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  1. I tried this recently (actually, the unused back to an Ikea chest of drawers!). The surface grip is nice. Just a warning if you use over carpet: it works really well for anything on the flat or demi, but will start to crack from pointe work. Over flat flooring should be fine.
  2. Argh why didn't I think of this? I've been struggling with carpet, and told by the marley floor vendor that it was definitely not recommended to lay vinyl over pile, no matter how short and dense :(
  3. I can't answer for members (I am not). It's about £20 per grade (though the higher non-vocationals aren't on there). You can download the app for free to see what is on there, but need to pay to access the videos. It's not cheap - but helping me remember the exercises probably saves me a few classes. PS it works for me on Android
  4. The media coverage, even from reputable sources, has alas been woeful. I truly wish that from the start, it had been presented as a *public* health issue rather than *personal* health issue, and focused on splashing the raw numbers from China - which were/are higher than one would expect in the west simply because (a) there are huge cities with dense populations; and (b) transmission has been mostly through family units and sustained contact - unfortunately coinciding with the New Year period which has much more widespread human migration patterns and larger gatherings than a Christmas. Instead, we saw a split between survivalists panicking and taking self-preserving measures, and those taking a flagrant disregard - see the NFL player who decided to rub every reporter's microphone during a press conference, and has now been diagnosed. The message about flattening the curve is an improvement, but perhaps too late after the panic had set in. A week ago, people were scoffing at the "wash your hands" advice, until scientists, initially through social media, explained just why its surfactant properties helped to break down virus proteins. Now it's been absorbed. The reason you should be careful but not panic about the *individual* health aspect is that, unless you are elderly or otherwise compromised, the death rate is low. And luckily, evidence suggests that there is limited transmission in the incubation period - that is, people are the most infectious when they've already started to cough and will take the sign to self-isolate - unlike the regular flu, which is infectious before people show symptoms. Children especially seem to be almost unaffected by this virus, but the concern is that they may act as carriers, and especially where they mix in groups different from everyday. BUT, the reason you should take the handwashing advice etc. seriously, is that very small differences in infection rates add up to much higher aggregate numbers, and one we pass a threshold, health services are overwhelmed, death rates go up because we can't cope (see Iran), we are more likely to lose frontline staff to illness, and it keeps spiralling. Yet we need to be able to pay for all of this and that can't happen with a complete shutdown. If schools close, do we limit the ability of workers on the frontline to detect and care for the seriously ill? If we encourage the elderly to isolate, do we lose more people to loneliness (which increases deaths by 25-30%) compared to those who are socially active? What about the correlation between unemployment and poor health if businesses shut down? If we lock down now but the virus is still out there, do the same vulnerable people we are trying to protect today, end up suffering next flu season? Has the government modelling already taken into account the likelihood of many events to self-cancel, and not want to cause further panic? It's easy to focus on immediate casualties and say that one is too many, but in the longer run it's much more complex. I think the best message is still, "don't panic, don't shut down, but every little helps". I only wish that had been the message from the start.
  5. Thank you so much - I should have said that it's also in performances when I've noticed that, but in short - it's an "acceptable" cheat for extension when just holding lines?
  6. Unfortunately due to illness, a friend won't be able to join me tomorrow at the "Dance with the Royal Ballet" insight event so I have a single ticket available for £10. This is a participatory event: basically a 1hr 15min barre and repertoire class in the Lindbury Foyer, led by a Royal Ballet dancer. Last time we had Gary Avis! The standard is suitable for all except absolute beginners. Please note that this is a daytime event, starting 14:15. I can meet you and hand over the ticket before the event starts.
  7. It's not quite a "class" and very hard to obtain tickets as only ~20 are released for every (~3 weekly) session, but ROH has an Insight event called "Dance with the Royal Ballet". I was lucky enough to go last month, and it was only GARY AVIS leading and Kate Shipway on piano! It's held in the Lindbury foyer and consists of a short-ish barre followed by choreo from a ballet currently in repertoire, which in this case was the peasants' courtship dance from Act 1 of Onegin. My session was a real mix of levels, but there didn't seem to be any "absolute beginners" and the rep seemed to have been chosen to be generally accessible. I don't think I'll get over Gary complimenting some of my barre, even if just being nice. And he is such a lovely person, giving us lots of time for questions and pictures after 🙂
  8. I think just by virtue of some of the information being several years old, that might be helpful. And we know that classes and teachers change, studios close and open etc.
