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  1. Great to know 🙂. I know very little about MT courses and how difficult it is to get into the different schools. Dd has now accepted a place on the MA in MT at GSA starting in September.
  2. Dd graduates tomorrow. She has opted to spend the next year diversifying her skill set. Does anyone know anything about GSA (Guildford), and specifically Musical Theatre there?
  3. Ds loves scholars and will be going into his 3rd (or maybe 4th 🤔) year in September. Martin Howland is fantastic and it’s great for the boys to have a male role model. I echo Pixiewoo’s comments about how fabulous they have been throughout the last year too. He put a couple of clips of the audition choreo on his Instagram - Howlyballet.
  4. I think in the past Northern have had a connection with some student accommodation and most non-local students stayed there, but maybe that’s not an option this year??
  5. Have you considered Renaissance Scholars? They do fortnightly associate level classes in the Northern Ballet studios on Sundays and I believe applications are still open to audition for this September. Feel free to PM me if you would like more info.
  6. Any performance experience or notable achievements. Particular dancers/choreographers/performances that have inspired her, and why. Ambitions for the future. Also, I’d tailor it to the school in some way - why is your dd applying to Rambert specifically? Is the 50/50 split particularly attractive to her, and if so why?
  7. At that age I think they should be doing whatever they find fun and enjoyable. Let her try it, and if she likes it then happy days. You can start thinking about what’s beneficial further down the line, and even then there should still be space in the timetable for stuff that’s just for fun.
  8. Martin Howland is now live streaming excellent classes on Instagram (Howlyballet) every Tuesday and Thursday at 4.
  9. Dutch National Ballet live streamed a class on Monday and it is still available on you tube. They are streaming another class on Friday.
  10. All of the info is sent to the dance teachers, who should then pass it on.
  11. Dd did 2 weeks, so did a bit of cooking in the shared kitchen and ate out a bit. They seem to cluster all of the dancers together at Liberty - the girls she shared a kitchen with were all doing the same summer course. There are loads of cheap places to eat nearby. When dd went there were a few of the full time students also doing the summer school and they were very friendly and took the visitors out to their favourite places a few times.
  12. Dd did this course summer 2018, when she was 16, and thought it was excellent. She stayed in the Liberty Living student accommodation that the full time students live in, as did most of the others on the course I think.
  13. My dd had a photo shoot with Hotography a couple of months ago. It was her first photo shoot, aged 17. Would thoroughly recommend Hotography. Simon is really nice and has lots of ideas for interesting shots. It was a fun day and I ended up buying 50 photos because there were so many good ones! Very reasonably priced packages too.
  14. You could try rummaging around on the ucas page. There are loads of dance related courses at Universities, but mostly for age 18+. https://digital.ucas.com/search/results?SearchText=Dance&filters=Destination_Undergraduate
  15. Sorry - I meant the Quarry Hill one. It’s not NCP, it’s Council as you say. It is the closest to NB. I think i’ve paid to re-surface that car park over the years, but it’s still a bomb site. And the machines don’t work. And it’s expensive. But i’m lazy, so i’ll carry on parking there and moaning a lot 😂.
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