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  1. Hi, Is anyone selling any Ballet Boost items for Junior Associates please (age 10+); Leotard (Sky blue) Jacket Warm ups Muscle book Thanks
  2. Could you send me some more details re the Plume warm up suit if still available please? Thank you
  3. Hi, Watching this thread with interest. We're at the year 10 stage deciding whether BTEC or A Levels too. Could anyone advise........If dc thinking of 18+ degree in dance (Ballet/Contemp) etc, how important do you think it is to have either BTEC dance or A Level Dance alongside other ALevels/BTEC? Are the UCAS points purely numbers or would it be advantageous to have dance in there somewhere. Dc has strong dance support evenings/weekends so not worried about keeping up the dance hours. Thank you for any advice.
  4. Is anyone selling a secondhand one of these please?
  5. This is very interesting taxi4ballet. Yes her school is an academy! Did you find any documentation regarding PE not being compulsory? I'd be interested in any info if you have it please. This has shed a new light - thank you for your help. Unfortunately Loobylou DD school are not doing dance GCSE this year! It would have been a perfect solution but I think either way, we've got a battle on our hands. Why is life never easy!! Thanks again.
  6. Our initial direction with the school were the thoughts of injury/risk (which is huge in our eyes) which has immediately been swept aside by the school! The idea of using the time for extra work is just to make best use of time during school hours (she trains for a minimum of 12 hours a week evenings/weekends). I understand your thoughts on school teaching provision - maybe the direction of DD coming home for parental supervision would help. That's great to hear DaughtersDance - gives me heart that it has been done elsewhere. Unfortunately there are no CAT or ongoing Associate schemes anywhere near us đŸ˜”Nicola H - it's just down to local training and additional opportunities when they come along. Back to the drawing board ........
  7. Can I have some advice please...... Does anyone have any experience dealing with secondary schools and their need to make PE compulsory (I know it's a statutory requirement from the education authority). Going forward with our DD (currently in yr 9) we would choose for her to not do PE and use this valuable time to do homework/extra academic work. Any experiences anyone?
  8. Hi, I did wonder about Tring or Ballet Boost. I need to find out a little more about each. Do you know if there is any funding help with Ballet Boost? I believe Ballet Boost used to be monthly on a Sunday but has now increased to fortnightly - is this correct? Do you know if they only audition once per year for September start? Any advice appreciated. Unfortunately Lottie77, the Eastleigh RBSA are for younger students only. This would have been perfect. Keep ideas coming please... Thanks
  9. Hi, thanks for the info. Will have a look at their websites - thankyou Jan for the links. We're near Southampton. There's just nothing based in this area - everything seems to be either central London based or further down in the West country. Just exploring all our avenues before resorting to travelling long distances. Thank you for all your help. It's much appreciated.
  10. Hi, Does anyone know of any associate programmes that run in the South of England (not in London) for a 13 year old DD? I know about the London ones but wonder if there are any others further South. Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks
  11. Sorry double trouble, I haven't received anything in messages! Do I need to do anything special to pick up messages?
  12. Thanks Double Trouble. I'll look out for your PM.
  13. Hi double trouble. Did you ever get any info re the London studio summer course? I'm looking at the classical ballet intermediate course for my dd but they haven't put any info up yet. Anyone have any experience of this course? It will be my DD's first summer school and she is desperate to do one but lacks confidence so really need to check to get the right course for her! We're actually from the South coast but not much available here that I know of. Any help/advice appreciated.
  14. If anyone has any experience (good or bad) of RAD summer schools, I would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you in advance.
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