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  1. I received an email from ENB today including photos of the company packing up to leave Markova House.
  2. It makes me so angry. She's playing a white cat, for God's sake! Is it a problem if a white performer is playing a brown or black cat?? Bizarrely ridiculous.
  3. Oh dear - I now foresee potential elements of the reviews, if the film turns out less than well...
  4. I saw the original musical many years ago, and thought it was brilliant. But I wouldn't expect a film now to bear any resemblance to that; I don't know what people were expecting, but I think it looks cleverly done (in its way). There's always going to be a compromise between people looking like cats whilst actually being people, so (again) I don't know what people were expecting. If the final result all looks very artificial and slick I imagine I won't like it much; but a lot of films nowadays are like that. Anyway, I will see the film when it comes out (though I'm not sure I would have if it hadn't been for Francesca Hayward being in it).
  5. Perhaps a ticket tout has hacked the ROH website.
  6. Yes, it is a modern perspective - it must have been standard at the time for very young teenagers to get married/have children (otherwise Shakespeare wouldn't have written the play wot he wrote!). But I'm glad the ballet allows Juliet (and her parents) to look a little older (at least some of the time), since from a modern perspective a 13-year-old getting into this sort of situation (and ending up dead) would not be dramatic or tragic but straightforwardly appalling.
  7. What an incredible final. I'm so sad that Federer lost, but it was a brilliant match and Djokovic is amazing, especially given he had moreorless the whole crowd against him too. There were times when I wanted to weep at the sheer beauty of Federer's tennis, and in a way that's a greater achievement than winning a match. Talk about stress!! What with the tennis and the cricket - I was switching to the cricket at every changeover and that got more and more tense and then the super over (of which I had never heard until today) happening at literally the same time as the tie break! Unbelievable stuff. The moment of England winning the world cup will rank with Jonny Wilkinson's kick for sheer ecstasy and unbelievable drama. You just couldn't make it up. I LOVE SPORT!!! Totally exhausted now (having spent all afternoon and evening on my sofa).
  8. And those prices are with a 5% discount?! Strewth.
  9. Maybe they don't, indeed. Maybe they know they have to offer some kind of 'discount' scheme but deliberately make it so unattractive/difficult to find/misleading that very few people actually use it.
  10. Which is a bit of an indictment, isn't it? Who are packages there for other than for those who actually use the system?? Another example of the ROH's lack of care for its 'customers'.
  11. You sound like me, Richard LH! I to and fro about it and then give in on the risky ground that 'only one more ticket' won't make much difference financially. And so it goes on... I'd love to see more of Takada, but she's so often teamed with McRae who I don't generally want to see, and for me the big ballets only work if I like both principals. Such a shame. But probably helpful from a financial point of view!
  12. Federer and Nadal, even though they're competing against each other, are like the greatest of ballet partnerships, and like Torvill and Dean: there's an indefinable bond between them and time seems to stand still as greatness takes over. They're magnificent.
  13. They surely must keep some seats back for public booking?? And they certainly keep some back for Friday Rush.
  14. MORE booking?!!! I haven't recovered from yesterday's overspend yet...
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