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  1. Esty is a good site more of a range, I've always struggled to find mens footed nylon/lycra tights but was able to get two pairs off there
  2. Can anybody recommend an online ballet class for beginners intermediate thanks
  3. Did you find the wider shoe? As i wear footed tights with socks they are hard to come by especially the freeds ones
  4. The shinier lycra tights would have been more effective, fantastic performance though
  5. As Kate N said, the beginner's classes will feel weird for a while. It is definitely worth sticking with though.
  6. For a beginner i had private lessons at first which i found useful for when i joined a beginner's class. I now do 2 classes a week, the one on one lessons were useful.
  7. Definitely go for it, i took it up a few months ago and wish i had done it years ago now
  8. Wearmoi and yumiko are very good but quite expensive
  9. Tom dance


    The dance belt was the first thing bought, its a must for ballet. At first i opted for shorts but been given footed tights and will try them next class
  10. Tom dance


    Best dance wear advice for beginners male adult ballet class??
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