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  1. @Calea hopefully you've heard by now as I belive the emails are trickling though now. My dd is desperate to be back, shes missed everyone very much. Has your dd been in touch with the rest of her yeargroup? If there's anything we can help with feel free to message.
  2. @Calea my dd is yr 10 and has been given a single room. The emails are on the way but they've had technical issues today.
  3. My dd has said it has been discussed in school previously that they hope to build purpose built accommodation on site with top of the range facilities. She was in Hampton this year and much preferred it over Betty Hassal, clothes always came home smelling of damp. Shes looking forward to the new uni accommodation and hoping she gets a single room
  4. @Peanut68 the only house to be kept is Betty Hassall, the rest are to be sold. They are making sure the photos from Hampton are still going to be displayed though in the new accommodation. Its a part of the schools history and current students still want to see it
  5. Last years induction day was as described above. Brief introduction in the theatre and kids find out which class they're in, brief run down on rules etc. Parents free to leave then. Yr 7 students spent day in school but rest of yr groups went to boarding houses for activities. We all met back up at school late afternoon with chance to meet form tutors. Stardust was there for uniform but it was crazy, I just ordered via email instead.
  6. @CruelDance yes they are still off, school reopens Wednesday.
  7. Congrats to everyone who has gained an MDS, some exciting and emotional times ahead. Those on the reserve list be patient, my dd got a place from reserve list last June. Just a quick note with regards to MDS, its advisable to maybe save a little extra each month to cover unexpected bills at end of term. Taxi fees, boarding activity fees etc can mount up especially if your child has physio/GP appointments. Also the dance uniform allowance seems generous but my dd used hers up by February, a combination of growth and exams means she went though a fair few pairs of pointes and demi pointes.
  8. Elmhurst JA for the north east are held on a Saturday morning at CitySpace in Sunderland Uni. They take school year 4-7. My dd attended for three years and loved it. Once she finished JA she started at Newcastle CAT which is for children aged 10 and over. We'd highly recommend trying both schemes.
  9. Move dancewear own brand are great for wider feet. My dd loves the so danca ones though. Capezio just don't look nice on her at all.
  10. My dd was seen by the CAT physio last year and he was brilliant. He's based in Darlington if you can't find one closer to you. Darlington Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic (Francois Lewis Physiotherapy).
  11. Thanks everyone. My dd has been looking at the Mary Jane DM. The other issue we have is that she is only a size 13 (just) so choice is limited as so many are very young looking 🙈
  12. Are there any rules with regards to school shoes and bags for the girls? Is it just black leather shoes? Can they be ballet pumps or do they need to have a buckle/lace fastening? Am I right in that it's black bags for school (one for dance and one for school)? What do the other girls have currently.
  13. Thankyou @Dancing unicorn. My dd can't get away with bloch ballets, she loves the fit of the so danca split soles. She was worried she'd have to change to a different brand.
  14. Can I check if there is any preference for ballet flats at hammond? Do they have to be full sole? Any specific brand?
  15. Hi my dd is due to start at Hammond Sept as a yr 8. She's been speaking/mesaging some of the current yr7 girls. We are unable to attend the show this week but she wants to send a card to the girls. Are they boarding at Clovelly? Does anyone know which boarding house they will be in next year also. Can I just say to current parents of girls (and boys) how amazing the kids are. They've all been in touch and made her feel at ease about starting.
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