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  1. Thank you for your input. I think it’s a way off before we will be able to get back to our classes. Waiting to see when dd is able to go back to dance college plus all other voc schools etc! Not been able to do any zoom classes as time spent with dd doing her timetable and then me doing zoom would mean poor DH locked in the bathroom from morning til night! So I’ve just been doing weekly challenges and grade videos! And hope that everyone will come back when it’s safe to do so. Sending love and hugs to all my fellow dance teachers out there and just lets hope we’re back what we love doing soon 🥰
  2. Thank you for coming back so quick! It obviously depends on size of studio/room! Need to get measure out Got DH lying on floor atm as a rough guide, 2meters square is not very big at all haha 🤣🤣 sort of ok to get older/teens to comply with that but thinking of my 2yr olds 😳😳
  3. Interesting read Hfbrew! Great to have someone’s insight into how they will be running classes as and when we can return! I’ve had a few ideas of how I can run classes but it’s interesting to see how others may cope! I wasn’t sure whether to start another thread on how us teachers are going to cope going back! I have 2 locations I teach at, 1 small and 1 larger! Can I ask please, how many are you limiting in your class? I have a mix of class sizes and it’s my larger class sizes I am worried about 😳
  4. Where can you buy one of the Darcey Bussell rose plants please?
  5. I still have various bits of Hammond uniform! If no one takes soon then as soon as tips open here then they are being binned! V neck tops (good for winter) 1 pair tracksuit bottoms (dd was yr10/11 - good for seconds) Drama tops Blazer All £2.50 each plus post
  6. Wear Moi!!!! They are fab! They are pink, not clear but all dd would use at one time. She now uses Tendu, just received a new pair for dd from the lovely Just Ballet ❤️
  7. Hi Dancique Birmingham definitely sell Gaynor Minden but I don’t think they are open at the moment, you need to check their web site. Fabulous service there tho!
  8. Haha! There’s been no rest for us, since dd been home - fri 20th March, she’s had 4 days off (Easter weekend!) she has classes spread across 7 days instead of mon-fri and our ‘studio’ is a mix between bedroom (when not warm enough) or patio and top garden depending on what the class is! Tap, Spanish and pointe is on a large piece of hardboard and barre is one of my portable one’s from my studio! I’m loving joining in with contemporary on a Friday and enjoying watching her dance as being away we don’t get to see her dance much!
  9. Getting rid of the last bit of Hammond uniform!! HAMMOND UNIFORM Blazer 36” chest Black Drama tops - ad Sm x 1 - 11/12x 2 Maroon v neck tops - 34” x 1 - 36” x 3 Black track suit bottoms not sure size Black zippie hoodie ad Sm £3 per item plus p&p
  10. If it’s an Easter course, could it not be carried forward to next easter instead?
  11. Hiya I have some stuff too Ill dig out and let you know! 😁
  12. I’m only a small school but all my parents have paid up to last class before we stopped! Anyone who had paid up to end of term, their fees will be carried forward. There was also the added complication of getting fees in before 5/4!! End of financial year 🙄 I will also be doing on line/video classes but I don’t expect pupils to pay for these 😁
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