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  1. Very sad to hear this my sincere condolences x
  2. Another fab show today by the Hammond! It’s so nice to go back to see it well done 🎉🎉
  3. Dd will only use Capezio tights - convertibles! Nothing else will do haha! They keep their colour and don’t hole or ladder they last absolutely ages!
  4. Hi funnybunny yes most are still available please message me which ones you want x
  5. Hi All new to me - yes I do! Please message me x
  6. Mummytoizzy ive sent you a new message with sizes x
  7. Hi sorry only just seen your post! just re-read my original post it’s not very clear is it 😜 I’ll check all the sizes and get back to you in the morning - I’ll private message you
  8. Don’t forget the taster days at Hammond too! I know there’s a year 5 taster day but I’m sure there was one for upper school (or was that just for Hammond yr11’s!) I’m sure someone else will be able to tell you x
  9. Oh the hair!!!!!! My dd was very fussy on her JA hair! If I didn’t do it perfect she made me take it out and redo it haha! Needless to say I made sure that didn’t happen often haha! Oh and dads, you better get practising too! As there were a few times when DH had to do it too! (Ps us mums were always on hand to do the odd extra head at class!😉)
  10. The skirt is the tricky one! Ive seen all kinds of lengths and gatherings over the years! 😜 If I remember rightly, the teacher got the children to put skirts on then got them to kneel down to check length. The skirt was correct if it just touched the floor! It’s not meant to be character skirt length!! (this was for Manchester centre - she was always a stickler for everything being correct!) she is lovely and we still miss her classes. Definitely the best bit of this crazy dance journey. Enjoy all these best bits, the getting the uniform, the trying the hair etc. It is definitely a fabulous experience and one that we were very proud of being a part of and have very fond memories ❤️❤️
  11. Ribbons - I did DD’s on a clip from yr4 then in yr6 the teacher decided she didn’t like them on a clip! They can be done as you go - Do pigtails and plait. Wrap ribbon round top next to head and knot, then get child to hold ends out of the way. Finish off hair then tie ribbon into bows! Easy 😁
  12. I always washed JA leotards inside out! Where I get all my logo wear from gave me that tip years go! So always do that with all printed stuff - don’t know if it helps, but never had any problems! 😁💗
  13. TwoDancers - that’s how it works in Manchester too! You explained it perfectly! 🤪
  14. Hiya please can I have a photo of Bloch navy S leotard please x
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