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  1. It has passed quickly - Thanks so much Next Saturday is her first portfolio job 1 day performance 2 weeks money (which she will stretch to abou 6 weeks I reckon!), we assume portfolio jobs are the way she will go rather than a contract - piecing it together has lead to the aforementioned spreadsheet & a tax/accounts one too!!
  2. Real friends now I hope Who knows what happens now - it feels a bit like the end of Grease when they fly off into the sky!
  3. Thanks Guys - I'll let you know what happens Post graduation is nearly as scary as auditioning for post 16......however it isn't my problem now - I have done my best to equip her with the skills she needs (there is a spreadsheet with auditions/rehearsals & work on but it isn't mine....)
  4. I haven't been posting for a while - my role as parent has been more relaxed recently as Graduation and work approaches But Way back when in Nov 2012 I made a post entitled"Fairly new to Ballet; she feels she needs more" where I said - She intends (who knows how viable it is) to study dance at 16 - probably in London as we are in the wilds of Norfolk in Sept 14 So in June 2018 - DD is graduating - she's done well - did a panto last year and has a small job before the end of college Still planning on dancing - still loveing it but ready to leave college Sorry I haven't been around for a while - but thanks for all your help while I was here
  5. http://www.artistryyouthdance.com/ from their website: Artistry Youth Dance is a vibrant youth dance company that showcases and celebrates aspiring performers of African and Caribbean descent, aged 14-19 years. With a focus on Jazz and Contemporary dance, we aim to provide training and performance opportunities for our Company members, showcasing their talents and celebrating their artistry. We hope that through Artistry Youth Dance, our participants will learn and develop their dance and performance techniques, enabling them to go on to further training in the Arts and a career in dance. We also support our dancers to develop a range of life skills that can be applied to any career they choose to pursue. By celebrating and advancing the talents and artistry of young black dancers, our goal is to contribute to a more culturally diverse representation of performers in the UK dance industry. We are always looking for talented individuals of African and Caribbean descent, aged 14-19 years, to join us. Click here to register for our next auditions taking place on the 2nd July! My daughter had a lovely time with them before starting fulltime college - they are lovely people
  6. Oh so well done to him & to you Wow!! Just Wow!
  7. It was also interesting that this year 2 main points shoe manufacturers Brough out a 'black" (brown) pointe shoe for non-white dancers - which will reduce the time spent covering them in foundation!!
  8. Although not ballet, I saw Disney's new Beauty & the Beast on Friday; the opening dance was a lovely example of diversity (there did seem to be a bit of "matching pairs" going on, but still....i must see it again) DD commented on how diverse the film was, but a friend didn't notice which I thought was nice as it seemed normal to them
  9. It's complicated; racial discrimination in Ballet is alive & well in post millennium Britain & DD has been in receipt of it When buying her first pointshoes When attending workshops and courses When auditioning for ft college (Mt not ballet) But then there are the auditions she will go for that the white dancer can't The Andrew Lloyd webber foundation report that came out in dec The subsidised lessons 'because she's black' to mis-quote Lenny Henry! Have you thought about how your dancer got that far?
  10. But if you do MT with minimal Ballet they often have a remedial ballet class for you to attend......it's also used post injury to get back to top form But it shows how important Ballet is even for MT
  11. Katymac

    Move It 2017

    My DD is on the Performers stand - she says the buzz yesterday was amazing
  12. No problem - alhough I think DH & I are possibly looking forward to it more than DD
  13. So did I - it was one of my favourites So much fun - I think this years is quite a different style
  14. Thanks Fizz, I remember our first visit to Move-it & I never imagined she'd be going to perform this year
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