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  1. Will do!!! cant atm as about to start teaching but yes definately x
  2. Would be handy to keep this thread open if that’s ok! I only looked a couple of nights ago to book tickets for dd and I go see her friend in yr11 and tickets weren’t on sale! Saw your post and now looked and Sat already SOLD OUT!! If anyone is selling 2 tickets for Sat afternoon please, can I have!!! Thank you x
  3. Brilliant So hopefully not long to wait after that 😁
  4. Anyone know how many auditions to go? And, have they given any indication in these recent ones when results will be out please? Good luck to those still to audition Thank you x
  5. That’s Entertainment in Liverpool also stock Russian Pointe!
  6. I would say go for the experience! You’ve already paid the fee, so just go for the class and then decide afterwards if she gets a place! If not she’s still got her place with Northern and also had another nice day out. And answer to question re etiquette - lots of children do more than one associate programme! So you’re not stepping on anyone else’s toes!
  7. Astrid - ah my little student was in 9.30 class for a yr 5 place, hopefully Manchester! We opted for Birmingham audition as Manchester one clashed with school exams and didn't think she would be allowed the time off 🤪 Good luck to all those still to audition 🍀🍀
  8. Astrid - what a fabulous observant little dd you have! Which class was that 9.30? All I've heard is that she really enjoyed it! Now the wait begins!! 😁
  9. Ahh thank you - heard from mum to say she was so excited this morning. She was certainly very calm in class last night 😁
  10. I think it’s only when they get to upper school that they can wear any make of shoe! It’s just lower school that’s freed! Saw something about this recently but can’t remember where 🤔
  11. I was going to say the same Valentina! Same with their ballet shoes, pink satin full sole one elastic! 😁
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