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Found 39 results

  1. My DD is starting to develop and the leotards she has are fairly unforgiving. Can anyone please recommend leotards that are sufficiently lined in the chest area to prevent embarrassment?
  2. I have two leotards for sale: Black Capezio leotard size Child Medium. Style CC101 https://www.capezioeurope.com/princess-camisole-leotard Pale pink Mirella leotard size 8-10 years. Style M652C https://uk.blochworld.com/products/girls-mirella-lace-waist-tank-pink Both in good used condition and ideal for spring/summer school. £5 for both or £3 each plus postage.
  3. DD needs a leotard for a Cecchetti competition - I know from another mum that there are strict rules about leotards but last time she was in a group so I just put her in what everyone else was wearing and didn’t have to worry. Is there a list of the rules, or the right type of leotards? From memory it was tank style, quite high necked, with a belt - is that what I need to look for? Do they have rules on colours? I’d be really grateful if anyone can point me to a list of the rules or of the allowed leotards, googling has not been much help.
  4. Bloch limited edition black cap-sleeved skirted leotard (It has a starry pattern on the front ruching) Age 9-10 £5 Brand new Dansez navy tank leotard (style 1403) (high cut leg and front gather, it is also the Moorland Associate leotard) Age 9-10 £8 Brand new Mirella sky blue camisole leotard with side pleats (style M242C) Age 14 £8 Tappers & Pointers black jazz crop top and leggings set size 2 £5 Bloch 'zenith' flat ballet shoes (worn for one class only) Pink, width C, size 3 £5 Brand new Bloch 'pump' flat ballet shoes Pink, width B, size 3.5 £7 Brand new Paperchase 'ballet dancer' double pocket pencil case £2 Pictures are available on request x
  5. Central School of Ballet first and second year leotards for sale in good condition. Please message me for further details! 😊
  6. Has anybody of you experience in how So Danca leotards run in comparison to the brands Ballet Rosa, Wearmoi, Repetto, Capezio or Grishko? According to the size charts, I´d need size 2A for children in width, but size PA in length. However, that is not always true, in Ballet Rosa, for example, size 12 years fits perfect although it should be too short as well...
  7. Hello, i wonder if anyone has any recommendations for leotards more flattering for larger dancers? I’m an overweight student with an exam soon. I’m just looking for something to cover me up a bit more than the RAD Faith leotard that is the standard for my school - it just sits too low for my personal preference. Thank you xx
  8. My 16 years old daughter is tiny.. she’s a size 4 but has an F cup bust. She does vocational ballet, ballet, tap, modern, contemporary and national. She really struggles to find supportive Dancewear and cannot wear a bra that can be seen. Her teachers also prefer high leg leotards. She could wear a S or Xs leotard but her chest does not fit in I am having to buy an M and gave it taken in and even that does not support her bust . Can anyone suggest a leotard that isn’t low leg that would support her? She can wear black for some lessons but is required to wear pink/raspberry / fuschia for vocational work
  9. Hi, looking for some advice. My dd is a JA with RBS she has an audition with elmhurst coming up for full time training. Just wondering what she should wear should she wear her JA uniform or not? Thanks 😄
  10. I have 2 brand new (one with tags) capezio leotards size M for sale as I don’t wear them and have no need for them! £15 each or £25 if you want both it wont let me upload the photos so if you private message me I’ll attempt to send them that way! One is dark red camisole with Criss cross back the other is long sleeve black mesh with floral pattern
  11. Would any of you lovely people be able to recommend leotard brands and sizes for me? I’m expecting this to be a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question but ideally i’d like to buy online rather than traipsing into the city to try loads on. My daughter is 8 (almost 9) but small for her age (usually age below in clothes). She’s petite but leotards are often too short in the body so we either end up with a baggy bum and straps, or looking lovely in the body but constantly going up her bum! 😬 She’s starting an associates class in September (there’s no fixed uniform) and i’d like her to have a second leotard as her RAD one is pale blue and prone to grubbiness! The one she’s got now is second hand and without a label so i’m at a loss which brand it is. Thanks in advance! Xxx
  12. Does anyone have any ideas what sort of leotard styles and colours would be preferable for a girl auditioning for a year 7 place at both WL and Elmhurst ? I had chosen a burgandy inter mezzo leotard but her JA teachers isn't too keen . I now have the choice of sky blue or raspberry .
