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  1. Thanks, Richard LH - I used this link and now have my Covid pass in case needed at any stage. Easier, at least for me, than having to go into the app repeatedly to prove status.
  2. I think I might start a free trial of Amazon Prime so I can watch the final.
  3. I can't believe she's in the final. Absolutely amazing!
  4. I thought it could be Bruce Sansom, but not absolutely sure.
  5. Thanks, Rob S and oncnp. I clearly didn't read the small print! But I suspect a lot of other people will also not have done so.
  6. It would seem a bit strange to make a vaccine 'passport' compulsory since that hasn't been stated as a requirement when booking tickets. I'm double jabbed and could easily prove that, but how could you make it a requirement retrospectively?
  7. Interesting. I wonder how many of these are new positions (haven't looked at all of them). Or have a lot of people left? The ROH doesn't appear to be holding back on recruitment in spite of the financial situation created by the pandemic.
  8. Just to say that he's written in detail about his sister's death, so he's brought that part of his private life into the public eye. But I also don't know much else about him.
  9. I've sat near the front of the orchestra stalls a (very!) few times and have had heads blocking my view quite badly (and I'm 5' 9"). Further back may be more reliable - I don't know.
  10. Yes, my JA vouchers were invaluable. (But they made tickets cheap enough to be able to go to multiple performances - even when I was still at school and the only money I had came from a Saturday job - which is unlikely to be the case with £25.)
  11. Seat view didn't work at all for me (which meant I couldn't depart from my usual choices in case the view was worse than anticipated).
  12. 🤣 🤣 Enough to fund quite a few ballet tickets, I should think!
  13. I've never booked so many performances in one go, or spent as much on tickets in one go, as I did this morning. I persuaded myself it was justified after so long without performances, and because I still had some of the gift certificate from last season, and because it's my only extravagance. And really, what was I supposed to do, with all those enticing casts and débuts?! I ask you. 😉
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