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  1. Many thanks for the replies. I agree there shouldn’t be duty due on orders below £135, and that above it it should be a % of the value, but anecdotally I had heard otherwise (not leotards, just general clothing). Message to self to not necessarily believe callers on radio stations! Thanks for the idea to split any orders to keep the value low. I have ordered two leotards separately and will report back here if I do receive a tax notification. Also agree it shouldn’t be due on an item being returned to owner…my relative is disputing that.
  2. Has anyone had any experience of having to unexpectedly pay import tax in order to receive parcels of leotards in U.K. ordered online from EU? Specifically I’d like to order some Yumiko leotards and want to be forewarned. Only asking as I’ve heard of several horror stories of as much as £300 custom fees being slapped on parcels of clothes with a much lower value than the fee! Also just had to post a very old mobile phone to a relative in EU after she left it here on a recent visit: she has just been charged 28euros tax to receive the parcel!
  3. Hi. My DD also went in 2019. Lovely course and the show at the end was simple but beautiful. If you still have the choice, definitely register on Sunday night. I made the mistake of deciding to register Monday morning. The check-in took quite a while, resulting in having only 10mins inside to find the dorm, make up the bed, unpack and say goodbye before the first class began. It made the start a little unsettling. Take some good healthy snacks. The food was not great and surprisingly had very little in the way of fresh vegetables or salads. The organised trip for the children to the Opéra at the end of week one was well worth it. And don’t leave Paris without visiting Repetto’s flagship store!
  4. Last year it was pink for this level. There were many different styles of leotards in varying shades of light pink.
  5. They do have info up. And sadly it says there’s no summer course this year. 😭
  6. Has anyone else encountered problems with their GP (UK) filling in the prescription form for the course? I can’t blame the doctors’ surgery for their resistance really. They’re far too busy as it is. Is this form really necessary? I am thinking of just sending my DC with a couple of paracetamol and antihistamines in the luggage just in case of minor ailments. Anything more serious I would prefer a phone call and specific permission anyway.
  7. My dd is going this summer. Not sure what to expect yet but I’m sure it will be a lovely experience. The only info I have is the class types that they post on their website for the various levels.
  8. Does anyone know when Paris Opera Summer school will take place next year (2019), and when applications will open please?
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