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  1. Our first vocational school certainly didn’t care about their students! In the 3 years my dd was there he mistook her for another student and never got her name right. And on her final day as she walked past him after her last performance said ‘have a lovely summer’ completely ignoring the fact it was her last day there 🥺 I could say more, but that’s better left for another day!!
  2. Good luck to all those starting at Hammond in sept. Fabulous school, fab dance teachers! Can’t speak about accommodation as it’s changed since we were there, but know it’s near the centre of chester! Performances are amazing! Academic wise, again teachers so helpful and caring. Good luck, you’ll have a fab time 🍀❤️🍀
  3. BALLET ROSA Lovely Zipped high neck capped sleeve leo - still with tags Pale Pink top / black at bottom Size ad med £18 BLOCH Lovely Dark pink/black reversible leo Size ad med £18 plus p&p bought for dd but both way too big
  4. It’s a very caring, nurturing place 🥰 I would recommend over anywhere. DDs been at two other voc schools since 11 and is happier here than anywhere else ❤️
  5. Fabulous article in Dancing Times this month about KS 💗
  6. Same here, the reason we left Hammond was because of not enough ballet in upper school! I really hate to criticise Hammond, but that was our only reason for leaving. Having said that we’re more than happy with where we are. Things happen for a reason. 😁
  7. Oh cotes! Just looked at the photos!!!! Takes me right back! 🤣 Wish we could go back right now 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Dd was in old housing on Liverpool road, new housing is just down the road - short walk into town.
  9. Cotes you beat me to it 🤣 Dd also won scholarship to go too! We ended going twice, both times hubby and I went with dd and as cotes says we had the most amazing holiday ever! We all felt special! First year we had the gorgeous Kristen McNally (couldn’t believe it when we found out she was in room next to us! 🤣) and second time we had Ricardo Cervera! We got to watch all the classes and the display on last day! Small class, fab food, wonderful location, fab weather, amazing teaching! What more could you want!! On both occasions we extended our holiday for an extra week in Essaou
  10. MDS is means tested in any of the schools! Just depends on your earnings what you pay but also whether you get uniform included! Elmhurst you got uniform paid for depending how little MDS you paid.
  11. Ahhhh Hammond, still miss Hammond! What struck us coming from another vocational school was, how happy it is! DD said they even sang going from class to class in the corridors when it was show time! And the whole school warm ups in Theatr amongst the seats and on stage! And their performances were amazing! Still say their version of les Mis was the best we’ve seen, brings a lump to my throat! Ahhhhhh happy times 💗
  12. I would definitely try the following: Malvern ballet Seminars KS Dance - Warrington Hammond - Chester Bristol Russian - loved this one, different as did Russian Character as well as ballet and pas de deux (can’t remember if they did contemporary! And if looking at next year (COVID and money allowing 🥺) Dar Danse in Morocco - our absolute favourite 💗 Hope that helps 💗
  13. Hiya Bare feet, foot undies, ballet shoes or socks for lyrical. Bloch trainers for commercial type dance
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