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  1. Funnily enough I hated the costumes when the ballet premièred, but now I love them! They're a fine fizzy filigree delight, like the choreography. (I hated the temporary re-design.) So you may keep your excellent new profile picture Richard LH!!
  2. I have to say that in these circumstances I don't care a jot what the casting is - I'll just be thrilled if it goes ahead. All the dancers are wonderful. (Besides which I imagine it will be a bit of a lottery trying to get a single ticket at an OK price in an OK seat for any performance. I draw the line at sitting in the Upper Slips again!).
  3. It's not often a critic talks about shouting for joy over a performance!! (artsdesk)
  4. I know exactly what you mean about Elite Syncopations. I really enjoyed it when I first saw it MANY years ago, and I've very much enjoyed the recent performances as a colourful company come-back work; but for me it never really does take off. It's too slow, and too long, and the choreography is not sufficiently interesting or varied. (And the costumes are way OTT!). I'm not sure who decides these things, but I wouldn't have thought that it's considered a major MacMillan - it's just unusual for him in that it's entirely lightweight/happy/frothy or however you want to describe it, and I suppose
  5. Very sad. One of the heroes of my youth!
  6. I loved Monotones too (and Concerto) - really spellbinding. As someone else has said, Monotones II now strikes me as a sort of companion piece to Symphonic Variations. The other 8 dancers in WTGH were listed on the News thread about this performance, so they must have been listed somewhere on the ROH website.
  7. Absolutely loved every single item! How to pick highlights from highlights?! But just to mention O'Sullivan and (especially) Sambé soaring in Tchaikovsky pas de deux, Morera and Bonelli thrilling in Manon, Osipova's searingly dramatic Dying Swan, Nunez and Muntagirov magnificent in Corsaire, and all the cast of Within the Golden Hour - sophisticated, glossy and altogether brilliant. But the most unexpected treat was seeing Romany Pajdak in In Our Wishes - she was heartbreakingly expressive. How I would love to see her do Juliet. What a superb evening!
  8. Patronising and badly expressed. I understand, though, the fundamental point he's making that for many people football is what they really care about, and that should be given equal respect as e.g. ballet which we snooty southerners (allegedly) respect and care about... There are clearly, though, a few hybrids around (including me) who care very much about both football and ballet (though I suppose it's also true that my football comes from my northern heritage and ballet from my southern upbringing/residence.) Having said that, this Forum is so important to me at least partly because even her
  9. No apology at all needed as far as I'm concerned, David! It would indeed be interesting to know more about her. I just felt that in his tweets Mr Macaulay sounded rather nit-picking, instead of simply appreciating the beauty of what we've seen.
  10. Exactly. She clearly has some sort of ballet background that is coming to the fore again here, and it's beautiful and moving. That's all that matters.
  11. Thanks Alison - I'd missed this. It seems these programmes are Melvyn Bragg looking back at the originals rather than a straight repeat of them.
  12. Yes, it was a bit weird, but so wonderful just to be in the building again. I forgot to say that as I went in the (new) entrance on Bow Street I saw Kevin O'Hare not far off talking to someone, and I instinctively gave him a cheerful wave, and I was so touched when he gave me an enthusiastic wave back. I did talk to him briefly at an event earlier this year, but something tells me that that conversation might have been rather more memorable for me than for him... so basically he would have had no idea who I was, but it didn't stop him from reacting in a really friendly way! He looked as excite
  13. Thanks very much, Scheherezade! And thanks to you, and others, for their lovely and rather more rounded reviews. (I can probably claim my seat as the worst in the house last night! I hadn't realised how little of the 'action' is front centre stage... But Who Cares? as they say.) And yes, I really hope that at least some of last night's pieces will be streamed.
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