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  1. I’ve had a few ‘strange’ enquiries over the years for classes and you can never be sure if they are genuine or not! But it’s a bit strange that whilst we are discussing his question, he hasn’t replied! Bunny - you beat me to it I was replying at same time 🤣
  2. My dd has her 2nd pair of Grishco dream pointe 2007 pre-arched and whilst she likes them as a second pair, she still prefers gaynor minden for durability and fit! She’s full time vocational and has high arched very strong feet. She never thought that she would get another pointe shoe other than gaynor Minden to suite her. She had her first pair of dream pointe from Straight to the Pointe and has since ordered and fitted same shoe from Dancique. Hope that helps.
  3. Have you tried David Plumpton? His ballet music is amazing! I use a lot of his cd’s for class and for dances! 🥰
  4. Firstly how old is your dd? My advice would be, go to WL open day, or any other vocational school open days (when they are running again!), do full day workshops and boarding summer schools to see if she likes the all day dancing and sleeping away from home! I know it’s a bit difficult this year but hopefully you have time in your favour before you start auditioning! Good luck 🍀
  5. Exactly Pas de Quatre! Regulations for normal classes, never mind Vocational Schools/Colleges, haven’t been given guidelines yet! I’m in wales and we haven’t even been given the go ahead to go back! It will be a logistical nightmare for them sorting timetables and boarding both on-site and off site! And then new intake for September before they even think about associate classes!! 😱
  6. I think the use of the skirt and character shoes was different in all the centres! In Manchester (when my dd was there - if same teacher!) we used the skirt and shoes a lot! We made sure we had it with us every week! 😜😳
  7. Ahhh yeh forgot about that sorry!
  8. I seem to remember Scottish Ballet took them that age! But I could be wrong! 😳
  9. DD Driver - you’re absolutely right it goes on in vocational schools too!
  10. Yes! It’s the only centre that does Fridays and Sundays! Same times tho!
  11. Hi Whiteduvet Manchester classes are in the morning for yr6! I think 9.15-11.45 rings a bell! Someone else might confirm! Yr4-5 were mixed group in the afternoon Enjoy ❤️
  12. Very well said pups_mum! I’m in wales so similar situation to Scotland in that we’ve not heard here either. But I’ve decided to close my school for the summer (would normally close about now anyway!), watch what happens over the summer and then hopefully have everything in place to open in September when everything has settled a bit more. 😁
  13. I’m having a lockdown clear out!! CAPEZIO DANSNEAKERS 2 pair Brand New Capezio Dansneakers for sale No box - tried on but too tight for me! I’m size 4 1/2-5 (shoe says UK5.5) Boxed - size UK 6.5 US 8 £20 each pair plus p&p WEAR MOI DEMI POINTE Wear Moi Demi Pointe come with ribbons already attached Worn for 2x 30 min lessons and then realised wrong size! UK7 xxx £25 plus p&p DANCE VIDEOS (NOT DVD) FOR SALE 1. Energy Stretch n chi £3 2. RAD pre-primary/Grade 1 £5 3. Step ahead £3 4. New York City Ballet £5 Can do a deal if take more than 1! Plus p&p
  14. Thank you for your input. I think it’s a way off before we will be able to get back to our classes. Waiting to see when dd is able to go back to dance college plus all other voc schools etc! Not been able to do any zoom classes as time spent with dd doing her timetable and then me doing zoom would mean poor DH locked in the bathroom from morning til night! So I’ve just been doing weekly challenges and grade videos! And hope that everyone will come back when it’s safe to do so. Sending love and hugs to all my fellow dance teachers out there and just lets hope we’re back what we love doing soon 🥰
  15. Thank you for coming back so quick! It obviously depends on size of studio/room! Need to get measure out Got DH lying on floor atm as a rough guide, 2meters square is not very big at all haha 🤣🤣 sort of ok to get older/teens to comply with that but thinking of my 2yr olds 😳😳
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