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  1. I am still looking for a Ballet Boost jacket for my DD if anyone has one for sale please. Preferably age 12 but would consider slightly larger. Thank you
  2. How much for the bag please and what size/price for the warmup? thank you
  3. Going on what you are saying, if had a 'no' for JA's, is there any point in applying?! DD desperate to have the opportunity but I just don't think is of the correct body type 😞.
  4. For the RBS intensive applications, do you know if there is an application fee for applying and roughly how much?
  5. Hi, Thank you but we have one now. Just looking for a jacket if anyone has one for sale please. x
  6. Hi, I have a leotard now thankyou. Now looking for a jacket. Thank you.
  7. Hi, Is anyone selling any Ballet Boost items for Junior Associates please (age 10+); Leotard (Sky blue) Jacket Warm ups Muscle book Thanks
  8. Could you send me some more details re the Plume warm up suit if still available please? Thank you
  9. Hi, Watching this thread with interest. We're at the year 10 stage deciding whether BTEC or A Levels too. Could anyone advise........If dc thinking of 18+ degree in dance (Ballet/Contemp) etc, how important do you think it is to have either BTEC dance or A Level Dance alongside other ALevels/BTEC? Are the UCAS points purely numbers or would it be advantageous to have dance in there somewhere. Dc has strong dance support evenings/weekends so not worried about keeping up the dance hours. Thank you for any advice.
  10. Is anyone selling a secondhand one of these please?
  11. This is very interesting taxi4ballet. Yes her school is an academy! Did you find any documentation regarding PE not being compulsory? I'd be interested in any info if you have it please. This has shed a new light - thank you for your help. Unfortunately Loobylou DD school are not doing dance GCSE this year! It would have been a perfect solution but I think either way, we've got a battle on our hands. Why is life never easy!! Thanks again.
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