  13. I have read lots of posts about buying and selling on of degas leotards and wondered what is it that makes them so special. DD wears lots of different brands, some nicer/more flattering than others, DD particularly likes high legged designs. DD starts senior associates in September and kit list just says black leotard (I haven’t actually read properly, just skimmed it so I might have this wrong) but assuming haven’t misunderstood I was considering trying a degas, so I would be interested to hear thoughts on what sets Degas apart from other brands.
  14. Hi I’d like to buy my 12yr old DD a non regulation leotard for her upcoming 13th birthday as a surprise but she is petite (wears age 11 clothes or sz 4 in primark) and I’m not sure what size to buy her? There is less choice in the age 12 -14 sizes and I’m a little wary of buying too small with no growing room however I’m not sure if adult petite/ XS will be too big. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  15. I have 3 new leotards for sale. My daughter excitedly received them this Christmas as presents, took the labels off 2 of them to try on in the house and to her disappointment realised that they were too small. We couldn't return them as they had been posted by well-meaning relatives from abroad. So Danca cap sleeved lace leotard midnight blue (more like a deep blackberry purple) label (still attached) size 12-14 2A So Danca cap sleeved lace leotard back label size 12-14 2A Claudia Dean (Australia) Juliet leotard midnight black child XL (same size as leotards above) They do seem like quite figure hugging, petite leotards. My daughter is a very slight 13 year old and she literally squeezed into them, so I reckon the 12-14 size is a bit misleading. I would like to sell them together if possible - brand new they would cost £70 before P&P - so asking £45 for the 3 (P&P included). I can send photos if required.
  16. Can anyone recommend any nice leotards suitable for auditions? My eldest DD has a few workshops coming up and is after some new dancewear. She's a ladies small and has a gorgeous hourglass figure with quite a large bust (she's incredibly self concious). She doesn't feel comfortable in two piece sets so we're looking for leotards to suit her figure. She can't really do without a bra so the strappy back ones aren't ideal either. Are there any bras that can be recommended too? She's a 32dd so we struggle to find supportive ones for under dancewear.
  17. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase some pretty long sleeved leotards for my 14 year old dd. They need to be full arm length ,not 3/4. This is due to certain issues that we are faced with. I have found some some but they all tend to be very plain and not flattering which is not the quite the look my dd is going for. Thanks for any help anyone could give. BM13 xx
  18. Dance wear: Black jazz top with pink sequins and crossed back, child 12 £3 Brand new black sonata trash bag shorts, adult small £6 Bloch black cropped long sleeved warm up with "dance" embroidery, child 12-14 £5 Tappers and Pointers black cropped knitted warm-up top, adult small £2 Bloch black camisole onesie warm-up, adult petite £5 Black stirrup ankle/leg warmers £3 Bloch mulberry cross over, child medium £3 Energetiks burgundy cross over, child medium £3 Freed navy blue camisole RAD leotard (writing has worn off), size 3 £2 Navy 1st position camisole leotard (no lining), adult petite £3 Navy 1st position cap-sleeved leotard (lining is slightly laddered), adult small £3 Roch Valley cornflower-blue wrap skirt, adult small £4 Plume dark navy camisole leotard, adult small £4 Brand new Capezio lilac pinch front tank leotard, child x-large £5 Brand new Bloch black harem pants with heart details, child 12-14 £9 Brand new black wrap around skirt, adult petite £3 Black wrap around skirt, adult petite £2 Brand new white wrap around skirt, child small-medium £3 Brand new Capezio tan foot undies, size small £5 Pale pink thigh high leg warmers, size child small-medium £3 Katz pinch front teal tank leotard, size 3 £3 Red long-sleeved leotard, child medium £3 Black jazz shorts with multi coloured polka dots, adult small £4 Character skirt with three blue ribbons, child medium £10 Shoes: Capezio tan new yorker heels, 8M £8 Brand new Capezio canvas split-sole ballet shoes, 8M £7 Brand new Wear Moi reinforced X-Hard pointe shoes, size 6XXX £15 Bloch aspiration pointe shoes wth ribbons and elastics (worn for less than 3 minutes), size 5 1/2 E £10 Brand New Gaynor Minden pointe shoes 9.5 Medium width sculpted fit, X-Flex, yellow bag (have been calamined to take the shine off, but never worn) £50 Gaynor Minden pointe shoes 9.5 Medium width classic fit, hard, green bag (calamined, with ribbons and elastics, worn for 5 minutes, but are as new), £40 Exercise equipment: Purple foam roller (excellent condition, but has name written on it) £3 Blue ballet is fun turn board, £20 Purple balance/wobble board £5 Black loop stretch band (thinner version of the Gaynor Minden flexibility band) £5 2 metre long pink light-medium weight resistance band/theraband (similar to Gaynor Minden resistance band) £4 Pink and grey (one side is pink and the other side is light grey with a wave detail) yoga/pilates/exercise mat £5 Other: Small tambourine (perfect for Esmeralda variation), £5 Medium tambourine, £5 Please PM or comment if you are interested, and if you would like to see photos, please let me know. I'm happy to post anything (postage price not included), or you can pick up from Leicestershire/Birmingham area
