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  1. FOR SALE JAZZ SHOES Sm 12 New lace up split sole starlite £6 Sm 12 New lace up full sole capezio £6 LG 5 New lace up full sole starlite £6 LG 6 1/2 new lace up full sole starlite £6 LG 2 new lace up split sole starlite £6 Sm 13 hardly used lace up split sole 1st position £5 Maybe do a drama group or another dance school to sell on! Photos via watts app or messanger Getting rid of lace ups as now changed to slip ons! buyer pays post
  2. I would take both! See what others are wearing and then decide! If the motif is not that noticeable I would go with that! Good luck 🍀
  3. Just a thought all the ones we loved were YBSS Opes (Now Malvern with Olivia!) Dar Danse (Now in Spain with Francesca) Bristol Russian 😁😁
  4. I still have yr7 yr8 and yr9 blue Elmhurst Leotards that I have now decided to sell! At least 3 for each yr (possibly more) mostly sizes child size 3 and adult Small! Will sell individually at £10 each or will do a deal on a bundle! (I thought I’d use them for my shows - so may do a dance school as costumes! Lovely colour and quality!) Not sure how many of each as down in my costume room - but need to start making room for other costumes 😁😁 All need to go! 😁
  5. I agree Lion Brand are favourite with us too and buying in bulk also! Dd usually uses 1 or 2 at once! Using holed ones under new til can’t be used any more!
  6. You beat me to it! 😁 shame Dar looks like it’s not running in Morocco any more 😂
  7. Glowlight - Absolutely! Couldn’t agree more! If you have a passion for something and good enough to get in somewhere then go for it. I would rather dd do something that she loves and is happy doing than be in a dead end job and being unhappy doing it.
  8. Please also don’t forget Hammond in Chester (Dada) and KS Dance, Warrington (although no funding - you might be surprised how affordable it is!)
  9. I think I’d better get dd to ask the teacher 😁
  10. Hi Is there any restriction for seniors please does anyone know! Thank you
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