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Found 25 results

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong thread but anyone else currently getting a technical error for the swan lake page in advance of friends booking opening today? Hope it's fixed very soon...
  2. Oh dear, we have the curse of Kaufmann again. His Fidelio is not included in the Mixed Packages for Ballet and Opera but is included in the Total Opera. Fair enough, (just), but hey, guess what, all the packages in Total Opera sold out before booking opens. Oh dear ROH, you don't want your regulars unless they are prepared to pay for enhanced access in which case the General Public can go do the other thing.
  3. I was confused about the packages information given on the ROH FAQs and emailed the ROH Customer Services today. I did get a very prompt reply. Here are my queries and their reply. "I just have a query re booking a ballet package. As I'm not a ROH Friend I realise the package booking doesn't apply until the 1st August. I am interested in attending all the ballets in the autumn period. However, how many tickets can I book? The website says A flexible package allows you to build your own series of performances according to the dates that suit you, letting you choose the seats for each performance. Can I book multiple dates for the same production? #Our packages are configured to offer a selection of productions and so you cannot buy multiple performances for a production within one package. The first quotation seems to contradict the second. Does that mean I cannot book more than one performance per ballet per package. So if I wanted to book 3 performances per ballet would I have to book 3 packages? Also as I book side stalls circles what seats are available in the packages? On your website it says only higher priced stalls circle seats are available for package booking but people who have actually booked said most stalls circle seats are available. Finally do you keep some side stalls circle seats in reserve for when public booking opens?" Their reply was "Please be advised that you can book up to a total of 9 tickets per performance within a Package. The number of tickets has to be exactly the same for every performance within the package. You can only have one performance of a particular ballet/opera production within a single package (i.e. you cannot double/triple up on the same ballet production within the same package). If for example you wanted to see a performance of Manon twice then you would need to book at least two different packages. The seats offered in the Stalls Circle will include all but the very lowest price categories (i.e. the bench seats, restricted view and standing positions). We have slightly relaxed the restriction on only being able to book the top two price categories for the forthcoming season, however I cannot guarantee that this will be the case for every season going forward. We do not hold back any seats in the main auditorium for public booking". So it looks like you can book up to 9 tickets per performance but not multiple single tickets for different nights of the same production (which is what I want). So if I want to book 3 tickets for all 4 ballets I will have to book 3 packages. Also I was rather surprised no tickets were kept back for public booking. I thought a certain percentage was kept back and that was one reason I decided not to opt for becoming a ROH Friend.
  4. Quoting Bruce's post as it's relevant here too: My purchases went smoothly this morning, too, although like Bruce I don't remember spending so much in the past - and certainly not on so few tickets! I couldn't get nearly everything I wanted, either - although that's partly due to the fact that tickets I might have bought in the past are now outside my budget - so I'll keep my eyes open nearer the time for the "missing" performances. I do find it frustrating, though, having to remember to allow an extra "safety" 5 minutes to do the credit card details by hand each time - I was on-site for around an hour in total, and quite frankly couldn't be bothered to go round and do it all again for a third time.
  5. Public booking a nightmare! I had to try each page several times before the 'book now' button would load. For the mixed bill it never did until I went in date by date by the cast info links down the right hand side. Needless to say I couldn't get a ticket for the gala although it kept telling me there were still 2 available in the amphi.
  6. Brilliant. The website seems to be barely functioning this morning - or is it just my browsers? I can't even get into any of the Spring events to book On the odd occasion that I've been able to get onto the production pages, there are no links to any of the performances.
  7. I was just disappointed with the poor choice of seats left. It also shows there is a distinct need for more matinees!! Seems all the priority bookers got there first. I think they need to look at the whole booking system because Joe Public is not getting a fair crack at the whip. I got 1 DonQ where I wanted and I had to book a cheap seat for Les Patineurs which will do, but it really is not where I wanted. Thankfully I got an Insight ticket for DonQ. As I had wanted to see 5 DonQs and 2 Les Pats due to the high prices and lack of seat choices I ended up with only 1 of each. It seems ROH got its wish to exile regulars. Meanwhile I will now use the time and money to patronise other companies elsewhere.
