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  1. You are absolutely right. As one who has completed both exemption and full licences for children the info from your LEA is wrong. X
  2. Appalling that this continues to happen. Its not the first time or isolated incidences.
  3. Hi Lsbaker My DD was with MTB for six years (is now at a vocational ballet school). The final audition is pretty much the same as the prelim. Some barre exercises, centre and a little mime taught by the class assistant. If you need any more info, feel free to PM me xxxx
  4. Saw Les Mis a couple of years ago (am a die hard fan) however the girl who was playing Fantine couldn’t pronounce her “r’s” so “I dweamed a dweam of time gone by” reduced me to tears.
  5. Hi. She is on the classical stream, but still does jazz, modern, tap, Spanish and singing x
  6. It is one minute and they are very strict about it. They will stop the music, it happened to a friend of my daughter. Hope this helps x
  7. My DD now at KS and it’s the best decision we made. She is so happy there, teaching and care is outstanding. Feels like an extended family which was important to us as DD a very young 16 (August baby!)
  8. I wish everyone good luck during this emotional, tiring, reaching for the gin process. You’ll get through it, trust me xxxxx
  9. Hoglett, they normally get given their roles on the first or second week back in an envelope. X
  10. DD would love to do this but falls short two days before her 16th birthday and they are very strict on age entry. Next year hopefully! ??
  11. Hi Willow do you have this still available x
  12. Emails have been sent. A couple of friends have received their results.
  13. Many of you have followed my DD's journey along this rollercoaster of the ballet world and been so very supportive of all the no's for yr 7, 8 and beyond. I am finally so happy and so very proud to announce that after selective choosing of sixth form auditions, DD has four offers. We never thought we would be in a position to be going to a ballet sixth form let alone having a choice. We both owe so much to everyone that has supported us along this turbulent journey and have a positive message to all those who think that's it's the end when you get a no. I am a great believer in things happening for a reason and when it's your time, then it's your time. Thank you also to my balletcoforum family for the ongoing support. Now the fun begins. ????????
  14. I hope those waiting for central results don't have to wait until enb is done! ????
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