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  1. Hi all, I was wary of posting my question.....as weight and size remains a controversial topic in ballet. And I can vouch as a mother of a 15 year old aspiring dancer, it is a conversation rather than a topic that is never ending 😉 However it seems that the post has led to a sharing of knowledge that I'm sure will benefit many. Once a comment is made to a child (and at 15 my DD is still a child in many ways), it is difficult to change the understanding of the comment. I want to turn what appears as a negative into a constructive comment - whether it leads to a change in exercise and training, or a change in mental perception or a change in goals I feel that this feedback must be used to make a positive change for her not just demoralise her. Based on the replies, I will look into both strength training and pilates. I guess we will need to create a plan that is appropriate to her age and goal as a dancer - we dont want to create a mini Arnie Schwarzenegger 🤣 My daughter is herself starting to look into body conditioning and pilates...instagram and youtube I will share with her some of the links form this chat. I must say a big thanks for your contributions. My family is british but we live in Switzerland and I am not only clueless about the ballet world but physical exercise is not my thing. The general approach to nutrition here involves eating small portions and very little processed food whilst exercise is truly part of daily life involving walking lots and generally staying active. I really appreciate your contributions and am happy to be able to learn for those more experienced and those with specialised knowledge. 😀
  2. Thanks Peony. Lisa Howell is new to me, so I'm going to get watching.
  3. Thank you I will make sure DD watches this
  4. Thanks fr all your response. drdance, to answer your question - we have received feedback from 2 schools about her thigh muscles that is why it has come onto our radar. It probably isn't the only "flaw" but I personally thought it was dangerous and unnecessary to use a comment on her physique as feedback, generally as schools refuse to give feedback on technique post audition. Especially when it was given as a negative comment with no constructive advice. We think she is generally fit and strong. The elliptical machine was a tool she started using during lockdown to keep some body movement and help retain stamina..... She is a healthy British teenager. My husband and I are not athletes or dancers. She has not inherited dancing genes or waif body 🙂 She has found her own passion for dance and we just want to support that. Maybe we can start some Pilates together, dvd style. Kate_N your comment was interesting because she does have hyperextension in her knees. Im going to look into this a bit more. Once again thanks. I was starting to go a bit crazy with worry. Your kind words have reassured me.
  5. Hi all, i am looking for some advice about my 15.5 year old daughter, who is currently training RAD Advanced level. We live in Switzerland and have come across a problem. She is in generally good shape. Her physique is considered large by european standards - 169 cms and 53kgs. She is well toned but a little thick around the torso and has large thigh muscles. Honestly her diet is very healthy and balanced, following standard premise of lots of sleep, no junk food, lots of protein, portion sizes controlled etc etc. She trains 14 hours a week and exercises maybe 1-1.5 hours extra on an elliptical machine. She eventually wants to go down contemporary route but is keeping up her classic training. I would really welcome any suggestions of exercise that she can do to reshape her thighs.... As an athletic build her thighs are the first place to gain muscle and it seems this is holding her back from gaining a place in full time ballet schools. Thanks for any suggestions!
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