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  1. @Pups_mum...not insensitive at all. Thank you.
  2. Birmingham very easy..only 30 minutes on the train. Yes, just been looking at BOA. I think she's worried there might not be enough ballet there from girls she's spoken to.
  3. Thanks. Steelworks looks too far...2 hours on the train. Any other recommendations in our area 😏 She doesn't want to go to Burton college. She wants a dance school.
  4. Thank you. This looks really good. So...are you suggesting that she might be better to do a Level 3 at 16 and then look elsewhere at 18?
  5. Hi, Do you know if there is any financial support available at Kings please?
  6. Yep, absolutely awful. We're just trying to make the best of a bad situation and get on with things. It's very difficult though-she was so fortunate to go to a school she loved and she's had to watch the majority of her year group head to the school where the dance school went and I couldn't afford the fees for there. Xx
  7. Thank you all again. As I've said I'm a single parent, I was widowed 7 years ago so I literally have to make all the decisions single handedly. Plus we're just getting over the unexpected closure of my daughter's school- academic and where she danced all at the end of Year 10. So additionally I've got the pressures of trying to get somebody to take her on to finish her BTEC Dance Level 2 and I'm homeschooling for her GCSEs. So you can see just why I genuinely appreciate the time you've all taken to reply and give me the benefit of your experience. Thank you sincerely. I'm going to sit and reread all of your responses before carrying out lots of research on all of your suggestions. Xx
  8. Thank you all for your very comprehensive answers. To answer some of your questions- *Funding is vital -single parent here *She likes singing just doesn't want to go down the Musical Theatre route * She doesn't particularly want to go down the performance route more teaching and choreography Thank you all again -going to look into all of your recommendations.
  9. Hi there, Can anybody point me in the right direction of where to look for post 16 dance options. DD doesn't want to do musical theatre and not just ballet. We're trying to avoid London. Thanks in advance.
  10. My daughter attended Abbots Bromley school which closed this summer. She's about to go into Year 11 and was partway through doing a BTEC in Dance. She didn't get a place at the school where the dance school moved to and I can't find anywhere for her to complete her BTEC. I obviously don't want the past year to have been a complete waste of time and money. Any ideas please. We're based in Derbyshire.
  11. Hi there, does anybody know of any associate places that concentrate on jazz and contemporary for a 15 year old. We're in the Midlands. Thanks .
  12. Tickets available - Friday 20th 2x Dress circle Saturday 21st 1x stalls and 2 x dress circle Please message me for details...would just like to get some back of what we've paid. Thanks
  13. No I didn't get any answers and like you I do question just how many places are left and I also know that when my DD wasn't offered a place two years ago we just got an irritating 'we don't enter into correspondence ' reply. So in my opinion, they can easily audition students when essentially there might not be any places. My DD has withdrawn her application as she's actually accepting an associate place at Kings International Ballet Academy. Good luck to your DC.
  14. Do any of these places that you're talking about above have open days and when do they tend to be please? Thanks.
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