  9. I agree, this is a very kind gesture and so nice of you to do for her 🙂 I have no idea about her visa situation, but this article about adult summer intensives just popped up on my feed. Whilst it's US-centric, there's also one in Croatia here: https://www.chatballet.com/. If your girlfriend can travel through the Schengen area as part of her French residency, then I believe that Croatia doesn't require a visa - even though it's not part of Schengen itself. Do check though! https://www.pointemagazine.com/summer-intensives-for-adult-dancers-2645151370.html
  10. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but could I ask about the hip position of the *supporting* leg when en pointe? Conventional wisdom suggests that a turned out leg is correct, but I have seen so many pictures of even high-level professionals where the supporting leg appears barely turned out, if at all. PS I've always thought of the arabesque with the opened hip/turned torso as a very Balanchine move - it certainly appears a lot in his choreo.
  11. I just finished watching this tonight and it's definitely worth the two hours. The storyline is predictable; it is not a film that explores why we dance; but explores dreams and divisions in a way that left me feeling incredibly lucky, and incredibly inspired. There were some wonderful, subtle touches. From a female director, some of the key plot turns are delivered by minor, female characters. And without giving away the ending, do notice the unfamiliarity that the two leads have in the last few minutes with a simple procedure that all of us I imagine have done multiple times. Watching the parting shots in their shoes makes it even more uplifting.
  12. Hi there, No idea about the programme, but I am a former Swissie who has spent many a summer weekend in Lugano so perhaps I can help with transport 🙂 There are three options I can think of to get to the main station at Lugano, after which it's a short tram or bus ride. Here would be in my order of preference. I would say all are safe and accessible for an older teen to travel alone. 1. Fly into Zurich. Trains run several times an hour to the main station (10 mins) and then the Intercity to Lugano. Tram to the school. Pros: the most scenic option by far, running through the alps and by lakes. Zurich airport and main station are very easy to navigate. Cons: An hour longer than flying from Milan. Can be expensive if not booked in advance (though you can book the train directly added onto the flight via Swiss airlines). Try to avoid Saturday mornings going to Lugano and Sunday PM coming back, as the trains get PACKED. 2. Fly into Milan Linate. Similar to Zurich, it's a quick train ride to Milan Central, an intercity to Lugano, then a tram ride. 3. Fly into Milan Malpensa. It's either a bus to Milan Central before the train, or a regional train to cross into Switzerland before picking up the tram from Lugano. Pros: Faster and likely cheaper if not booked in advance, as you're mostly on Italian train stock. Cons: Not as pretty 🙂 it's the other way round to avoid the Zurich-Milan weekend crowds on the Intercity: don't arrive Sunday afternoons and evenings or leave Friday night or Saturday morning to noon. The Zurich to Lugano flight no longer exists. Lugano is gorgeous in summer and there are some wonderful hiking routes around the lake or up the mountains (or take the cable car). It's very safe and I think English is quite widely understood. It is, however, quite expensive. Accommodation is often less pricey than its Italian lake counterparts just because it has less of an international draw, but eating out can be jaw-dropping when you first get there! I'm happy to dig up some options on the Swiss train if you go down that route. It can be quite difficult to find the best prices if you don't (or haven't) lived there before!
  13. That's Franziska who teaches at Danceworks, London. Her videos are great! Mrs Brown, it's an ISTD grade 5 and RAD Advanced Foundation step, I believe 🙂
  14. Thank you so much! Argh, I forgot to add the "school" in quotes when searching, and when I did, it threw up this: https://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/2019/11/22/lynn-seymour-award-for-expressive-dance-2019/ Joint 3rd in the Lynn Seymour in November 2019, so I assume that he did stay on!
  15. I just found the original documentary (officially) on Youtube. It's shot in Virtual Reality so you can watch on a phone or tablet and see in 360 degrees! Quite amazing even without the ballet component! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU718R9JBzs
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