (Mon-Fri) since 15th September, so the school will not consider this a lot. Lots of Year 7 students find training themselves to get homework done on time difficult, but if she is genuinely 100% focused on a task (ie no TV, no texting, etc) and it is taking longer than the allocate
  3. There are so many beautiful dancers out there. Vocational ballet training is only one way of making it, but is perhaps also the most difficult to access. Talent, anatomy, dedication and passion all need to line up. All essential, and difficult to change if not there. There are lots of ways to enjoy a career in dance though. Ballet is just one of them.
  4. It’s so hard. They have really specific requirements regarding turnout and flexibility, and a child that doesn’t meet these would have to be absolutely magical to watch to get in without meeting these requirements. There was a girl in DD’s JA class with really limited turnout, but she was stunning to watch so they tried really hard to work with her issues. Ultimately, she didn’t make it into MAs, but it was easy to see why they wanted to help her. With so many videos to watch, they couldn’t possibly spend time watching children that do not fulfil the criteria. The £50 fee is for the ad
  5. This! The love of ballet has to be the only reason for being at any of these schools, as the odds are stacked against a career with a top company. A child finishing at RBS is suited to a position at such a company, because if they are not, they will not finish their education at the school. A student finishing at Elmhurst may also be suited to such a career, but children that are not are also allowed to finish their time at the school. This means that the graduate destinations are more varied at Elmhurst. Vocational ballet school is a hugely enriching experience for a c
  6. I think the RBS name certainly counts for a lot when it comes to vocational school applications, and most people without a background in dance training have heard of RBS. However, the ‘preferred option’ should vary depending on the child. Not all children will thrive at White Lodge, and not all children will be happy at Elmhurst either. Looking purely at statistics, a child starting in Year 7 and going all the way through RBS has a much better chance of securing a contract with RB. But a child starting in Elmhurst in Year 7 has a much better chance of completing their vocational tr
  7. The subjects with low contact hours tend to require lots of reading and forming opinions and theories, to then discuss and develop during tutorials and underpin with learning from lectures. So the ‘value’ is in the feedback and response to what is produced from the hours of independent work. The hours spent working shouldn’t be any less, just more independent and reflective. No arts student worth their salt would want to be spoon-fed the course.
  8. Also, build in coffee shop breaks to rest feet as you walk between the shops. Otherwise feet can swell and you wind up in a wider shoe than your DD actually needs!
  9. Dancia in Covent Garden have a wide range. And as your DD gets older she may prefer to go straight to Freed or Bloch if she is in either of those, as the individual shops carry even more options within their brand.
  10. If they move you to a different centre it seems to be done via SWL, then a phonecall coming through very quickly (days later) offering the alternative centre. Good luck everyone!
  11. Associate-wise, I know a Swindon based family that travel to Birmingham for associates (Royal Ballet School JA and Elmhurst Young Dancer) and Richmond for Ballet Boost, so I assume both must be doable. There is so much on offer. A good associate scheme is definitely worth a bit of a journey... we used to do 1.5 hours each way for JAs and have never regretted it.
  12. I would be wary of a school that offers ballet but doesn’t do graded examinations, as there is a high chance their teachers are not qualified by any exam board. Unqualified teachers have no requirement for teacher training, no need to keep up any professional development and far less accountability. Unsafe practices can cause lasting damage, especially to growing bodies. That’s not to say the teachers at the other school that you are looking at are unqualified, but it’s definitely something to check out. If you talk to your DD’s current teacher, she may be able to double up on grades in o
  13. Looking at it from a purely financial point of view, Elmhurst and RBS have the highest proportion of MDS places, so not auditioning could be seen as a false economy. It would be heartbreaking to be offered a place without funding elsewhere and wonder if she might have got in. Keeping it all in perspective though, if you do miss a school out in the Year 7 auditions round, you can always change your mind later. There are lots of additions to each cohort over the years.
  14. Don’t rule anything out based on previous auditions. Children progress at such a rate, and so much can change in the space of a year. If Elmhurst is a school you like, it’s definitely worth a try, as otherwise you will be left wondering. There have been new starters in DD’s year that weren’t successful at their first attempt. People are absolutely right when they say it’s a ‘not yet’ rather than a ‘no’.
  15. Congratulations and welcome to the forum! The Elmhurst suppliers are having trouble with uniform due to a backlog at the factory caused by the lockdown, with lots of full-time students on back order too. The school are being very understanding in the meantime. I think the associate uniform is the same as previous years though, so you might be able to pick up a second-hand one on the buying/selling page to do you for now.
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