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  1. I see that this ROH statement only appears when you click for 'More Info' about the production; I went straight to 'Book tickets' since I didn't need more info, and it doesn't appear there, so I don't know if it was there this morning. But why doesn't it also appear when you click on 'Book tickets'? That's where it's really pertinent! And I have booked the livestream for the Balanchine/Robbins bill; but a) it's really not the same, and b) it's not the first cast (especially, it's not Muntagirov as Apollo). I just hope that he will dance it again very soon.
  2. I couldn't get a single ticket for any of the dates I tried for the Balanchine/Robbins bill (inc 10th June), at any price. I'll try again when general booking opens tomorrow, but maybe they haven't held back any singles. Grrr... 😒
  3. At the risk of breaking the rules by inviting two people, I would have dinner with Clare Calvert and Alexander Campbell and I would ask them all about their wedding plans. 😍
  4. Brilliant! And looks very handsome to me. Congratulations and thank you for sharing this, Dan!
  5. I'm so sorry to hear this. Sincere sympathy to her family and friends. She contributed so much to this forum.
  6. It was so sad; but also so beautiful, powerful and moving. I hope it brought and will continue to bring comfort to The Queen and all the family.
  7. Asphodel Meadows is one of the most beautiful ballets I've ever seen.
  8. So sad. Prince Philip has always been there. I feel so sorry for The Queen and for all the Royal Family and I give thanks for his life of service and his contribution in so many areas. In many ways like Prince Albert, but for so much longer. May he rest in peace.
  9. I probably would have fallen for this one too, if I hadn't already fallen for another one! (Now I know the date.)
  10. Brilliant! 😆 Just shows how trusting I am 😄 - I'd never have thought it of you... (actually I was a bit surprised, but didn't suspect for a minute).
  11. It's actually a really austere ballet - a Russian peasant wedding, no tutus or confetti and the dancing is very non-balletic! But I think it's very beautiful and powerful too.
  12. Though actually the guide prices mentioned for the ballet items seemed rather low to me! (Not that I could afford them, or house them, of course!).
  13. That's such a shame, Sim. But the prospect of the ballet has already had one good outcome for me - I decided in the first lockdown that I would finally read The Divine Comedy (in English), in preparation for the ballet, and I did so. I can't say I exactly enjoyed Inferno - very grim, though also very interesting - and I'm not sure that Purgatorio was really much more fun, but I made it to Paradiso by which time I was pretty exhausted. Will that also be my reaction to the ballet?! Who knows.
  14. But it's the same wording that has been sent to Friends to inform them about the season. And the press release is very long (too long, in my opinion) so a few more words saying WHICH Ashton ballets would have made no difference and would have informed and probably pleased the core audience of the ROH/RB.
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