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  1. The ROH has tweeted: Tonight at 7.30pm - tune in to our YouTube channel to learn more about The Cellist, @CathyRMarston's first Main Stage work for The Royal Ballet The event will feature @LondonBallerina, @MarcelinoSambe, Marston and others Watch here: http://youtu.be/UfkrqEa5nls #ROHcellistmixedpic.twitter.com/BsgFoFvbH7
  2. I think that might be Shen Yun. I've been offered leaflets for them many times outside Sadler's Wells at any rate, and was offered one outside the ROH recently. I took one the first time offered but could see I would have no interest in them so I don't take them now. (And I had also assumed they were Chinese, not unreasonably I think given the name. But any negativity about such 'dancers' is clearly related to what they do, not to where they come from.)
  3. I didn't have time to watch the Calvert/Porter clips when you posted them, Fonty, but I have now done so (in fact I've watched all the 1978 fairy variations, with great pleasure). The difference between Porter and Calvert, and between all the fairies then and now, is enormous. My eye has of course adjusted over the years, and I am full of admiration for the skill, strength and artistry of today's dancers. But they train differently, and so they look different and dance differently. It's difficult to be as physically strong as dancers are nowadays and also look ethereal. But my problem with Storm-Jensen wasn't her physique, which could have been used to great effect; it was her lack of dramatic skills.
  4. I don't think you are wrong. The UK Cards Association website says that 'Retailers are required to give you a receipt for card payments in a shop, and you can request a receipt for contactless payments'. (I'm sure the Coliseum would count as a shop.) (And I used to work in a library where we took card payments, and we always gave receipts for chip and PIN payments - where the receipt was generated automatically - and always offered them for contactless.)
  5. She did on Friday night. I don't know about Saturday night. To be honest, I would have thought that she should have done this after each performance even if some of the content may have been a bit different (various 'luminaries' came on stage on Friday night who may not have been at all the performances).
  6. Anastasia Act III was in fact on a bill with Land (Christopher Bruce) in 1989 (finishing with Etudes!). (And the next week: Onegin!).
  7. A thrilling and moving evening, constructed and delivered with real intelligence and panache. I loved the integration of the film and photos with the 'live action', and found the filmed contributions of Beryl Grey especially moving. What an achievement to have kept this company going, and going from strength to strength in often adverse circumstances, for 70 years!
  8. That was the performance not just of a principal but of a star. No wonder her prince was smitten. I just wish they had been matched by a more credible Lilac Fairy. I did think that Gina Storm Jensen danced the variation a lot better than when I've seen her before; but in a company chock full of wonderful dramatic dancers, it is really noticeable when someone isn't expressive especially in such a crucial role. A casting decision I really don't understand. Naghdi and Ball sensational. McNally a wonderful Carabosse. And Elizabeth McGorian the most gracious and beautiful Queen you could possibly imagine.
  9. Yes, he also did it last Thursday - it worked really well.
  10. ENB has tweeted: Casting update: due to injury, Joseph Caley is replaced by Isaac Hern√°ndez in tonight's performance of #ENBLeCorsaire at the @LondonColiseum
  11. Yes, she's been off for weeks with illness; I think this is the first time they've said 'injury'.
  12. ENB has tweeted this: Casting update: due to injury, Alina Cojocaru will not be performing in our 70th Anniversary Gala performances on Fri 17 Jan 7.30pm and Sat 18 Jan 7.30pm.
  13. Really interesting film! Thanks for posting it, balletfan2020.
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