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  1. Hi - realise this post is a little old, but you'll find a range of leotards for girls and young adults here: https://shop.angeldancewear.co.uk/dance-leotards
  2. These high waisted dance shorts are a really light material and perfect for wearing under other things https://shop.angeldancewear.co.uk/solid-high-waist-booty-short-danshuz
  3. What type of items are you looking to purchase? We are an online dance store and would be happy to help link to our dancewear shop By the way our store is called Angel Dancewear - if you don't see the items you are looking for, please let us know - we are always interested in customer feedback / improving our offering
  4. If you're looking to buy one new, we have ballet barres in a variety of lengths and with carry bags at Angel Dancewear - https://shop.angeldancewear.co.uk/ballet-barre
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Jon is good, just a little far South for us. DD has a session with Simon booked in a few months, but all suggestions welcome
  6. Great news - get DD to drop by our stand no 730 and say hello
  7. If its a leotard which will help her to stand out on stage at Move It - this magenta Kalani Hilliker leotard number should do the trick, or perhaps a white & black Five Dancewear Agent leotard
  8. we do a variety of portable ballet barre lengths
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions thus far. Just to clarify, we want to pay for a single price for the shoot and all the digital images - some photographers charge by the print, which is not what we are looking for.
  10. Hi Can anyone suggest photographers who are experienced in dance photography. We want one who will take great shots in their own studio for a couple of hours, and give us all the digital prints - not these where you pay £?? per photo. We wouldn't want any physical prints Ideally located in the Yorkshire or north of the UK - for use on social media, and our website Angel Dancewear Thanks
  11. For domestic flights you need a photo ID - the two main documents accepted, and which I have used on many airlines, are a UK passport or a UK photocard driving licence. Hope this helps,
  12. Hi Angel Dancewear have a number of supportive sports bra dance tops for teens and young adults. If its leotards you are after then Five Dancewear leotards come in Adult sizes which are also supportive. We specialise in importing dancewear from the USA to the UK and Europe, heres a link if you want more info about the potential costs of importing dancewear from the USA Hope this helps
  13. Move It is a bit like Can You Dance, but much bigger. At Can You Dance the main stage is used for classes during the day, and then turns over to school performances around 3-4pm At Move It, the dance classes are in separate area's - and the stages are pretty much going all day long with other stuff too. Lots of people got to Move It and don't do classes - as theres a lot to see; whereas Can You Dance is more about the classes. If she does want to do the classes - definitely best to book early Hope this is useful - look forward to seeing you a Move It and CYD again
  14. Angel Dancewear offer a range of portable ballet barres - these are a very high quality item https://shop.angeldancewear.co.uk/dance-accessories/exercise/ballet-barre
  15. Hi Move It's great - and the atmosphere is amazing! Friday is a slightly quieter day - you get a lot of dance schools coming to look round on a school trip. Saturday and Sunday are completely manic. As well as the main stage there is a freestyle stage - both are pretty busy all day long with plenty to watch. Theres also a smaller CDET stage If your DD is an autograph hunter, a lot of the stalls have guests on them doing signings and stuff This year there is also 'Move FIT' next to Move It - this is the first year they've done this and both area's are joined together and you can walk between them. Also new for this year is the Move It Competition - this was recently launched if your DD is into that side of things. Hope this helps a little. We, Angel Dancewear have a stand selling dancewear at Move It 2017 - come along and say hi. https://shop.angeldancewear.co.uk
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