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  1. No - I just meant that for me most of his choreography expresses a kind of distortion and chaotic lack of harmony that is what I feel to be currently abroad outside the peaceful confines of my own home. I'm aware that it doesn't express that for everyone.
  2. So funny!! I may now start moving around my flat in a series of grand jetés and bourrées with appropriate épaulement and perfectly pointed feet. And perhaps choose a different role for each room? Maybe Ondine in the bathroom (already has a watery theme); Cinderella in the kitchen (though sadly no fireplace); Tatiana in the sitting room (lots of books); Juliet, Mary Vetsera or Manon in the bedroom (no comment); Myrthe in the hall (can only move in a straight line, though I may have to move a bookcase first). More seriously: when I think of what's happening outside right now - any Wayne McGregor role; when I think of those who have died - the Pie Jesu solo in MacMillan's Requiem; when I hope for the future - a role in Mark Morris' L'Allegro, il penseroso ed il moderato, the most profound expression of harmony, humanity and community.
  3. And Calvert and Campell are doing a class again on Tues 7th April at 12pm.
  4. That's excellent, Stevie. I hope you're managing OK. There are so many good things happening at the moment too. Light as well as darkness.
  5. Most of my street seemed to be out too - lots of noise. Really uplifting.
  6. I understand your opinion, penelopesimpson, and I agree that any extra costs will need to kept to a minimum in all respects for the foreseeable future. It really depends on whether the RB can continue to use Scarlett's contributions to this SL without working with him at all (and whether by that they also mean him not benefitting financially from future performances). If not, as suggested above the designs could/should be retained and elements of past productions incorporated at the least possible expense.
  7. But are BRB borrowing the RB sets and costumes for their planned performances? (If the performances go ahead, of course...).
  8. No - complete silence, not even a notification of the cancellation. I used the 'contact us' form on the website to ask about this last week, but no reply.
  9. Wonder why it's changed from an attractive design highlighting Cojocaru, Polunin and the RAH? Maybe the lead artists can't commit so far ahead? Though that wouldn't explain (justify) the crude dagger through the heart image.
  10. Fully agree with Floss both about the likelihood of this season resuming and the likely impact on next season. (My comment above, and I imagine that of Rob S, was of course a tongue in cheek reflection on the truncation of another highly significant season rather than a real comment on that of the RB. And I still hope that that other season will be finished when possible. Liverpool champions and a revised/restored SL at the ROH - now that would be a thing.)
  11. So would I (speaking as a Liverpool fan).
  12. It will be interesting to see what (if anything) they do about the production though, because I would have thought that all being well/possible they would now bring back SL next season even if that hadn't originally been planned.
  13. Can't remember if it's been mentioned yet, but 'All the Superlatives', the documentary about Anthony Dowell shown in ?1977. I know it's on YouTube but last time I looked it was terrible quality (which also makes me wonder if legit). I'd never seen any live ballet when I saw this and it opened up for me the whole world of beauty that is ballet.
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