  8. The ROH website is currently headed as follows: "WEBSITE ALERT: INTERMITTENT NETWORK CONNECTIVITY ISSUES AT OUR ISP MAY CAUSE DISRUPTION TO PURCHASES, PLEASE KEEP TRYING." It wasn't showing when I logged in on the trusty ipad (using the Chrome browser with my email account open in Safari) at 10 am to do a subscription booking for 2014/15 period 3. I proceeded problem-free until I hit the "pay now" button and was taken immediately to the next page to await payment confirmation - and waited with the internet connection symbol spinning for nearly an hour. Eventually I thought to look in my email account and found that an "order confirmed" email had arrived within seconds of my pressing the "pay now" button. Abandoning the still-loading payment page on the ROH website for my ROH account upcoming performances page, the relevant bookings were showing with their order confirmation number. So all was well but I thought that if it spares anyone the anxious hour I had this morning, it's worth posting here.
  9. Virtually nothing left for Macmillan triple bill on 18/19 October.Even Orchestra Stalls completely sold out for 19th.
  10. I would much appreciate some advice. I can afford two visits so have decided on Swan Lake and Bayadere, mainly because I've seen Anna Karenina and don't enjoy DQ. I know it is hard to be exact about casting, but any recommendations as to whom I should look out for? I like my ballet lyrical, Cojocaru and Asylmuratova being my absolute favourites.
  11. Can I ask on behalf of a friend of mine if when the booking for the lowest level of the Friends opens if you can book by phone (albeit at 10 o'clock) or is it just online?
  12. Does anyone have any idea when the Bolshoi or the Mariinsky Ballet companies issue their programmes for the later half of the year? My dd is lucky enough to be going to both Moscow and St Petersburg in October and would love to go to the ballet, but when I have looked online it just says to be advised later in the year. Because she is going with college we will need to request that she be allowed to go in advance and I don't want to find out too late and her miss the opportunity. If I had some idea I could talk to college staff and at least broach the subject. Can anyone help?
  13. I am about to book tickets at the Opera Garnier for November triple bill by Paris Opera ballet. Please can I have some advice about where in the theatre is a good place to sit and any tips about visiting the opera house. Thank you
  14. I can't see that we have a thread already going for this, but someone please let me know if there is one and I'll merge them. Mixed feelings about today's experience, really. Despite the ROH website informing me that there would be a queue operating from 8.55 am, and despite my refreshing the page numerous times from that time onwards, I didn't get put into the queue until 9 am, by which time there were some 750 people ahead of me Not hugely successful, but I've known worse. Have had to go for a few rear amphi standings, which is not normal. (If anyone has any inexpensive Nunez/Muntagirov Filles or Osipova Anastasias - but not the cinema one - going spare, please bear me in mind ) I gave up in the end: it's too hot to bother. Internet Explorer was only giving me the "best available" option at times, and of course the ROH website and I don't agree on what's "best", so I gave up and used Firefox, which wasn't, although that tended to hang annoyingly. NB: there is far better availability for Les Enfants Terribles on the Barbican website - although there *is* a booking fee to be contended with there.
  15. Not very pleased with the RB this morning. Signed on nice and early to get tickets for Frankie and James Insight Conversation in the Clore only to find it was already sold out. Some point being a Friend+ if they sell all the tickets beforehand to their wealthier patrons. Bolshoi is expensive too. Not a good start to the day.
  16. Booking opened this morning at 9 am. There was a brief wait and then I was in and out in a few minutes. Astonishingly there were stalls circle standing tickets - good ones too. some of them - available for all the dates I wanted to book. It hasn't been this good in years, so thank you to all involved. Fingers crossed that all previous glitches have been resolved once and for all.
