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  1. Ouch!!!!! Why are they always in awkward places! My dd ended up trying to walk to school in flip flops or in her warm up boots as couldn’t get shoes or trainers on for 2 weeks! They took longer than that to heel they were that bad! I would just say keep it clean and as you say keep it dry. Can she put an individual toe protector over it for now! Only thing I can suggest at the moment (that’s what I would suggest to my dd!) Hopefully someone else will come along with another suggestion soon 😁 Good luck to your dd for adv1 🍀
  2. Word of caution - get treated properly! My dd got blisters on both her ‘bunion’ joints (not that she has bunions, just easiest way to describe where they were!) carried on dancing. She ended up on antibiotics because they got infected! So please don’t take short cuts with blisters, use proper dressings. They were not a pretty site! And we had to do all this with photos on messanger as dd away at school!
  3. Good luck to him for September. It’s a fabulous school. Wish we’d have been there from yr7! 🍀🍀
  4. Hope everyone enjoys their Induction Day today at the Hammond! 🍀
  5. Ah thank you - it helps having my own dd for them to look up to too!
  6. Hi boosting this post. Some lovely Leo’s suitable for summer schools 😁 Only purple Roch Valley sold! Others still available - anyone in messanger I can send photos!
  7. Well it was a no for my little student for Manchester too but with yesterday’s Birmingham results! A very upset little girl but mum has said she now wants more classes with me and is going to try again next year! A very determined little girl. Makes me even more proud of my own DD’s success for a yr4 place all those years ago! It’s so so hard to get a place. So many auditioning for so few places. Good luck everyone else waiting and as I said to my ‘mum’ it’s not a no it’s just a not yet 😁
  8. Birmingham24 and Birmingham32 refer to the number of weeks! 24 or 32 weeks 😁
  9. Good question! my little student auditioned at Birmingham for a Manchester place and put Birmingham second choice! But been told by others on here that we will hear our result from our Birmingham audition! If that makes sense! Nervously waiting results here although she’s convinced also that no place for her.
  10. Haha!!! I can’t stand to see a coloured leotard over black tights. It just looks wrong! So yes you are right always black tights over the leotard every time! 😁😁
  11. Ahhh I remember getting my dd’s Results by post!!!! Nothing like getting mail with the crest on!!! It was waiting for us when we got home from classes or should I say DH was holding envelope when we got in! My students mum is under strict instruction not to read the email til she gets home from school 🤪 haha!!!
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