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Found 15 results

  1. Looking for a Tutu bag for a professional tutu that needs to be stored ASAP as it’s getting bashed about in my daughters school costume department!
  2. Hello, I am looking for a tutu to fit a 12/13 year old, and one for a 14 year old. I would also be looking for a 'corsaire' type 2 piece short sleeved. Any ideas gratefully received.
  3. Searching for a black practice tutu to fit me for as it is required for a summer school! To fit dress size 4 and waist 22" if possible. Height 146cm. Any information or tutus would be welcome! It's hard being a tiny dancer Thank you you all very much in advance!
  4. Hi all. Im sure this has been asked before but as usual I can’t find the post. Floppy practice/half tutu’s. My DD has been loaned one for her upcoming Adv1 exam. It’s rather floppy/droopy and I’m not sure if spray starch will work. I’m also wary as it’s black and don’t want to leave any white marks on it. If spray starch is the answer how do I apply it? Per layer, over the entire skirt, upside down and then do I have to iron it to activate the starch? Thank you.
  5. Need to get DD a new festival-worthy pancake tutu by early next month - she's a petite age 10. Can't afford a brand new one - so any leads on pre-loved ones or hire options would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Hello! I have bought DD a new costume, and it is gorgeous, with a half tutu on the side. ( Weissman Americano ) Only problem is, is that the tutu bit is a bit floppy and lacklustre! ( unlike the weissman photo! ) I don't want or need it to stick out like a pancake, but at the moment it just looks droopy! It is quite a fine net and I am vaguely toying with the idea of adding a few sequins to the net to add to the sparkle, but I don't want it to droop any more! a friend suggested hair spray or liquid starch ... but I'm not sure exactly how/which/where! any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hi all you knowledgeable tutu ladies hope you can help. I've bought a Capezio pink tutu skirt on knickers for my dd on line. Received it yesterday and on removing it from box and bag, the top layer stiff netting is quite creased! Firstly DH said send it back!! But then he suggested hanging it in a steamy bathroom, but I still don't think creases will come out. Any suggestions please. That sorted, I then plan to tack net layers together, hoop it and put top layer decoration on. Is this possible with a pre made tutu skirt base please? Will then be using it with a decorated leotard! Suggestions much appreciated please. And thanks in advance.
  8. tutuesque


    I thought I saw a post from someone asking about tutus and how to change the shape of a classical to a bell style but I'm unable to find it now. I don't know if it's too late or if it's something you want to get into or not but there are some tutumaking workshops coming up in the uk soon. I have attended these in the past and they're very well run. They do cover tacking, hooping and shaping the tutu skirt as well as making it but there's a separate workshop for decorating/embellishing a tutu as well. I found the workshops very helpful when my daughter was competing in festivals regularly - making the tutus myself was my way of being able to afford costumes. Nb I am not affiliated with Tutus That Dance - just sharing in case there are other dance parents who'd find this useful
  9. Looking for a preloved tutu for my daughter age 13. Willing to spend about £25 as she will only be wearing it for 2 minutes on stage! Hoping some generous forum member has something suitable gathering dust in their attic....? If able to upload a photo would be great, with measurements please?
  10. Sorry, I know this has been discussed before but searching all the keywords I could think of and trawling back through as far as page 35 didn't find it. Dd has a new practice tutu which we are very pleased with other than it seems to want to pop upwards forming an inverted umbrella shape, if you see what I mean. She can kind of push it down but this makes the Lycra knicker part come away from her body and stretch a bit so that as soon. As she moves, it pops back up again. Is this something to do with the fit not being right or will it just settle down in time?
  11. DD has just been issued a tutu on loan from her ballet school, to do her first ever festival solo. Which is a wonderful thing. I don't know much about tutus (haven't had one since I was 4). I think it is a pancake (it has a hoop), which is supposed to be flat afaik - but exactly how flat is it supposed to be? I'm not sure whether it needs to be perked up at all. it will have been stored under a heap of the things for years, so it's entirely possible it's too flat. Then again, maybe it's just right. Could anyone share a picture / link of what this style is supposed to look like, please? (And then I can work out how to get it gently spruced up) Thanks!
  12. *No results shown for "tutu taming". Right. New topic time. Ok so when you get a new tutu is it ok/normal if you can hear shrieks of laughter from the changing room and your DD prances out with arms straight up in the air as the skirt bit is sticking up into her arm pits? AND IT WONT GO DOWN?!!!! It looked like it might go down a bit but DD tried her first move...tip toe on, slide right leg forward (immediate outrage as supposed to be left) stretch other leg behind and sort of present herself, dip forward into a bit of a bow and then tutu skirt part flips right up behind her? I would say like a peacock but maybe more the proud feathery quiff of a turkey's backside? Is this because it is not a handmade proper tutu but a £30 jobbie-thatsallyourgettingsoyoubetterlikeit from the large well thumbed trade dance catalogue and that's why it doesn't sit? Or do all tutus do this even the posh ones? This is for her first festival and I just am dreading her being the comedy entry! She's not helping either as she finds it hilarious and only encourages and cultivates it to flip up. So her teacher needs me to tame it. Or she might have said train it? Train it with towels. Ummm. How do you train a tutu with towels?! Do I whip it into submission, flailing towels at it like a lion tamer? OR Layer it with the weight of towels? But how should it be positioned? With the skirt all splayed out then towels on top or folded as if it was hanging up and then put the towels on top? It's just a stretchy velvet body but it's very tight as the smallest size was ordered by mistake. It just fits but there's no room for growth. Could it be this is not helping matters coupled with DD's long torso? Could this be keeping the skirt riding high? It's made of stiff netting which her teacher was surprised and pleased to see considering the cost but I'm worried that it's not sitting right as its being pulled a little? I didn't want to ask about torso length in front of DD as we've already had the discussion about no suitable school tutus to borrow which I understand as you can tweak berth but not girth (not actually meaning of berth I know but it kind of works) and I don't want her to feel self conscious that she won't look as good or as suitable but I just can't spend £150 plus on a properly fitted tutu especially when it's only her first competition and she is still very young and will be wearing it for all of two minutes? I just don't want her to stick out....literally :-(
  13. beautiful red tutu with gold detailing, pancake style/hooped skirt and boned body with flesh coloured elasticated straps for sale in london/hertfordshire area the tutu was made for a 15 yr old who has outgrown it at 17 and a half but would fit anyone from a tall/ slightly larger 14 year old to a small 18 yr old! - red and gold headress included -proper fabric tutu carried included - perfect for festivals or shows it was originally about £350 pounds and is in near perfect condition am open to offers from £125 pounds upwards & and questions feel free to pm me
  14. Hi, I've spent some time chatting with a costume designer/maker who creates costumes for a ballet company. He could make excellent tutus and other costumes for students for competitions but when I suggested it, he said he hasn't because he wouldn't know where to find the customers. Does anyone know the going rate for tutus and where he could let people know about his work? They are such gorgeous costumes, I thought it was worth asking for some advice from the people here. Thanks in advance
  15. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can rejuvenate and stiffen the net on a rather tired and floppy tutu? It has alternate layers of navy and burgundy net and I would be really grateful for suggestions and advice on what I can do to liven it up!
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