  17. All relatively smooth here ... got everything I wanted ... short of the Amphi standing for opening Giselle (everything was gone so had to settle for a slip at extra dosh) and no amphi standing AT ALL for ANY performance of Cav/Pag. That said the queue went through very quickly and there were no itinerant messages. Might now the ROH's website problems have been sorted for good? (If so perhaps we should just lie low rather than tempt fate.) How did others find it?
  18. Brilliant. They force us to get in before office hours open (if we want decent tickets) and then we get "Server Error: Service Unavailable (503)" Seriously not impressed. And every time I try adding anything to my shopping basket I get "There was a problem with your request. Unknown error". Very helpful. It's not as if it was only the Osipova/Muntagirov R&Js, either - it's been every performance I've tried. I've had to watch tickets disappearing from under my nose while I can't get at them. Rubbish.
  19. No problems with the system this morning (apart from the usual dearth of the cheaper stalls circle tickets). In and out within 20 minutes, complete with order confirmation email. Let's hope this is a promise of smooth booking times to come. Edited to add "a" before promise. EDIT: I've pulled all the posts on booking experiences together to make a new thread. Alison
  20. Note that there seems to be some confusion as to the dates for two of the Springboard events in the Linbury in the first week of June. Ballet Central is scheduled for June 1 on the website but is June 3rd in the ROH Magazine, and Rambert School is scheduled for June 3rd on the website but is June 1st in the ROH Magazine. I think this is an error in the ROH Magazine but am waiting on confirmation from the box office.
  21. After quite a few booking day meltdowns and fiascos it appears this morning's booking also had problems - HOWEVER it was to do with something which caused the whole building to be evacuated. I was told this by booking office staff when picking tickets up just now - they were surprised I had been able to book them without trouble so early into the booking process this am. I thought I would post this in case others had problems and perhaps to reduce complaints which of course in the past have been more than justified. Seems this may not have been anything to do with the 'system'. ROH seemingly all fine and open as usual by the way . . . no idea what the drama was.
  22. I thought someone had started a thread for this during Friends' booking but can't see one, so here we go: Well, despite Terfel, Callega, Stemme, Kaufmann and more on the opera side, this seemed to go pretty well this morning. Not that there was much in the way of seats available, so I've only bought a grand total of 3 Swan Lakes and 3 Onegins, and may top up later if possible. Standing tickets were available - I got a good one, surprisingly, for an Osipova Onegin - but only in the Balcony, and that was the only one I managed to lay my hands on. Very little in the way of cheap side amphi seats. Nunez' Onegins selling pretty well, at least among the (presumably) more impecunious members of the audience. I was camping on the Onegin insight page before booking opened, and kept refreshing it, but it went instantly from Not on Sale to Sold Out! Then, less than 10 minutes after that, there were seats available, so I grabbed one while the going was good. Anyone else?
  23. Has been announced: http://www.operadeparis.fr/saison-2014-2015/ballet And Yikes, POB tickets have increased in price dramatically.
  24. We give the Royal Opera House enough stick for its booking system on these pages, so it seems to me to be only fair to do the same for the London Coliseum when the occasion warrants. I've been at my computer for an hour and a half now, merely trying to book a ticket for Sweeney Todd, starring Bryn Terfel (I'm not actually concerned about casting: I just love Sweeney Todd). I got onto the site about half an hour before booking opened, intending to make sure I was logged in and everything to speed progress, and found myself already in the waiting-room, so I couldn't. Got in to book by about 10.10, and selected my performance. Then tried to log in. Found a note saying that if you hadn't logged in in the past year please send off for a password reminder - I presume this is since they started the new, ghastly website. So I did so, and guess what - an hour later I'm still waiting to be reminded of my password. So I tried to start a new account with another one of my email addresses: Internal System Error. So I'm stuck here wondering if I'm ever actually going to book myself a ticket or not before they all sell out. Very poor show.
  25. All went pretty well this morning. Acostipova performances selling quickly and, bizarrely, there appeared to be only one seat available for Hansel and Gretal on 24 January!
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