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  1. Hi BalletCo forum, I need some advice. A combination of lockdown and other stressful factors has led a long-standing eating disorder to creep back into my life. I'm naturally already very, very slender when healthy, and so it can literally be a matter of a couple of months between me being extremely active and strong, to being close to a previous hospitalisation weight and fatigue, as I am approaching now, almost completely by accident. Ballet actually helps; it reminds me that I have reasons to stay physically strong. For me, it's less of a body image issue, and more of a stress/OCD thing which manifests in food-related behaviours. Nevertheless, I've taken the decision that I can't afford to expend the calories right now, when my frame of mind isn't there to take in enough to outweigh the exercise. It seems to be back under control, but I know that I need at least a month to stabilise and build back strength. I am at a bit of a loss as to what to tell my teachers. On the one hand, it's not their responsibility to bear. On the other, I've been noticeably more absent recently, and don't want to seem uncommitted. I also don't want to be excluded from class as a concern about liability, as I'm old and sensible enough to make these calls myself. I take a couple of syllabus classes, so that's only me affected. However, I also dance and create choreo with an amateur group, where it does affect others, and I am realising that I can't make the commitment; the commitment also is stressing me out. Any thoughts much appreciated? Thanks in advance. Mods, please do move if out of place.
  2. I wish I hadn't clicked through to the Daily Mail comments on this advert. So much hate.
  3. Dear forum, With several of my open studio classes now cancelled with the new lockdown, I have been looking for a "silver lining" in being able to take more syllabus classes from around the country online. If any of you are aware of RAD Intermediate classes, if adult-only even better, I'd love to know! Mods, apologies if this belongs in an existing thread; I thought it was specific enough to warrant a new one but please do merge. Thank you, MM@tB
  4. Thank you so much Kate! I take those syllabus classes at Central and heard the same feedback around opening; I think several of the teachers are trying to find new studios but many are now much further afield... however, Clare doesn't teach IF to adults, and apart from RAD HQ and the LAB I originally posted, it seems that the London schools who offer the vocational syllabus to adults all skip straight to intermediate! That's a great idea about the termly classes and not something I had thought about. Do you have any knowledge of the teaching style there? As mentioned, she'd love to have shorter and/or set combos and corrections thereon to really get things right. I suppose she can call and ask, but there's nothing like experience! That would have been ideal, although another dance friend spoke to them before lockdown, and apparently the wait list was over a year! I don't know if that will have changed. (If of help to anyone digging up this thread in the future, they did say that they could be flexible on the 2 year requirement, depending on the number of classes and level of classes taken since starting.) If Discovering Repertoire were more widely offered I would completely agree with this! Or even the graded syllabi - perhaps it's worth her reaching out to RAD HQ to see if there is some hidden offering nearby. I think her focus is definitely on being able to be more expressive, which open classes rarely teach, and rarely give one time to focus upon. I perhaps should have clarified that my thoughts on IF were because I couldn't find any other adult syllabus classes out there. I don't think she has any particular desire to actually take exams, more the structure and having the time to think about performance. Have fun with Inter - I skipped too, and the Variation I and Port de Bras especially are dreamy to dance. Thank you all for the responses, a lot to think about.
  5. Hello forum, I was doing some research for a dance friend who was exploring taking a syllabus class as an adult (in her late 50s, started a year ago without training as a child, but very active and I think can manage Intermediate Foundation with time). The motivations are a feeling of progress whilst acknowledging physical limitations, and which aren't being satisfied by open classes, with changing variations and limited time to focus on technique. I came across London Adult Ballet (https://www.londonadultballet.com/copy-of-courses), which appears to have been founded last year, and specialises in adult vocational exam training. However, I'm struggling to find any information other than their own site, which doesn't list teachers (in the public area of the site at least), or any reviews. I'm wondering if anyone has come across or taken any of their classes? In particular, this friend seems quite dejected after lockdown, and I think will respond far better to a positive, encouraging environment. Any experiences, or thoughts, much appreciated
  6. Your hopes have been answered! The Leap of Dance academy has an instagram page that chronicles their dancers extensively. The principal's first student, Olawale Olamide, got a place on the Elmhurst summer program this year and many of his juniors are attracting a lot of attention as well! https://www.instagram.com/p/CDhdcSwA7M0/
  7. Six years ago, I found myself dancing an extremely diluted version of the Rose Adagio with a supposed former BRB Principal in a London bar after a few cocktails. It's a wonderful memory, but I left without ever finding out his name, have been unable to figure it out after, and often found myself wondering. I had tried a Swing dancing night in central London, and quickly found that Lindy Hop was not for me. Looking rather bored by the bar, I was approached by a man who said I looked more like a ballet dancer, invited me to dance with him, and asked what I knew. Thinking this was a joke, I replied, "only the Rose Adagio", to which he said that he was a former Birmingham Royal Ballet principal - and he was very familiar with the rep! What followed was me, a hobbyist at best, and a very secure pair of hands laughing our way through an extremely fun couple of minutes of wobbly pirouettes, attitudes and fish lifts as we were both humming the theme to overpower the background 20s music. He had gray hair, pulled back into a short, low ponytail. I would guess at least in his fifties, and no taller than 5'4, maybe even less. It is entirely possible that "principal" was used generically and that he was a lower ranked dancer who had performed some principal roles, but I have no reason to doubt the rest from his competence. I'd love if anyone on the forum had any ideas! (Mods, I have no idea where this belongs, so please do move to the appropriate sub-forum!)
  8. Thank you! I have the video and already recognised the music from the exercises I left out
  9. @magnolia9 @drdance thank you both so very much indeed for taking the time! This is perfect
  10. Dear forum, would anyone have the track listing to help me identify some of music for the RAD Intermediate exercises? I recognise about half, but am struggling with the remaining. I already have the RAD videos, but this is more about learning the background for interpretation, etc 1. Plies 2. Battements Fondus 3. Battements Frappes 4. Adage 5. Grands Battements 6. Pirouettes en Dehors 7. Rises (pointe) 8. Releves passes devant 9. Pose & coupe fouette Raccourci 10. Releves & Echappes releves Thank you so much!
  11. *cough* coupe fouette raccourci *ahem*
  12. It will be everything - machines to print and produce the bags, machines to fill, people trained in their operation... everything except the flour itself! The UK's milling industry is based on every household buying a 1.5kg bag of flour less than once every 3 months, and the rest going to restaurants or manufacturers. Just a handful of consumers changing their behaviours makes a big difference!
  13. That would explain why it is so cheap! I did notice it as an outlier
  14. Hi LottyLou, It's possible to download the videos from the RAD app, which is what I have been doing the past few weeks. It's tied to a single account, but will work on multiple screens tied to that account. Perhaps that helps?
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