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  1. Hiya sorry only just seen this yes of course 💗 I’ll pm you 💗
  2. Hiya when we were Manchester, yr4/5 were afternoon and yr6 was early morning both on Friday and Sunday! Fridays we went to school for an hour before leaving (afternoon sessions) but the morning ssssions we generally missed the whole day as by time we got back she would have been in school 10 mins 🤣
  3. Hiya Size 2 says age 9-10! my daughter was yr6 when I bought it for her!
  4. Congrats on your students success 🎉🎉🎉🎉
  5. All you new JA’s out there! I still have a size 2 for sale £8 plus post 🥰
  6. She might be better going to a shop and trying loads of shoes on til she gets the right fit! I’m sure a shop assistant would be very helpful! 😁
  7. We’re coming to the end of our journey - JA’s - 3 very very happy years - voc school 1 - a nightmare we would not want to repeat - voc school 2 - better - came out with 9 GCSE’s all of which she would never have got in voc 1 - voc Dance College - despite covid coming along - the best 3 yrs yet! What would we have done different! I don’t know! If current voc college had had a lower school then would have gone there (and I’ve told the head this!). It’s such a hard decision to make at 11, we’ve had loads of ups and downs but we’re finally coming out happier and still dancing, and still wanting to dance!
  8. Here in Wales both adult and children’s classes were allowed back from 3rd May, but teachers I know didn’t go back til 10th May and I only started teaching again in 17th May Good luck when you do return, I’m so happy to be back 💗
  9. May be I should have said accommodation rather than boarding! As yes there’s no boarding at YDA 🤪
  10. Hiya Do you mean he’s been offered a full time place or an associate place? If it’s a full time place then surely you would have been told about academics and boarding! Congrats by the way 🎉
  11. Associate classes of any kind were not allowed when we were at Hammond!
  12. Don't know if this is helpful but when we were there, on induction day the ‘uniform’ supplier was there and you picked up/ordered uniform on that day! 🥰
  13. KS Dance & Malvern both non selective, and I think Hammond also😁
  14. Timetable at KS changes week by week depending on which term they are in. Generally Term 2 is show term (although this yr it’s changed to term 3 as term 2 was in lockdown. But generally they have ballet every day, pointe, pas de deux, contemporary, jazz and S&C twice a week, Spanish and tap once a week. I have found no problems with weight issues in this school.
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