  19. Hi, where is the best place in the U.K. to buy these leotards?
  20. My daughter needs a Bloch cotton Lycra leotard, she's currently in a Roch Valley 9-10 shiny leotard. Do the cotton Lycra ones have as much give? My daughter will be 11 in 3 months but is very petite, she wears 9-10 clothes. Are Bloch leotards true to size? In Bloch size 1B is 8-10, the next size up is 11-12 The leotard we need to order is this one http://www.dancinginthestreet.com/Catalogue/Regulation-Uniform/Bloch-Female-RAD-Uniform/Bloch-BU102-Tank-Leotard Thanks in advance
  21. Hello, it's me again with my endless queries. I did have a go at searching for an answer for my relatively simple (perhaps a bit mundane) question. I found a few threads with lots of good tips but mine is actually just quite simpler, that at the end of the day it probably wouldn't matter but as a mum I cannot help thinking about it, especially since my DD is leotard mad and has quite a lot of "favourites" that she might insist wearing each one in turn. She is in the process of applying for a couple of holiday courses that require photographs. She's never had these done before. She is only 7 so I was wondering, for those more experienced that we are, what would be the best colour/style of leotard to wear for her young age? Dark or light colour? Camisole type, sleeveless or capped sleeves? She normally wears convertible tights to her class these days but should she wear socks for her photos? Apologies in advance if my query might seem quite "shallow" but want to get it right first time around as I managed to ask her teacher to help with the photos after her lesson (mainly because I didn't even know half the terminology on the photo requirement list).
  22. DD (19) is struggling with audition wear which she can wear a bra under. She is 2nd year and college say no visible bras - but it can be street wear she just needs to be able to dance in it She loves this https://www.prettylittlething.com/carlita-green-lace-choker-plunge-thong-bodysuit.html but it has a low back Any recommendations?
  23. How does the sizing actually come up? Is it similar to capezio etc in adult sizes? Thanks
  24. Hello, I'm completely new to the forum! I have applied for the Royal Ballet School (the school of my deepest dreams!) for Senior Associates and White Lodge (I thought there was nothing to lose by ticking that box!). Apart from the anxieties I have about me not being good enough (I only started dancing at 12 and went en Pointe literally a few weeks ago- I'm now on the late side of 13- but I do work as hard as possible and practise everyday) I am currently stressed about what to wear. On the confirmation audition email, it just states a leotard. Could anyone advise a leotard that would suit certain physiques? I am very small and slim for my age, so anything that would make my lines longer would be great. I currently have 2 (standard strap) leotards. I really don't know whether to pick the classical in black choice or the dark magenta-pink one (which also comes with a waistband). I do want to draw attention of course, but for the right reasons! Secondly are the topic of shoes. I have three pairs: my usual class shoes (full sole and leather, but quite old now). My problem with these shoes is they make my arches seem flatter and the sole is in a really weird place that makes me look like I'm rolling in! My second pair is a satin split sole, very pretty in terms of foot definition, but a wee bit big for me. My third pair is my favourite pair which I use in festivals - my satin full soles with ribbons. I have a very narrow foot and ankle, so the ribbons fit the nicest. However, when I attended the Audition Insight Day (which was the best day of my life! I definitely recommend signing up!) only one dancer had ribbons. I wouldn't want them to fall out and look messy! What a stress! But it's all worth it on the way to becoming a dancer! With love, thanks and an arabesque P.S is anyone else going to be at the Manchester auditions 17/01/17 ?
  25. Does anyone else have this trouble? My dd is currently wearing leotards in sizes 3a, 3, 4, petite, small adult, & medium adult, depending on the style and/or brand. Our local dancewear shop only stocks a limited range, and we don't go to London all that often, so we often have to buy stuff online, and it usually doesn't fit, even when following size charts to the letter. Any dancewear manufacturers out there? Get your act together, please!
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