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  1. Totally agree! I would use it for a photo shoot but def not for an audition 😳
  2. I thought you meant the ‘chicken fillets’! And not the horrid stretch device! I personally don’t agree with either! Surely if someone were to use a ‘chicken fillet’ they would be found out at some point 😳
  3. Just seen this on Facebook if it helps anyone in Wales!
  4. Would fullly recommend KS Dance Warrington 😁
  5. I can’t thank and praise my DD’s dance college enough for all that they did during lockdown with zoom classes, it was as tho she was still at college there were that many! And now they have returned they are building each week, now in their 5th week back! We are more than happy with arrangements ❤️
  6. Thank you its all very confusing!! 😂
  7. Hiya sorry going back to rule of 6! So I have 2 adult ladies that come to me on a Monday for ballet. But then they go to another ballet and a tap class with different people on a Tuesday at the same venue but different teacher! Is this allowed? thanks 😳
  8. Absolutely love Steven McRea and he’s absolutely fine as he is 💗
  9. Morning ive just had notification from association that Dance Schools (including Vocational) are exempt as it is a work place and work places are exempt! Dance schools/studios are the work place and the students/ pupils are our customers! Hope that helps ❤️ Thank goodness as I haven’t even started back yet 😳
  10. Huge apologies I’ve got mixed up! I thought you were talking about Royal JA’s!!! No idea about Elmhurst
  11. Yes yr 4’s are in with yr 5’s in most of them (Manchester definitely!) with yr 6 on their own.
  12. All places at Elmhurst are MDS funded, it just depends on how much you are contributing! Hammond has limited MDS funded places but they do have 25% and 50% bursaries and sometimes you might be better with that, also depends on how much you are contributing! (Well it was bursaries when we were there 2 years ago, someone might correct me if it’s changed since!) I was replying same time as you Sissonne!)
  13. I’d not even thought if this 😳 Little ones take so long to change on their own don’t they, plus will spend even more time chatting without parents chivvying them along. 🤣 I’ll have to give this some thought 🤪
  14. Hi I’d just like to give a thumbs up to Hammond too! Dd got into one of top 2 schools for yrs 7-9 but went to Hammond for 10-11! And have to say she was far happier at Hammond both academically and dance wise! 😁
  15. Hiya You say it’s only to finish degree, how about KS Dance Warrington! Highly recommend 💗
  16. Hi just to say saw on Ballet Cymru’s Instagram page today that their Pre-Professional programme won’t start til January 2021! Hope that helps 💗
  17. I hope they never build accommodation on site at the Hammond as I think the children need the distance between school and ‘home’! Being able to walk into town from house was fabulous, it made the children feel very independent at a very young age.
  18. For me personally, I think your best bet for a 10yr old next year, Malvern Ballet summer intensive would be ideal! Very welcoming, fab classes and more fun! I think YBSS scholarships mostly go to older students!
  19. I think that’s a big shame, yes they were run down but they were happy houses 😢
  20. Hiya If she really wants to go with a black Degas leotard, then brighten it with a bright coloured belt! 💗
  21. I’ve had a few ‘strange’ enquiries over the years for classes and you can never be sure if they are genuine or not! But it’s a bit strange that whilst we are discussing his question, he hasn’t replied! Bunny - you beat me to it I was replying at same time 🤣
  22. My dd has her 2nd pair of Grishco dream pointe 2007 pre-arched and whilst she likes them as a second pair, she still prefers gaynor minden for durability and fit! She’s full time vocational and has high arched very strong feet. She never thought that she would get another pointe shoe other than gaynor Minden to suite her. She had her first pair of dream pointe from Straight to the Pointe and has since ordered and fitted same shoe from Dancique. Hope that helps.
  23. Have you tried David Plumpton? His ballet music is amazing! I use a lot of his cd’s for class and for dances! 🥰
  24. Firstly how old is your dd? My advice would be, go to WL open day, or any other vocational school open days (when they are running again!), do full day workshops and boarding summer schools to see if she likes the all day dancing and sleeping away from home! I know it’s a bit difficult this year but hopefully you have time in your favour before you start auditioning! Good luck 🍀
  25. Exactly Pas de Quatre! Regulations for normal classes, never mind Vocational Schools/Colleges, haven’t been given guidelines yet! I’m in wales and we haven’t even been given the go ahead to go back! It will be a logistical nightmare for them sorting timetables and boarding both on-site and off site! And then new intake for September before they even think about associate classes!! 😱
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