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  1. Thanks, oncnp - I've now booked this. Did you get an email about it? (I didn't - or at least haven't yet.)
  2. Yay! Default retune worked. Just have to wait for programmes to re-appear on the TV guide so I can reschedule.
  3. My TV recorder still shows Pick on channel 11. I've been doing a 'smart' retune so far (where it retains the programmes you've set to be recorded) but maybe I'll now have to try a full/default retune (where I'll have to then re-set the programmes to be recorded).
  4. Glad it wasn't just me who still didn't get Sky Arts after retuning... maybe we should try again later? Who knows.
  5. I would 'like' this post but it might give the wrong impression! Sounds absolutely awful, Anne.
  6. Well the basic listings are in the Radio Times (as I see now - I've never looked before since I haven't had Sky).
  7. I think that's not just disappointing, it's dreadful. On the other hand, I emailed the Friends of the ROH the other day about my membership including confirming that I was happy to renew this month, and within a few hours I received a very nice email back thanking me for my support.
  8. Thank you for the detailed review and photo, Mandy! Sounds wonderful.
  9. I hope the Mariinsky dancers who were hospitalised have recovered? I wonder what further measures are being taken to protect the dancers this time round, since the last reopening had serious consequences.
  10. It is a minefield. There are parallels with writers/copyright, except that I suppose ballets are so much more collaborative than books/novels. (I know books have to be edited/published/promoted, but a ballet is actually created on and with other people.) A mediocre work can look much better if brilliantly danced and with ample resources of various kinds; but then again, poor collaborators can mar what would otherwise have been a successful work. So I suppose it's a question of the extent to which a choreographer would be willing to sign away their rights/future income in respect of the work in
  11. As far as I am concerned there is no criticism at all of you, Bruce - indeed it's very good of you to post the reports. I just find The Stage's approach pretty irritating at the moment, as if no other organisation is struggling with the current issues and difficulties.
  12. But (like it or not) that's precisely and inevitably what many board appointments in such organisations are for - to bring in and/or attract significant amounts of money.
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